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Plastic Pigeon Holes

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Plastic pigeon holes
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Small Parts Storage

Industrial pigeon hole shelving for low volume picking

Correx® plastic pigeon holes are a great solution for a wide range of applications. They provide additional, free standing storage that is ideal for small volume picking and storage / organisation of items.

Industrial pigeon holes are widely used within warehouses, post rooms, as part of assembly / production lines, and even offices. Durable Correx® material offers strength and longevity, lower cost than metal and can be manufactured to any size / configuration. Read More

Available Colours:

White Correx
Grey Correx
Black Correx
Blue Correx
Green Correx
Yello Correx
Red Correx
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Detailed information on Plastic Pigeon Hole Storage

If your business has a requirement for low volume picking / storage requirements, then Correx® plastic pigeon holes can be an excellent solution.

Manufactured to custom sizes to suit your available space, or the products / items to be stored within, they are a much more flexible option than traditional MDF or metal pigeon hole storage.

The use of Correx® material to manufacture these units means that they are lightweight yet durable, resistant to moisture, easy to clean and long lasting.

Small parts pigeon hole options

You can choose from a wide range of options for your pigeon hole storage. This includes the colours of your pigeon holes, the configuration of the compartments, adding external print and even choosing specialist materials for the internal walls of the compartments. This includes both foam and cloth laminated material to help protect any items being stored from surfaces scratches or blemishes.

Using corrugated plastic (Correx®) for small parts pigeon holes also means they are considerably lower cost than metal equivalents. And this is even before considering how much more efficient they can be in terms of maximising available space at your business.

All of this means that if your business has a requirement for short term storage and / or small volume picking – whatever the application or industry these plastic pigeon holes are a great choice.

Key benefits of industrial Pigeon Holes at a glance

  • Easily accessible compartments
  • Custom sizes, compartment layouts and configurations
  • Choice of colours, print and labelling options
  • Durable and long lasting Correx® material
  • Free standing design allows flexible additional storage
  • Compartments can be made with specialist material, including cloth or foam laminated options
  • Considerably more cost effective than metal equivalents
  • Perfect for small volume picking and segmented storage


Common questions about Pigeon Holes

The below highlights the most frequently asked questions about plastic pigeon holes.

If your specific question hasn’t been answered, please feel free to contact us on 01793 754 457 or email

What are pigeon holes used for?

Pigeon holes have traditionally been used in post rooms and mail sorting offices for businesses – allowing them to sort mail for various departments or staff members. However, their use has expanded into industrial applications as well, being used for low volume picking and storage applications.

Is pigeon hole shelving suitable for warehouse use?

The problem with many existing pigeon holes, manufactured from wood, are that they are not suitable for use in many industrial environments such as warehouses or assembly lines. Whilst metal versions are fine for this, they are usually costly and offer little flexibility. As such, these Correx® pigeon holes have been designed to be a perfect solution for warehouse and production use.

Where else can plastic pigeon holes be used?

Besides being used in warehouses for picking and storage applications, Correx® plastic pigeon holes can be used in a number of other locations too. They are suitable for use alongside assembly lines, within workshops, post rooms and even offices / receptions.

Are metal or plastic pigeon holes better?

Metal pigeon holes are extremely durable, tough and rigid, making them a good choice for many applications. However, they are inflexible in terms of sizes and layouts, and are expensive. Correx® pigeon holes still offer good longevity, but can be fabricated to match your exact requirements. They are also considerably more cost effective.

Can I choose the size of the compartments within the pigeon holes?

With plastic pigeon holes manufactured from Correx®, it is possible to specify virtually every aspect of it to match your requirements. This includes overall size, compartment size / configuration, material strength (and type), colours and even if print is required.

Pigeon holes don’t look big enough for my items, what should I do?

If pigeon holes do not look as though they will be suitable for your specific application, GWP Correx® can offer you a wide range of alternative picking bins. The closest option to industrial pigeon holes would be stacking pick bins, which can allow for much larger storage compartments if required (and can also be manufactured to custom sizes).

Buy Small Parts Pigeon Holes

Custom sizes, custom designs, custom quotes...

Whilst GWP have not traditionally specialised in manufacturing pigeon holes, from producing a huge number of plastic shelf bins and stacking pick bins, it was clear there was a gap in the market.

Metal pigeon holes are expensive and inflexible in terms of layouts. Wooden pigeon holes only suitable for office environments / post-rooms. Yet there is frequently a need for similar setup in warehouses, assembly lines and production facilities.

This is why GWP began manufacturing bespoke, industrial pigeon hole storage units for businesses like yours. It is also why you can get free, impartial advice and no obligation quotes on your specific requirements.

Alternative Picking Bins

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Plastic pigeon holes are not the only option open to your business when looking to improve the amount of storage available (or the efficiency of your picking staff / workforce) at your business.

In fact, you can select from the widest range of custom picking bins and solutions available from a single supplier at GWP Correx®

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Pick face wall

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Correx shelf bins

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Cardboard picking bins

Cardboard Picking Bins

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Divided pick bins

Correx® Divided Pick Bins

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