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GWP Packaging – Corrugated Box Manufacturers with a solution for you.

Whether it’s a cost reduction project, a need to reduce product damage in transit or to reduce the costs associated with high packaging stocks, your business can now benefit from a wide selection of corrugated packaging solutions and services.

From conceptualisation to delivery, GWP take pride in providing a truly bespoke service to each and every business we work with. Businesses just like yours.

Key Benefits

Reasons to work with GWP Packaging

An ever increasing number of companies just like yours have come to rely on GWP Packaging as corrugated box manufacturers not only for the products manufactured, but also for the customer-focused services.

This includes bespoke stock management and delivery services, design expertise and the friendly, professional service provided to you at every level of your business

Why choose GWP Packaging as your corrugated partner?

  • Partnership approach to business
  • Genuine focus on customer service
  • Cost savings through design, inventory and packing processes
  • Modern, efficient manufacturing facility and equipment
  • Strong heritage of packaging design
  • Full inventory management service for ongoing supply
  • Efficient production techniques for the shortest possible lead times
  • Ability to reduce costs through material savings & reducing packing times

Reduce Packaging Costs

A range of cost reduction strategies

Whilst GWP Packaging may not always be able to offer your business the lowest unit prices compared with some of our competitors, this is more than offset by cost savings achieved through a range of ideas and strategies.

For example, by taking a holistic view of your packaging is possible to highlight inefficiencies and wasted spend. For example, reducing packing times can boost productivity. Reducing your inventory stock holding can reduce the associated warehousing costs. Analysis of materials and construction can also highlight over specified packaging.

Please use the links below for further information on the services that could directly benefit your business.

Minimise packaging stock

Inventory Management (JIT Supply)

Reduce warehouse space and costs

GWP are able to supply your packaging within a “Just-in-Time” (JIT) service agreement. Also known as a vendor managed inventory (VMI), by holding your stock at GWP it frees up your warehouse space (and associated costs) whilst also reducing lead times.

Minimise packing times

Reduce Packing Times

Improve your workforce productivity

An often overlooked way to reduce costs is through time savings and increasing productivity. Packing times can be an easy win. GWP can help by analysing your packaging products and processes, identifying problem areas and designing a solution that has a tangible impact.


Value Engineering

Packaging manufactured to the optimum spec

Paying too much for your packaging? Not sure? No idea at all? Regardless of whether you think your packaging is cost effective or not, one thing you cannot be so certain of is whether your packaging is being manufactured using the optimum material or construction.

Product Protection

Minimising transit damage and the associated costs

Besides reducing costs, your business can benefit from packaging that truly protects your packaging in transit and, directly or indirectly, improve your brand perception and sales too.

By taking advantage of a custom packaging design service your packaging can be tailored specifically to your product, application and industry. It can be enhanced to include logos and print. It can even prevent damage in transit, reducing returns and dissatisfied customers.

All of this is achieved through expert design, and manufacturing excellence.

Please see below for further info on how this could help your operations.

Custom packaging design

Packaging Design Service

Designs tailored to your requirements

With an in depth knowledge of corrugated packaging construction and performance, a technical design team will maximise the performance – and therefore cost-effectiveness – of your packaging. See how working with expert packaging designers can impact your business.

Eliminate transit damage

Transit Damage Reduction

Strategies to protect your products

Saving money on packaging spend is just one way in which GWP’s packaging design expertise can bring major savings to your business. By reducing or even eliminating damage in transit you can reduce returns, written off stock and drive customer loyalty.

Single source packaging supplier

Manufacturing Excellence

High quality packaging products

One of the best and simplest ways to protect your products is to simply use well designed, high quality packaging. Whilst sounding easy, this can only be achieved through expert design and manufacturing excellence – something that GWP Packaging can offer your business.

Additional Benefits

A range of additional services to help your business

Whilst the cost and performance of your packaging are usually (and rightly) the most important factors, GWP has developed a number of other services that can have a tangible impact on your business.

This includes a focus on environmentally friendly solutions and processes, being a single source of all your packaging requirements, and even undertaking full packaging audits to help drive efficiencies and growth in your business.

For further details of these additional services, please use the links below.

Packaging audit / evaluation

Packaging Audit / Evaluation

A holistic analysis of your packaging

Could your business could benefit from undertaking a full packaging audit? Working in partnership with GWP Packaging, you will be able to identify inefficiencies and cost savings at all stages of your packaging process, plus discover proven, actionable ways to improve it.

Environmental Policies

Environmental Initiatives

Reduce your environmental impact

A key consideration of good packaging design involves the generation of less waste, whilst still helping end-consumers to use it and the contained products efficiently. GWP can help your business become more eco friendly though a range of products and initiatives.

Single source supply

Single Source Contract

Perfect bulk shipping solution

By sourcing all of your packaging from a single supplier, you can realise the benefits provided by a streamlined ordering process, fully managed inventory, better product compatibility and even economies of scale. This could ultimately have a significant impact on your costs.

About GWP Packaging

Our ethos, standards and culture

At GWP Packaging, our ambition has always been to lead the market in delivering innovative, cost effective packaging design.

As manufacturers of every type of corrugated cardboard packaging you could imagine – corrugated cardboard boxes, spools, cushion packaging, retail display and much more besides – we genuinely offer your business a unique proposition covering almost any industrial packaging requirement.

Our core values are product innovation, quality systems and the highest level of customer care. With an award winning packaging design team, it allows you to work closely with packaging experts to ensure that your cardboard packaging is the perfect match for your products and applications.

You can also take advantage of a Just In Time delivery and inventory management service, together with an online ordering system tailored to your individual requirements.

Our ethos is in treating each and every one of our clients as partners from initial contact all the way through to final manufacture.

Manufacturing excellence at the heart of our operations

Operating out a modern production facility in Cricklade, Wiltshire, GWP Packaging work with companies both locally and throughout the UK. This has seen us forge strong partnerships with everything from small businesses to international blue chip companies

With a growing team of dedicated sales and customer support advisors, backed up by an expert design team and dedicated production planners and operatives, you can be certain we will be responsive to your needs and always offer the highest level of customer service.

If you have a more technical need you can also benefit from engineered packaging solutions, expertly created by an innovative in-house design team who will take your brief from initial concept through to prototyping and approval.

What is corrugated packaging?

In essence, corrugated board is a high performance packaging material that has been used in one form or another for over 100 years.

Corrugated cardboard is created from a combination of two sheets of paper, referred to as liners, which are then glued to a corrugated inner medium known as “fluting”. The 3 layers of material are assembled in such a manner that it gives the overall structure improved strength over that of each individual layer – effectively becoming greater than the sum of its’ parts.

This ingenious design creates a continuous series of arches, connected to each other, which combine to provide an extremely high strength for its weight. This provides corrugated board with good levels of both rigidity and resistance.

An added benefit is that the air circulating within the flutes also acts as an insulator, providing a layer of protection for its’ contents against temperature variations.

There are numerous grades of corrugated board, each with varying flute sizes and profiles. These provide a huge number of combinations that enables the creation of packaging solutions with different characteristics and levels of performance.

Corrugated boards can of course be cut, folded, trimmed and coated into an infinite variety of designs to become finished corrugated packaging.


Frequently asked questions for corrugated box manufacturers

It might be that you are not sure which FEFCO style to use for your business. Perhaps you are interested to know what material options work well with FEFCO layouts. Maybe you just want to know what FEFCO stands for? All of this, and other common questions, are answered below.

Can’t find the answer to your specific question? Please contact a member of the GWP team on 01793 754 444 or email for further assistance.

What is the difference between a packaging manufacturer and a packaging supplier?

Whilst offering largely the same products, the difference between a packaging manufacturer and a supplier, is that a supplier will only tend to sell “off the shelf” boxes / items. A manufacturer however can design and produce packaging that is tailored to your specific requirements – including size, style, print, inserts and many other custom features.

What is a “packaging merchant”?

A packaging merchant is another term given to a supplier of “off the shelf” or stock packaging products, that would have limited or no capability for supplying bespoke products. These are often a good option if you only require very low volumes of packaging.

Can my business’ packaging really reduce my costs?

Your packaging can have a significant impact on your business costs. Packaging that is using the optimum material whilst still preventing damage, is quick to assemble / pack and is cost effective to manufacture can all reduce the ongoing costs to your business.

Are there other ways packaging can help my business?

Besides the direct, positive impact on your costs, your packaging can assist your business success in a number of other ways. This includes driving repeat business through customer loyalty, creating brand awareness, improving the productivity of your staff (allowing more orders to be fulfilled) and also minimising your environmental impact.

Why should my business work with GWP?

GWP are more than just packaging manufacturers. We will take the time to fully understand your business and any challenges you are facing with your packaging. We will then be able to design and manufacture packaging that is precisely tailored to your exact requirements, and is typically in-line with your budget. No compromises.

How long has GWP been trading?

GWP has been trading for more than 30 years, having been formed in 1990. This longevity highlights the success GWP have had in forging successful partnerships with businesses in a wide range of industries and markets.

My business is only small – can GWP still help?

As a manufacturer, the packaging that GWP manufactures is subject to minimum order quantities (MOQs). This is based on the amount of material that needs to be purchased to manufacture. However, GWP have – and continue to – work with companies of all sizes. Everything from start-ups to blue chip international companies, GWP will provide the same level of expertise and service regardless.

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