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Pelican™ cases - the World’s toughest protective case

If you ever need to protect essential or expensive tools, equipment or products, you will likely have used or considered Peli™ cases.

Peli™ cases are extra tough, durable and waterproof plastic cases. Their use is common for protecting high-value, fragile and important tools and equipment. Launched in 1979, they are the original and most well-known protective cases available. The range now includes Peli Air, Ruck, Micro Case Series™, and Hardback™ ranges, Storm Case™ and roto mould options.

At GWP, we can supply the full range of Pelican cases. However, we can also offer your business various custom options, including bespoke foam inserts, exterior printing, bezel kits, and more.

A man using a camera in stormy conditions next to a yellow Peli case with foam inserts
Peli Protector Cases

Peli™ Protector Case™

40+ sizes
Best selling case

Peli Storm case

Storm Case™

20+ sizes
GWP recommended case

Peli air cases

Peli™ Air

10+ sizes
Up to 40% lighter

A blue Peli Hardigg ISP 2 case with stacking pattern on lid

Peli™ ISP2 cases

70+ sizes
Inter-stacking pattern

Peli hardigg single lid cases

Peli™ single lid

250+ sizes
Toughest cases available

Peli micro case

Peli™ Micro Case Series™

7+ sizes
Smallest waterproof cases

Peli hardback case

Peli™ Hardback™

5 sizes
For laptops and tablets

Peli R60 ruck case

Peli™ Ruck cases

Custom sizes
Integral bumpers

Peli case accessories

Regardless of the Peli case you select for your business, we can help you further improve performance and usability in several ways. These include a range of standard accessories, custom Peli case foam, and external printed branding.

Peli case foam inserts

Peli™ case foam

Custom sizes
Tailored to your equipment

Waterproof case with a foam lining

Foam lining

All cases
Low cost protection

Printed peli storm cases

Exterior printing

1-3 colours
Logos and branding

Peli lid organiser

Peli™ lid organiser

Smaller cases
Storage for paperwork etc.

Peli bezel kit

Bezel kit

Smaller cases
Mounting kit for electronics

Peli case shoulder strap

Shoulder strap

Smaller cases
Improved handling

Peli padded dividers trek-pack

Padded dividers

Foam alternative
Configurable layouts

More info on Peli cases

Peli cases are the most well-known and widely used waterproof equipment cases. Expanding from the original Peli Protector range to now include Peli Air, Ruck, Hardback, Micro, and Storm Case/roto moulded options previously manufactured by Hardigg (which became part of Peli in 2009), there is a case for every application, industry, or product.

In the four decades since their launch, Pelican cases have become the byword for the highest levels of protection, usability, and features. In fact, the term “peli case” is now commonly used as a generic term to describe any similar waterproof case.

Pelican case options

In addition to the various Pelican case ranges, sizes, and colour options, there are several other options for enhancing your cases.

Standard options include Pick N Pluck™ foam inserts, padded dividers, shoulder straps, bezel kits (for mounting electronics), and lid organisers.

However, it is possible to add completely custom features too.

Custom Peli cases

The most widely used customisation option is to add engineered foam inserts. Peli case foam of this type is a perfect fit for the case and is fully tailored to the tools, products, or equipment you need to protect.

Your custom foam inserts can be different colours, have laser-etched branding, and even offer precisely calculated cushioning performance levels.

Most Peli cases can also feature exterior branding applied with screen or digital printing.

This means that, whatever your requirement, you can source a Pelican case that is perfectly tailored to your exact specifications.

Peli case FAQs

What is a Peli case?

In essence, a Peli case is a brand of plastic injection-moulded case. It is the original case of this type and is known for providing exceptional protection against impact, mishandling, and vibration. Peli cases are also waterproof and dust-tight, being IP67-rated.

Are Peli and Pelican the same company?

Effectively, Peli and Pelican are interchangeable. Peli is the branding given to the cases in Europe, with Pelican used in the United States and other regions. The cases themselves and their level of performance are identical.

Are Peli cases waterproof?

All cases in the Peli range are entirely watertight, being IP67-rated. This rating also means they prevent dust and particles from entering the case. The exterior shell and an integral “O Ring” seal provide this performance.

Are Pelican cases made in the USA?

Peli manufactures its Pelican cases in the US, including at its Torrance headquarters in California and Massachusetts. They have global distribution centres worldwide, with Barcelona in Spain serving the European market.

What is the difference between Pelican and Storm cases?

There is very little difference between Peli and Storm cases. Both have particular strengths and weaknesses, so which is “best” may depend on your specific application.

What are Peli cases used for?

Pelican cases are suitable for a wide range of applications. Typical uses include but are not limited to, firearms storage, emergency medical supplies, surveillance equipment, digital hardware, investigation equipment, mobile communications, service engineers, airline carry-on cases, product sample cases and even sales demo kits.

Who is Hardigg?

Hardigg Industries manufactures protective cases, most notably Storm cases and a range of rotationally moulded cases, including ISP2 and Single Lid. Pelican acquired the company in 2009.

Are there any cheap Peli cases?

Due to their high-performance levels, established customer base, and premium features, Peli cases are among the more expensive waterproof cases. If you are looking for a cheap Peli case, please contact a member of our team for assistance in finding the most suitable option for your application.

Buy Peli cases

At GWP Protective, we can supply any Peli case from the full range of options and variants.

However, by working with us, you can not only source Pelican™ cases at exceptionally competitive prices but also add many custom options.In fact, by specifying custom foam inserts, branding, and a range of stock accessories, you can benefit from a Peli case with performance and usability tailored to your specific requirements.

Besides this, you can count on unbiased and impartial advice from our team of experienced case experts on the best protective case option for your specific requirements. You can also request a no-obligation quote for any case and foam requirement your business has.

So, why not work alongside a protective case supplier (and foam converter) with more than 25 years of experience when looking to source custom Peli cases for your business?

Please note: All trademarks are registered and/or unregistered trademarks of Peli Products, S.L.U., its parent, subsidiaries and/or affiliates.

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