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Ethafoam Packaging

Ethafoam packaging offers your products cost effective protection from drop / vibration damage in transit

Are you shipping expensive, fragile equipment? Perhaps experiencing a high number of customer returns due damaged goods? Problems with mis-handling by couriers? Or simply believe you are paying too much for your transit packaging?


Ethafoam packaging can help with all the above.


Being both cost effective and resilient, this is a foam which can be fabricated to offer exceptional protection to your products in transit. Shocks, impacts, vibration and everything your courier can throw (sometimes literally) at it – will not cause damage to the packaged items.

Ethafoam is frequently used to protect fragile goods such as consumer electronics, specialist industrial products and other items that are delicate and cannot sustain either functional or cosmetic damage.

What is Ethafoam Packaging?

In essence, Ethafoam is a durable, yet flexible, closed cell polyethylene foam.


It’s properties, and particular its energy absorption under impact, make it ideal for providing cushion protection from impact, shock and vibration. Crucially, it also retains this resilience under repeated impact. These high load bearing characteristics also mean that it is re-usable over multiple trips.

Ethafoam end caps

Other characteristics that make Ethafoam such a versatile material are that it is resistant to most chemicals, has low water absorption, no odour, good insulation values and is non abrasive.


This final point is particularly important as it ensures decorative surfaces on painted or polished items are not damaged during contact with the foam.


As a result, Ethafoam is frequently used to protect fragile goods such as consumer electronics, specialist industrial products and other items that are delicate and cannot sustain either functional or cosmetic damage.

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How this translates into packaging

Another benefit of Ethafoam is that it is easily fabricated into a wide range of shapes and complex designs. This ease of use not only allows for costs to be kept to a minimum, but also means it is suitable for both high and low volume requirements.


The foam is frequently converted into end caps designs which are placed over the edges or corners of the product to be packaged. However, it can be used as a liner for the outer container, can act as a tray with numerous compartments cut out for multiple products to sit in, or can be used in layers to separate delicate items in the same package.


Regardless of the shape, size or weight of your product, it is possible to create Ethafoam packaging that will offer the optimum protection during transit.

Ethafoam packaging and end cap images / applications

View a selection of Ethafoam end caps and packaging, plus typical applications. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

Direct benefits for your business

Using Ethafoam packaging can result in a number of tangible benefits for your business and operations.


Obviously, no company wants to experience transit damage to their products. This results in expensive customer returns, stock that cannot be sold and – even worse – a negative impact on your hard earned brand reputation.

Ethafoam box liners

Ethafoam can not only eliminate transit damage, but through reliable supply of products can help gain customer loyalty, in turn leading to repeat business.


Other advantages of Ethafoam include a reduction in shipping costs (being more space efficient than other void fill or cushion packaging – reducing volume).


It can also speed up packaging times and boost productivity if supplied in pre-assembled outer packaging. And it is also a cost-effective option when compared to practically any other form of cushion packaging.

Technical Specifications & Details

Please see below for an overview of Ethafoam properties, including densities and uses. Should you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Free Guide: 15 crucial considerations for protection
  • Ethafoam polyethylene foam densities range from 30 kg/m³ to 150 kg/m³
  • Ethafoam 220-E 35 kg/m³ Packaging | Floatation
  • Ethafoam 400-E 64 kg/m³ Packaging | Load Spreading
  • Ethafoam 700-E 102 kg/m³ high load Bearing
  • Ethafoam 900-E 145 kg/m³ high load Bearing

Why GWP Protective?

Whilst there are many foam converters fabricating Ethafoam and other cross linked foams, your business can see tangible benefits by working alongside GWP.


These include a dedicated engineer who will offer impartial design advice, free quotations and pre-production samples to ensure total satisfaction.

Ethafoam packaging manufacture

Your Ethafoam packaging will be designed utilising the latest CAD and cushion-calculation software and manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility.


Also, you will be able to source your external cases, cartons or boxes from GWP as well, reducing cost and purchasing administration.


These benefits are the sum of over 25 years experience in the creation of foam products specifically to combat transit damage.

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