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Correx® Glass Boxes

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Correx glass storage box
Glassware boxes
Crockery storage caterbox
Correx glass box
Correx glass jacks
Correx cater-boxes

Glassware storage crates

Correx® glass storage box and “glass jacks”

Bars, restaurants, catering and event hire companies extensively use Correx® glass boxes (open-top containers with divider sets) to store, transport, and protect glassware, plates, etc.

Supplied in custom sizes to be a perfect fit for your glasses and other items, your glassware storage boxes feature divisions as standard (and can be enhanced to prevent the scuffing of products). You can also easily stack your glass storage crates to minimise storage, with handles ensuring ease of handling too. Read More

Available colours:

White Correx
Grey Correx
Black Correx
Blue Correx
Green Correx
Yello Correx
Red Correx
Full colour printed cardboard swatch
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Detailed information on Correx® glass boxes

Used by catering companies, bars, restaurants, events, and hire companies throughout the UK, Correx® glass boxes are perfect for safely transporting fragile glassware, plates, crockery, and other delicate catering equipment.

The boxes are effectively open-top totes (although you can specify lids if you would like additional protection from dust etc.) that feature either fixed or adjustable dividers. These dividers separate the contents, protecting them from breakages in transit and allowing for improved organisation.

You can also choose to enhance your dividers using Bubble-board or foam-lined inserts, adding a further degree of cushioning protection.

These specialist dividers also help in protecting surfaces from chips, scratches, and scuffs. As such, this helps eliminate the need for wrapping individual items in bubble wrap or other protective packaging.

Due to these properties, more robust versions of this type of Correx® box are used in industrial applications (although such industries commonly refer to them as tote boxes) for moving parts and components around manufacturing facilities. Storage crates of this type are also suited to moving items between site locations as part of a wider supply chain.

Additional features of Glass stackers

The glass transport boxes manufactured from Correx® are much more than just simple glassware crates.

The nature of the Correx® material means that Correx® glass storage boxes are incredibly light in weight, aiding handling when loaded. Integral handles help here too.

Despite being light, rigid fluted plastic boxes of this type are also incredibly durable and robust. Not only does this ensure a long lifespan and exceptional protection for their contents, but it also allows them to be safely and efficiently stacked (saving space when in storage). These benefits are why many refer to them as “glass stackers”.

Other benefits include improved organisation by keeping specific sizes or types of glassware together. They are also hygienic and easily cleaned (further enhancing lifespan) and are available in custom sizes and configurations to be a perfect fit for your specific glassware or other items.

Key benefits of Correx® glass jacks at a glance

  • Custom configurations and sizes are available.
  • Suitable for glasses, plates, and other tableware.
  • Lightweight yet durable.
  • Can be specified with padded or textile divisions for extra protection.
  • Integral hand holes for easier handling.
  • Can be stacked or include lids to minimise storage requirements.
  • Easily cleaned.
  • Perfect for catering and hire companies, hotels, bars, restaurants, and events.
  • Eliminates bubble wrap and other protective packaging.
  • Minimise breakages, chips, and damage from dust, dampness, mishandling etc.
  • Organise by range and size.
  • Can feature a single or twin wall to offer additional strength and durability.


Questions regarding Correx® glassware boxes

This section answers a selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding Correx® glass boxes.

If you still cannot see the info you need, please contact one of GWP’s friendly advisers on 01793 754 457 or via email at

What are glass storage boxes?

Glass storage boxes are effectively open-top plastic boxes (although lids can be specified if required) that include dividers for the safe storage of glasses and other catering equipment. Different formats are available for plates, bowls etc.

Do the dividers prevent my glasses from scratching and other damage?

The dividers within the Correx® glassware storage boxes separate your glasses during transit and minimise movement. Doing this typically helps to prevent damage. However, you can enhance the protection further through the use of specialist “bubble board” material, which adds a layer of fabric (to prevent scratches) or foam (for added cushioning for especially delicate items).

What is meant by the term glass jacks?

Glass jacks is a generic term given to Correx® glass boxes. Other common names for this product include glass stackers, catering boxes, glassware boxes, or even glass storage boxes with lids.

Do I need to assemble these glass boxes?

You can have your Correx® glass boxes supplied flat for easy assembly at your premises or fully assembled and ready to use.

Can Correx® glass boxes be stacked?

Correx® glass boxes can be stacked to improve the efficiency of your transport and minimise storage requirements when not in use. The durable and robust Correx® material ensures that stacking is stable and safe.

Can my glass boxes have print and branding added?

You can choose to have your Correx® glass storage boxes printed with logos, branding, handling and safety instructions, product type, and other information. Screen or digital printing can be used to add this text and graphics.

What colour Correx® glass boxes are available?

Correx® glass boxes are available in a range of colours. Depending on the strength and volume of glassware storage containers required, this includes white, black, silver, blue, green, red, and yellow.

Tailored quotes and pricing

Custom Correx® glass boxes to your exact requirements

GWP Correx® has been manufacturing custom Correx® handling products – including glassware boxes – for over 25 years. Taking the approach of manufacturing bespoke to your requirements – rather than simply supplying the nearest stock option, guarantees your business the highest levels of quality, functionality, and the most cost-effective overall solution.

GWP support this service with a team of technical design experts with specialist knowledge of Correx® material. You can also benefit from free and impartial advice and no-obligation quotes on any requirement (both low and high volumes catered for). As such, your business can see significant benefits by sourcing your Correx® glass boxes (and similar reusable packaging) from GWP.

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Whilst you can use Correx® glass boxes for a broader range of applications than catering and events (such as the movement of parts and components around factories), they may not be suitable for every business requirement.

As such, please view the other Correx® box and handling options available to your business when working with GWP.

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