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Ethafoam Packaging

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Ethafoam packaging
Ethafoam box inserts
Ethafoam packaging blocks
Ethafoam packaging manufacture
Foam box inserts
Ethafoam blocks

Versatile Foam Packaging Inserts

Cost effective inserts, box lining, trays, blocks, and end caps

Ethafoam packaging can help to prevent a number of difficulties your business may face. Are you shipping expensive, fragile equipment? Perhaps experiencing a high number of customer returns due damaged goods? Problems with mishandling by couriers? Or simply believe you are paying too much for your transit packaging?

Ethafoam packaging – such as blocks, end caps, box linings and even sheet material can help with all of the above, being both cost effective and resilient. Read More

Available Colours:

Black foam
White foam
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More info on Ethafoam Packaging

Using Ethafoam packaging can result in a number of tangible benefits for your business and operations.

Obviously, no company wants to experience transit damage to their products. This results in expensive customer returns, stock that cannot be sold and – even worse – a negative impact on your hard-earned brand reputation.

Ethafoam can not only eliminate transit damage, but through reliable supply of products can help gain customer loyalty, in turn leading to repeat business. Shocks, impacts, vibration, and everything your courier can throw (sometimes literally) at it – will not cause damage to the packaged items.

Other advantages of Ethafoam include a reduction in shipping costs (being more space efficient than other void fill or cushion packaging – reducing volume).

It can also speed up packaging times and boost productivity if supplied in pre-assembled outer packaging. And it is also a cost-effective option when compared to practically any other form of cushion packaging.

What this effectively means is that, if you are shipping a mid to high volumes of either fragile or expensive items (think consumer electronics, artwork, domestic tools / appliances etc.), then Ethafoam packaging can have a significant positive impact on your business success and profitability.

Ethafoam packaging manufacture

Another benefit of Ethafoam is that it is easily fabricated into a wide range of shapes and complex designs. This ease of use not only allows for costs to be kept to a minimum, but also means it is suitable for both high and low volume requirements.

The foam is frequently converted into end caps – designs which are placed over the edges or corners of the product to be packaged.

However, it can be used as a liner for the outer container, can act as a tray with numerous compartments cut out for multiple products to sit in, or can be used in layers to separate delicate items in the same package. It can even be used to create simple foam blocks and inserts.

Regardless of the shape, size, or weight of your product, it is possible to create Ethafoam packaging that will offer the optimum protection during transit.

Key benefits of Ethafoam packaging / sheets at a glance

  • Low cost protection for products in transit
  • Ideal for high volume application such as shipping consumer electronics and ecommerce
  • Also protects surfaces of items being shipped
  • Can be fabricated into end caps, blocks, box liners and more
  • Can be recycled at end of life
  • Combined with clever design can minimise material usage and costs
  • Choice of material grades and densities matched to your application
  • Resistant to chemicals and moisture (won’t absorb water)
  • Supplied flat packed or pre-assembled, depending on design
  • Option to source outer packaging and foam from a single source


Common questions about Ethafoam

Have questions about using Ethafoam packaging?

If the following section of frequently asked questions doesn’t provide the info you need, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What is Ethafoam?

In essence, Ethafoam is a durable, yet flexible, closed cell polyethylene foam. It’s properties, and particularly its energy absorption under impact, make it ideal for providing cushion protection from shock and vibration. Crucially, it also retains this resilience under repeated impact. These high load bearing characteristics also mean that it is re-usable over multiple trips.

What applications is Ethafoam packaging suitable for?

Ethafoam is frequently used to protect fragile goods such as consumer electronics, specialist industrial products and other items that are delicate and cannot sustain either functional or cosmetic damage. Effectively, most forms of high volume foam packaging.

Is Ethafoam packaging affected by moisture?

As Ethafoam is a closed cell material, it will not absorb water. Other characteristics that make Ethafoam sheet such a versatile material is that it is resistant to most chemicals, has no odour, good insulation values and is non-abrasive.

Can I purchase Ethafoam sheet?

Whilst it is possible to source Ethafoam sheet in a range of sizes, using it in this manner can be ineffective and inefficient in terms of material usage. Working with a foam converter such as GWP allows you to source Ethafoam blocks, end caps and other forms of foam packaging.

What are Ethafoam foam end caps?

Ethafoam, like Stratocell, can be fabricated to create foam end caps. These are pieces of foam material that fit around the ends or corners of specific products, protecting them in transit. They are one of the most material efficient forms of foam packaging – and therefore one of the most cost effective.

Can Ethafoam be supplied in different colours?

Ethafoam is typically only supplied in either black or white, although a pink anti-static grade is also available. If presentation is important – and specific colours required – then making use of Plastazote material could be a more suitable option.

Free Quotes / Advice

Find the perfect Ethafoam packaging for your business

Whilst there are many foam converters fabricating Ethafoam and other cross linked foams such as Stratocell, your business can see tangible benefits by working alongside GWP.

These include a dedicated engineer who will offer impartial design advice, free, no obligation quotations and pre-production samples to ensure total satisfaction. A process and approach honed over nearly 30 years.

You can also source your external cases, cartons or boxes from GWP as well, reducing cost, improving performance and minimising purchasing administration.

Alternative Foam Options

Official Ethafoam, Stratocell and Plastazote® converters

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