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Plastic Parts Bins

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Plastic parts bins
Open front parts bins

Plastic Lin Bins

Moulded plastic parts bins where extra durability is required

These plastic parts bins are both versatile and economical for part storage / order picking. They are perfect for where product, batch or component identification is a key consideration.

With their semi-open front storage design, these picking bins are extremely sturdy and robust, and can be integrated easily into all standardised shelving systems. The complementary sizes also enable them to be combined for optimum space utilisation. Read More

Available Colours:

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Detailed information on Plastic Parts Bins

Providing the perfect balance between strength and ease of use, moulded plastic parts bins are the most durable picking solution currently available.

This makes them a great long term investment due to their longevity, and being resistant to moisture, oil, grease and the majority of chemicals makes them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. It also means that they can offer a greater level of protection for their contents too.

The tough Polypropylene material and easy to clean surfaces further enhance their longevity, and makes them suitable for clean room / medical applications. Furthermore, the plastic material of these picking bins is “non shedding”, which means small fibres and particles will not contaminate items stored within (as can happen with corrugated cardboard bins).

Warehouse storage bin sizes & options

The wide range of sizes have been designed to work seamlessly within your existing racking or warehouse setup. This means improved efficiency and productivity for your order pickers, but also that you will not to need consider additional investment on updating existing racking or storage bays.

The design of the storage bins also means they can be wall mounted (with a compatible louvred wall) and easily stacked as well. The semi open front ensures items can be easily retrieved even when the bins are stacked.

The range of colours allows for segmenting your stock (and therefore quicker order picking / fulfilment), and the bins can be further enhanced with a range of internal dividers and labelling too.

As a result, these plastic parts bins are a great option for storing small parts in a workshop, components or assemblies as part of a production line, or finished products ready for dispatch (e.g. ecommerce orders).

Key Benefits of Plastic Parts Bins at a glance

  • Range of sizes, colours and formats available
  • Hard wearing, tough and durable
  • Created from a strong polypropylene material
  • Compatible sizes allows for stacking and various configurations
  • Resistant to moisture, oil, grease and most chemicals
  • Aids order picking and retrieval of parts
  • Large stock holding of bins
  • Bins dispatched within 24 hours of order
  • ESD safe/conductive versions available (GWP UK exclusive)

Sizes / Specifications

Plastic picking bin size chart

Please use the table below to view the available sizes of plastic picking bins available from GWP.

Part No. Internal Size Capacity
LF 110 65 x 91 x 44 mm 0,26 l
LF 211 135 x 88 x 67 mm 0,8 l
LF 221 191 x 128 x 111 mm 2,6 l
LF 321 294 x 182 x 133 mm 7,2 l
LF 322 294 x 183 x 185 mm 10,0 l
LF 351 292 x 430 x 129 mm 17,0 l
LF 532 445 x 279 x 185 mm 23,0 l


Most common questions regarding Parts Bins

The below covers the most commonly asked questions regarding Plastic parts bins. However, if you cannot find the answer to your specific question in the list below, please contact a member of the team at GWP who will be happy to help.

Contact us on 01793 754 457 or email

What are plastic parts bins manufactured from?

These plastic parts bins are manufactured from a durable Polypropylene material. This means that not only are they strong and durable, but are also resistant to moisture, grease, oil and most chemicals. This makes perfect not only as traditional picking bins, but also for a wide range of industrial applications. It also means that anti-static versions are available.

Can these be used as workshop storage bins?

Due to the nature of the Polypropylene material, plus the design which allows them to be wall mounted (on a louvre panel), these containers are a great choice to use as workshop storage bins. They are ideal for storing all manner of small parts, components and products.

What size parts bins are available?

There are 7 different sizes in this range of plastic parts bins, from 65 x 91 x 44mm up to the largest size of 445 x 279 x 185mm (internal length x width x depth). Whilst this makes them suitable for a number of different products, the sizes are also compatible with one another, allowing them to be stacked and nested in various configurations.

Should I use Cardboard parts bins instead?

Cardboard picking bins are the lowest cost option for products of this type, and are suitable for a number of applications. However, they offer nowhere near the durability, strength or lifespan of moulded plastic bins. Correx® shelf bins offer arguably the best compromise in terms of cost and performance.

Can these picking bins be stacked?

The clever design of these plastic parts bins means that they can be stacked in a number of different ways. The semi open front also means that it is possible to retrieve items from within the bins even when they are stacked. If your business requires larger stacking bins, then it may be wise to consider Correx® stacking bins as well.

What colour parts bins are available?

The standard range of colours for these parts bins provides black, green, yellow, blue and red options. Custom colours are available, but these are subject to a higher MOQ. The bins can also be enhanced further with labelling and (limited) print if required.

Are these bins suitable for use in damp / dusty conditions

Due to the smooth walls and rigid material, these bins are not only resistant to moisture and dust, but are also easily cleaned too. This makes them a good choice for use in damp or dusty conditions. As the plastic material is also non shedding (i.e. does not lose fibres like corrugated cardboard) it makes them ideal for clean room or medical applications too.

Buy Parts Bins

Full range of warehouse storage options from a single supplier

A large part of GWP Correx®’s business is focused on creating custom products, including shelf bins and stacking pick bins. Whilst there are a number of benefits to specifying custom sized bins for your warehouse or fulfilment centre, there are scenarios where using moulded plastic will be the most suitable solution.

As a result, your business can source not only Correx® bins, but also a carefully chosen selection of rigid plastic containers too (as well as cardboard parts bins). By offering the full range of options, it also allows you to benefit from truly impartial advice – from an experienced team of experts – on what would be best for your specific application.

Couple this with free, no obligation quotes and short lead times, and your business can be certain that you are using the most suitable picking bin for your specific application.

Alternative Picking Bins

Huge selection of parts, stacking, shelf and picking bins

Whilst plastic parts bins are a great solution for any business that needs to improve the efficiency of their storage and part retrieval / order picking, there are a wide range of other options too.

Please see below for the various picking bin options that you can source from GWP Correx®.

Plastic pigeon holes

Industrial Plastic Pigeon Holes

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Correx stacking pick bins

Correx® Stacking Pick Bins

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Anti static picking bins

Anti Static Picking Bins

Anti static bin colours

7 Stock Sizes
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Correx shelf bins

Custom Correx® Shelf Bins

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Divided pick bins

Correx® Divided Pick Bins

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Cardboard picking bins

Cardboard Picking Bins

Cardboard picking bin colours

Custom Sizes
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