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Rapitainer returnable transit packaging

Collapsible, Reusable Boxes.

Reduce costs and environmental impact

If your business uses high volumes of single trip corrugated packaging (such as 0201s), then Rapitainer® could significantly reduce both your costs and environmental impact.

These corrugated plastic, returnable transit containers can offer a cost per box per trip between 30 and 7 pence (based on 50 – 200 trips). This is compared with corrugated boxes typically costing £1.50 for a single use.

They are also incredibly durable (helping to protect your items in transit), incorporate an innovative tapeless closure for improved efficiency, and fold flat for reduced storage and return transit costs.

Switch to Rapitainer®:

  • Potential savings on packaging spend of 75%
  • Cost per box per trip from as low as 7p vs. £1.50 for corrugated (based on 200 trips)
  • Tapeless closure streamlines assembly and prevents sticky residue
  • Collapsible – folds flat for return journey
  • Minimises your business’ environmental impact, and fully recyclable at end of life
  • Provides increased protection during transit

01: Key Benefits.

Why you should switch to Rapitainer®

Put simply, Rapitainer® is much more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to using high volumes of single trip, corrugated packaging such as FEFCO 0201s.

Besides the significant costs savings it can offer your business however, it also provides a wide range of additional benefits too.

Key advantages of using Rapitainer® returnable packaging

  • Cost per box per trip between 30p (50 trips) and 7p (200 trips)
  • Reduction in packaging spend of up to 75% when compared with single use corrugated
  • Durable Correx® material lasts for 100s trips
  • Tough material also minimises transit damage and associated costs (waste, returns etc.)
  • Tough material also minimises transit damage and associated costs (waste, returns etc.)
  • Environmentally friendly – reduces need for recycling & prevents corrugated ending up in landfill
  • Fully recyclable at end of life
  • Tapeless closure improves efficiency of erection, and eliminates cost of secondary packaging
  • Folds flat for efficient return transit
  • Smooth surfaces allow for easy cleaning as required, further extending lifespan
  • Excellent stacking strength, and stock sizes compatible with standard pallets
  • Bespoke sizes allows customisation to your exact requirements / application
  • Choice of colours / print allows brand recognition throughout your supply chain
Returnable packaging guide

Download: 7 Signs You Should...

…switch to returnable packaging! Download this free guide to identify the tell-tale signs that you could see significant benefits by implementing reusable packs. Click below to get it now

02: Cost Reduction.

Example of cost reduction achievable

Using Rapitainer® returnable transit packaging can reduce your costs in a number of ways.

The most significant savings are a result of the reusability, and therefore lifetime costs – of the containers.

To put these cost savings into perspective, please see below for 3 “real world” scenarios of how Rapitainer® can reduce your business’ costs.

Scenario 1: Single Trip Corrugated

The below illustrates 3 year costs if using single trip corrugated packaging. The figures may vary depending on the size of your business, usage and specific application.

As an example usage, let’s say your business sends out 14 pallets of goods per day. On each pallet there are 20 boxes, which equates to sending 280 boxes each day. Scale this up to one year (based on 312 days of deliveries – 6 days per week) and you would send 4,368 pallets, or 87,360 boxes.

At a cost of £1.50 each, this would be an annual cost of £131,040.

If your business maintained trade at a steady level, the figures / costs above would be the same in Year 2 and Year 3.

Single trip packaging example

Scenario 2: Rapitainer Returnable Packaging Loop

The below example provides comparative figures if switching from single trip corrugated to the Rapitainer reusable containers. These figures could potentially be achieved if you use a traditional returnable packaging setup.

This works on the assumption that you still send 14 pallets of goods per day, and 20 boxes per pallet, but that you are operating a 4 week returnable cycle (allowing a week of containers at your facilities, 1 weeks’ worth in outbound transit, a weeks’ worth at your customers premises and finally a weeks’ amount in return transit).

Operating a 6 day week, and a daily volume of 280 boxes, the amount of containers required for 4 weeks would be 6,720.

Purchasing at this volume, the cost of Rapitainer would typically be £10 per unit. This means the 4 week cost would be £67,200. However, this 4 week cost would also cover Years 2 and 3, due the containers being constantly reused with no need for replacements to purchased.

Returnable packaging example

This illustrates that, when compared with single trip corrugated, a ROI is seen within 6 months, and an approximate 2 times return on investment can be achieved at the end of Year 1. As no new containers need to be purchased in the 3 year period, by the end of 36 months to ROI has risen to around 5 x the initial investment.

Alternatively, this is a cost saving of £63,840 by the end of Year 1 (48.7%), or a huge £325,920 (82.9%) by the end of Year 3

Scenario 3: Rapitainer Returnable Packaging & KanBan

This final example is based on your customers using a Just in Time or Kanban setup for the products they purchase from your business. This allows for a much quicker turnaround of the containers used to deliver to your customers.

Assuming 2 days at each site (yours and your customers), plus a day in transit each way, this would mean a requirement for 6 days’ worth of boxes. The amount used per day remains the same as in previous examples (14 pallets per day, 20 boxes per pallet, total 280 boxes per day).

The 6 day usage would therefore be 1,680 boxes. Purchasing at this volume would mean a £15 unit cost, and a total investment of £25200.

Returnable packaging and Kanban example

This illustrates that, when compared with single trip corrugated, a ROI is seen within around 10 weeks, and an approximate 5 times return on investment at the end of Year 1. As no new containers need to be purchased in the 3 year period, by the end of 36 months to ROI has risen to almost 16 x the initial investment.

Alternatively, this is a cost saving of £105,840 by the end of Year 1 (80.77%), or a huge £367,920 (93.5%) by the end of Year 3.

What GWP Correx customers say about us

One business already using Rapitainer® has saved over £120K per year having switched from single trip corrugated. From a £10k initial investment, this will result in a huge 36 times return on investment over a three year period.

03: Additional Benefits.

Other costs savings achieveable

There are other ways in which your business can reduce costs using Rapitainer®.

For example, the innovative tapeless closure not only reduces the time it takes to assemble the containers (reducing labour costs), but also eliminates the need to purchase this secondary packaging.

It can also indirectly reduce costs by providing higher levels of protection for your items in transit.

The durable corrugated plastic material provides additional protection when compared with cardboard from weather, dust, mishandling and impact during transit.

Rapitainer reusable packaging
Rapitainer reusable packaging also offers a wide range of additional benefits to your business

The knock on effect of this is less products being returned, which in turn means lower costs associated with additional transit, replacements and unusable stock.

The stacking strength and stock sizes designed to work with standard pallets maximises available space when loading and therefore deuced transit costs, whilst the ability to fold the units flat for the return journey (and store inside assembled containers – see below) allows for efficient return transit too.

This also means they take up little storage space when not in use in your supply chain.

04: Efficient Return Transit.

How Rapitainer® can aid your reverse logistics

One problem with many returnable transit packaging systems is the return of the empty containers.

This can often mean shipping back “fresh” air inside your empty containers. It can also be problematic if your deliveries will typically visit multiple sites or customers in a single journey.

Rapitainer® resolves this issue due to its ability to fold flat.

This allows multiple Rapitainers® to be laid flat on a single pallet for the return journey. Even better than that however, is that collapsed containers can be packed inside erected cases – in lots of 10 – making for an even more economic return journey.

Whilst there are various configurations, what this means in essence is that 20 Rapitainer® boxes (i.e. an entire pallet load) can be collapsed and returned in 2 assembled Rapitainers®.

Alternatively, 5 whole pallets loads (stacked 4 high) can be folded, stored and returned on just a single pallet.

05: Environmental Benefits.

Minimise the impact of your packaging

Another key benefit of Rapitainer is the difference it makes to your business’ environmental impact.

The energy required to bundle, transport and then recycle old corrugated boxes into new corrugated boxes (effectively ending up with what you started with), is significantly greater than the energy and resources required to use Rapitainer® as part of a closed loop transit system.

The fact that Rapitainers® can last for 100s of trips, and can be easily cleaned, also lessens the environmental impact (raw materials, manufacturing, transport) when compared with single trip corrugated.

Besides this, Rapitainers® can also be fully recycled at the end of their usable lifespan.

Using Rapitainer instead of single trip corrugated can result in some truly significant mid to long term costs savings

06: Uses / Applications.

Image gallery of Rapitainer® in action

View a selection of Rapitainer® returnable transit packaging boxes in use. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

07: Custom Options.

Enhancing your Rapitainer® packaging

There are a number of ways in which you can further enhance your Rapitainers®.

As such, the following section details the standard and bespoke options available when specifying your returnable transit packaging containers

Rapitainer® colours

Rapitainer® is available as standard in a number of different colours, allowing you to match your company branding. Non-standard colours are available on request (and subject to order volumes)


It is also possible for one or two colour logos to be printed onto Rapitainers®. Besides branding, you can also include handling instructions, health and safety info, label areas and any other supporting info you may need.

Dividers / dunnage

Whilst Rapitainers® are most suitable for loose fill products, they can be enhanced with a number of dunnage options. This includes fold flat divider sets, nestable vacuum formed trays and layer separation pads / slip sheets.

Please note that using dunnage that cannot be collapsed / efficiently stored will have an impact your return transit costs.

08: About GWP Correx®.

An environmentally responsible packaging manufacturer

GWP Correx® – and our parent company GWP Group – have almost 30 years’ experience in creating durable, cost effective returnable transit packaging.

This experience and knowledge allows your business to take advantage of the latest innovations and ideas – such as Q Grip and Rapitainer® – and achieve significant efficiency gains and cost reductions.

Plastic packaging manufacturers
GWP Correx® are plastic packaging manufacturers, specialising in handling, fulfilment and multi-trip supply chain products

You can call on a dedicated team of designers to tailor your chosen transit packaging to your exact requirements, and get support from a knowledgeable and experienced team at every stage of your project.

Find Out More.

Get advice from an eco friendly packaging specialist

If you would like to discuss how moving to a returnable packaging system with Rapitainer® could benefit your business we would love to help – please get in contact with using the details below or by completing our contact form.

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