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Returnable packaging containers

Reduce costs by up to 75% when switching to Rapitainer

Rapitainer provides your business with a reusable alternative to single-trip packaging (e.g. corrugated 0201s). Manufactured using Correx® corrugated plastic, the reusability of Rapitainer can reduce your packaging costs by up to 75%. A 16 x ROI (return on investment) is achievable within three years.

Additional benefits include a tapeless closure, increased durability in transit, folding flat for efficient return transit, and lessening your environmental impact. Read More

Available colours:

White Correx
Grey Correx
Black Correx
Blue Correx
Green Correx
Yello Correx
Red Correx
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Further info on Rapitainer returnable transit packaging

If your business uses high volumes of single-trip corrugated packaging (such as 0201s), then Rapitainer could significantly reduce your costs and environmental impact.

This corrugated plastic, returnable transit container can offer a cost per box per trip between 30 and 7 pence (based on 50 – 200 trips). This cost per trip compares favourably with corrugated boxes, typically costing £1.50 for single use.

However, there are other ways your business can reduce costs using Rapitainer.

For example, the innovative tapeless closure reduces the time it takes to assemble the containers (reducing labour costs) and eliminates the need to purchase this secondary packaging.

It can also indirectly reduce costs by providing higher levels of protection for your items in transit.

The durable corrugated plastic material provides additional protection compared with cardboard from weather, dust, mishandling and impact during transit.

The knock-on effect is the return of fewer products and a lower cost associated with the additional transit, replacements, and unusable stock.

The stacking strength and stock sizes – designed to work with standard pallets – maximise space when loading (and reduce transit costs). The ability to fold the units flat for the reverse journey allows for efficient return transit.

Being collapsible also means they take up little storage space when not in use in your supply chain.

Environmental benefits and minimising the impact of your packaging

Businesses often overlook how much of a (positive) difference Rapitainer can make to your environmental impact.

The energy required to bundle, transport and then recycle old corrugated boxes into new ones (effectively ending up with what you started with) is significantly greater than the energy and resources required to use Rapitainer as part of a closed-loop transit system.

The fact that Rapitainer can last for 100s of trips, and is easy to clean, also lessens the environmental impact (raw materials, manufacturing, transport) compared with single trip corrugated.

And besides all this, Rapitainer can also be fully recycled at the end of its lifespan.

Benefits of returnable containers at a glance

  • The cost per box per trip is between 30p (50 trips) and 7p (200 trips).
  • Reduce packaging spend by up to 75% compared with single-use corrugated.
  • Durable Correx® material lasts for 100s trips.
  • Rigid material also minimises transit damage and associated costs (waste, returns etc.).
  • Environmentally friendly – reduces the need for recycling and prevents corrugated from entering landfills.
  • Fully recyclable at the end of life.
  • Tapeless closure improves the efficiency of erection and eliminates the cost of secondary packaging.
  • Folds flat for efficient return transit.
  • Smooth surfaces allow for easy cleaning as required, further extending the lifespan.
  • Excellent stacking strength and stock sizes compatible with standard pallets.
  • Bespoke sizes allow customisation to your exact requirements/application.
  • Choice of colours and print allows brand recognition throughout your supply chain.


Reverse logistics/collapsible

Rapitainer returnable transit containers are collapsible when not in use to allow for efficient reverse logistics (i.e. return transit).

Ten collapsed Raptainer fit inside a single erected case.

Five pallet loads (stacked four high) can be folded, stored, and returned per pallet.

Rapitainer return logistics packaging


Common questions regarding Rapitainer®

Are you interested in using Rapitainer at your business but need more information first?

This section covers the most commonly asked questions regarding this form of returnable transit packaging. However, if you cannot see what you need, please get in touch with GWP on 01793 754 457 or email

What is returnable transit packaging?

Returnable transit packaging – often abbreviated to RTP – refers to plastic containers for use over hundreds of trips. This form of packaging contrasts with “single trip” or expendable packaging (such as corrugated boxes), which are disposed of or recycled after a single use.

Can these really reduce costs compared to single-trip corrugated?

The initial unit costs of Rapitainer (and indeed other forms of returnable packaging/tote boxes) are far greater than those for corrugated packaging. However, the saving comes when looking at the overall or “lifetime” costs as Rapitainer lasts over hundreds of journeys. As such, the cost per trip is significantly lower than single-use options.

Can Rapitainer fold flat for return transit and storage?

One problem with many returnable transit packaging systems is the return of empty containers. The return logistics can often involve shipping back “fresh” air inside your empty totes/boxes. It can also be problematic if your deliveries visit multiple sites or customers in a single journey. Rapitainer resolves this issue due to its ability to fold flat. This feature allows multiple Rapitainer units to be laid flat on a single pallet for the return journey. In lots of ten, collapsed containers can also be packed inside erected cases, making for an even more economical return journey.

What material is used to manufacture Rapitainer?

The manufacture of Rapitainer uses Correx® material. Correx® is a durable, corrugated plastic (polypropylene) that many refer to as “plastic cardboard”. It provides excellent strength, durability, and longevity, is easy to clean and water-resistant, and allows fabrication in a similar manner to corrugated cardboard (allowing for a wide range of custom products to be manufactured).

How can Rapitainer reduce environmental impact?

Surprisingly, the total energy required to recycle old corrugated boxes into new ones (when factoring in transporting the materials) is actually more significant than the energy and resources needed to use Rapitainer as part of a closed-loop transit system. Rapitainer is also recyclable at the end of its usable life.

In what sizes are these returnable transit boxes available?

It is possible to manufacture any returnable transport packaging (including Rapitainer) that you source from GWP to the exact size you require. This size flexibility can allow you to tailor your reusable boxes to the size of your products, the pallets you use, your warehouse space, or any specific requirements your customers may have.

Can I add logos, instructions or other printing to these containers?

Besides selecting from a range of colours, you can also add print to the external surfaces of your Rapitainer boxes. Print can be used for your company logos/branding (effectively free advertising through your supply chain) or even include handling instructions, part numbers, safety warnings and other important information.

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Expertise in tote boxes and returnable transit packaging for more than 30 years

GWP Correx® has almost 30 years of experience creating durable, cost-effective returnable transit packaging.

This experience and knowledge allow your business to take advantage of the latest innovations and ideas – such as Q Grip and Rapitainer – and achieve significant efficiency gains and cost reductions.

You can call on a dedicated team of designers to tailor your chosen tote containers, transit packaging and corrugated plastic boxes to your exact requirements and get support from a knowledgeable and experienced team at every stage of your project.

And – even better – you can get free advice and quotes on any packaging or handling requirement your business has.

Heavy duty container inserts

Enhance your Correx® tote boxes with a range of inserts and dunnage

Your business can take advantage of a wide range of dividers, inserts, layer pads and even foam dunnage to further enhance the performance of your heavy-duty containers.

Correx dividers

Correx® dividers

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Foam divisions

Foam dunnage

Foam dunnage colours

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Conductive divider sets

ESD safe dividers

Corriplast colour

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Alternative tote boxes

Various options to suit any handling or returnable packaging application

Correx lightweight plastic totes

Lightweight Correx® totes

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Correx handling storage totes medium duty

Medium duty Correx® totes

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Collapsible totes

Collapsible Correx® totes

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Euro containers

Plastic euro containers

Plastic parts bins colours

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An 0201 style corrugated cardboard case with taped closure

Corrugated transit packaging

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Correx totes

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