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Plastic Sheet & Board

Supplying a range of plastic sheet materials, including Correx® & Bicell, from stock on short lead times

Besides the wide range of Correx® products, you can also source a selection of plastic sheet & board materials in a wide variety of colours, thicknesses and finishes.


As official Correx® plastic sheet suppliers, and holding a large selection of sheet options in stock, it enables you to fulfil low order volumes on short lead times and at competitive prices.


Suitable for a wide range of uses, including signage, layer boards and of course boxes, bins and packaging, the plastic sheets you can source are ideal for a multitude of applications. Besides this, there are numerous construction applications including use as slip membranes in foundations, form-work and shuttering, stop ends, protecting tanking membranes and much else besides.

Plastic sheet and board

Why work with GWP Correx®?

  • Wide selection of materials, colours and weights held in stock
  • UK exclusive stock holding of Bicell material
  • Specialist Anti scuff and cushioning finishes available
  • Short lead times on both high and low volume orders
  • Ideal for conversion processes such as die-cutting and welding
  • Widely used in automotive, POS applications, logistics, pharmaceutical etc.


Please see below for further details on the range of sheet materials available at GWP Correx®.


If you cannot see what you are looking for however, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team for further assistance.

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Correx Sheet

Versatile fluted plastic sheet


Besides being one of the leading fabricators of Correx® packaging products in the UK, our stock holding of Correx® sheet also allows us to supply the raw material in its’ sheet form at very competitive prices and low volumes. Perfect for a wide variety of uses, Correx® is widely regarded as the leading fluted plastic available today.


Latest material innovation


Our commitment to offering the very latest innovations in the market has led to GWP to stocking a range of Bicell sheets, providing exceptional performance and a range of unique properties. With specialist surface finishes, including anti scuff and cushioning, it provides a range of potential applications.

Conductive Correx

Exceptional static protection


Besides standard Correx®, GWP are also the exclusive distributors of Corriplast – a conductive Correx® with the added benefit of providing static shielding to sensitive items during transportation or storage. If you are looking for an anti static corrugated board, this is the material for you.

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