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Packaging products, knowledge and understanding of the nuances of your specific industry sector / market

Working with businesses operating in different industry sectors can result in any number of unique challenges, considerations and circumstances. These particularly need to be taken into account during the packaging design process.


Packaging which proves successful in one industry may be entirely different to that required in a different sector. It is therefore important that your packaging supplier takes the time to understand the specifics of any new application.


It is rare however for a single organisation to offer knowledge and capabilities across a wide range of packaging markets.


Due to the unique way that the GWP Group is structured, and the wealth of experience gathered over more than 25 years of trading, it ensures we can meet and exceed your expectations regardless of the industry or markets you operate in.

Packaging markets

GWP constantly strive to provide a professional yet truly personal level of service to every one of our clients.


This includes not only market leading, multinational PLCs, household brand names and national institutions but also small, local manufacturing and distribution businesses.


This philosophy means that we don’t necessarily measure success on the volume of business or packaging products produced, but on your level of satisfaction.


Please see below for a list of packaging markets where GWP can offer a specialist degree of knowledge to help your business. If you cannot see your particular industry listed then please do not worry – get in touch as we guarantee we will be able to help.

Aerospace packaging

Precision engineered packaging to eliminate transit damage


Completely eliminate damage to your specialist components, tools and products during handling, storage and transit using a range of high performance packaging products. From custom foams to Correx®, corrugated to anti-static, your parts can (and should) arrive safely…

Automotive packaging

Everything from line-side kitting trays to retail parts packaging


Understanding the time / cost pressures automotive manufacturers face, GWP have developed a range of packaging products and services that can directly impact the success of your business. Find out how to reduce costs, improve productivity and more.

Logistics / distribution

A range of handling and packaging products to improve productivity


With the growth of online shopping and e-commerce, the need for successful fulfilment and logistics is growing at a rapid rate. Fortunately, you can source all of your packaging and handling equipment – designed to improve your efficiency – from a single source.

Electronics packaging

Genuine market leaders in anti-static packaging solutions


Static damage is the unseen danger to your electronics products, tools and components. Although it cannot be seen, it can cause catastrophic damage, which in turns results in returns and damage to your reputation. So why not get packaging that solves this issue?

Food packaging

Packaging to maintain freshness, reduce costs and boost sales


Food & drink packaging must meet numerous challenges. Whether using corrugated, Correx® for handling or even sourcing POS, your packaging must be hygienic, potentially help maintain freshness, stand out in retail spaces yet still reflecting the personality of your brand.

Packaging manufacturing

Packaging designed by manufacturers for manufacturers


GWP understand the challenges faced by manufacturers. The costs of having to stop production because of missing parts or materials (or packaging). The need to prevent damage and associated returns. The need for efficiency. Your packaging can help with all this, and more.

Marine / offshore packaging

Waterproof packaging and cases for even the harshest environments


Facing some of the toughest conditions and environments of any industry, the need to protect specialist and often expensive tools is particularly important in marine and offshore / oil and gas industries. Luckily, a range of waterproof packaging and cases can help.

Medical packaging

Reliable packaging for medical, clean room and pharmaceutical


In an industry where instruments, devices or even consumable products becoming damaged or contaminated can be the difference between life and death, the importance placed on successful packaging is extremely high. Make sure your packaging doesn’t let you down.

Military packaging

High performance, secure packaging you can rely on


Mission critical. It effectively means a part, or tool, or product, cannot become damaged. The result can be long delays or – in the case of military and defence sectors – the loss of life. As such, GWP offers a range of packaging, cases and supporting products to eliminate transit damage.

Retail packaging

Get the wow factor to gain retail space, sales and market share


The balancing of act of adhering to brand guidelines whilst standing out in a crowded market, plus attracting sales, plus maintaining customer loyalty, plus securing shelf space plus… well, you get the idea. GWP can help with all aspects of your retail packaging.

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