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Biodegradable packaging

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With the ever-increasing need to protect the environment and satisfy your customers, you are likely to have considered switching to biodegradable packaging.

Biodegradable packaging is that which naturally decomposes and disintegrates. Microorganisms such as bacteria, algae and fungi break down the materials used to manufacture the packaging. The most commonly used forms of biodegradable packaging are cardboard and other paper-based products.

At GWP, we can help your business switch from or avoid difficult-to-recycle, non-biodegradable plastics and materials. A design and engineering team can substitute materials, suggest alternatives, and create biodegradable packaging that does not compromise performance or appearance.

Biodegradable postal boxes

FSC postal book wraps

Postal book wraps

Custom sizes
Up to 3 colour print

FSC large letter boxes

Large letter boxes

Custom sizes
Various print options

FSC small parcel boxes PIP

Small parcel boxes

Custom sizes
Various print options

FSC medium parcel boxes

Medium parcel boxes

Custom sizes
Various print options

FSC large parcel boxes

Large parcel boxes

Custom sizes
Various print options

FSC fittings

Custom fittings

Custom sizes
Up to 3 colour print

FSC void fill packaging

Paper void-fill packaging

Self fill
Various paper options

Biodegradable eCommerce packaging

FSC pizza style boxes

Pizza style boxes

Custom sizes
Full colour print

FSC subscription box packaging

Subscription boxes

Custom sizes
Various print options

FSC unboxing packaging

eCommerce unboxing

Custom sizes
Various print options

Custom ecommerce boxes

Custom eCommerce boxes

Custom sizes
Various print options

Biodegradable transit packaging

FSC cardboard crash lock boxes

Crash lock boxes

Custom sizes
Rapid assembly

FSC die-cut transit packaging

Die-cut boxes

Custom sizes
Up to 3 colour print

FSC 5 panel wrap

5 panel wraparounds

Custom sizes
Various print options

FSC custom corrugated packaging

Custom transit packaging

Custom sizes
Various print options

FSC pallet optimised boxes

Pallet optimised boxes

Custom sizes
Efficient transit

FSC cardboard produce trays

Cardboard trays

Custom sizes
Various print options

FSC corrugated cardboard cases

Corrugated cases (0201s)

Custom sizes
Up to 3 colour print

FSC FEFCO cartons

FEFCO style boxes

Custom sizes
Huge range of designs

BDCM box FSC certified

BDCM boxes

4 x sizes
Retail industry standard

FSC single-walled cardboard box

Single wall boxes

Custom sizes
Various print options

FSC double-wall cardboard boxes

Double wall boxes

Custom sizes
Various print options

FSC cardboard layer pads-slip-sheets

Layer pads

Custom sizes
Multiple material options

FSC cardboard box dividers

Cardboard box dividers

Custom sizes
Adjustable cell sizes

Biodegradable bottle packaging

Custom wine bottle box

Wine bottle boxes with integral fittings

Custom sizes
Tapeless design

Bottle boxes with dividers

Custom bottle boxes with dividers

Custom sizes
Various configurations

Bottle postal boxes

Single bottle boxes for eCommerce

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Bottle carriers

Custom cardboard bottle carriers

Custom sizes
Various configurations