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Conductive Plastic Boxes

Excellent static protection and appearance

Conductive component boxes provide both exceptional static and physical protection for static-sensitive items (ESD). As well as minimising potential damage and the associated costs of this, they are also durable & cost effective.

Another benefit of CPC boxes is their improved appearance when compared to similar products. With external print and branding options, plus a pleasing aesthetic, they are ideal to be sent out to important customers. Read More

Available Colours:

CPC box colour
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More info on Conductive Component Boxes

Conductive component boxes offer a high quality, durable and lightweight solution for a practically unlimited range of applications. They offer a great combination of both physical and static protection for their contents.

Manufactured from conductive Polypropylene (PP), conductive component boxes provide exceptional ESD protection. This makes them suitable for the safe storage or transport of any static sensitive devices.

The conductive Polypropylene material also provides a “Specific Volume Resistance” of <10³ Ohm x cm and “Specific Surface Resistance” of <10⁴ Ohm.

The tough Polypropylene material provides resistance to moisture, oil, grease, and dust. It is also easy to clean if it comes into contact with these substances (enhancing its’ usable lifespan). The exterior also provides protection from mishandling and impact.

Available in a range of sizes, component boxes can be further enhanced with optional anti-static foam inserts in a number of different materials (anti-static, conductive, dissipative etc.). Regardless of the material chosen, the foam will provide cushioning from any external forces, protecting the items stored within.

The full range of products are available from stock for dispatch within twenty-four hours.

Reducing costs and improving performance at your business

Besides minimising costs to your business through preventing transit damage, using Conductive Component Boxes can also lower your costs in a number of other ways too.

Their tough material and durable design ensures they can offer much increased longevity when compared with conductive fibreboard alternatives, lowering the lifetime costs of each box.

This enhanced lifespan is further improved through the cleverly integrated hinges and catches that will not break, even over hundreds of uses. The design of these hinges also minimises the boxes’ footprint, reducing storage space required.

However, as well as the improved protection and lower costs to your business, there are other benefits that these conductive component boxes can offer.

Perhaps the most important of these is the excellent scope the boxes offer for external print and branding. This is particularly useful for increasing the awareness of your company, brand, and products, and complements the already attractive appearance of the boxes.

This also makes them ideal for consumer and “added value” packaging requirements.

The sturdy yet easy to use catches and the smooth operation of the hinge also benefit the end user, whilst also adding to the premium feel of the product.

And finally, being supplied ready assembled can reduce packing times, particularly when compared with corrugated based products which are often provided flat / unassembled.

Key benefits of plastic component boxes at a glance

  • Conductive Polypropylene (PP) provides excellent protection from atmospheric static
  • Specific Volume Resistance <10³ Ohm x cm / Specific Surface Resistance <10⁴ Ohm
  • Optional pink anti-static foam protects from ESD, as well as providing impact cushioning
  • Robust and durable material also protects from moisture, grease, oil, and mishandling
  • Sturdy yet easy to use catches allows for quick and efficient operation
  • Scope for exterior printing of instructions / branding / part numbers to aid end users
  • Supplied assembled and ready to use to reduce packing times
  • Cleverly integrated hinges minimise breakages whilst also minimising storage space
  • Available from stock within 24 hours, minimising your on-site storage requirements
  • Durable material enhances longevity, reducing overall lifetime costs to your business

Size Table

Dimensions and product options

Please see below for a full list of model numbers, sizes, and additional information, or alternatively download the datasheet for the information in PDF format.

Part No.(empty) Part No.(foam) Internal Size
CPC-01A CPC-01B 34 x 34 x 8 mm
CPC-02A CPC-02B 56 x 42 x 10 mm
CPC-03A CPC-03B 68 x 50 x 13 mm
CPC-04A CPC-04B 95 x 70 x 17 mm
CPC-05A CPC-05B 115 x 85 x 26 mm
CPC-06A CPC-06B 138 x 102 x 30 mm


Conductive performance figures

Specific Volume Resistance: <10³ Ohm x cm

Specific Surface Resistance: <10⁴ Ohm


Common queries about CPC boxes

Please see below for the most commonly asked questions on the topic of these plastic component boxes.

Can these be used as PCB boxes?

One of the main uses for Conductive Component Boxes is for the safe storage and transit of CPUs and PCBs. Both CPUs (central processing units) and PCBs (printed circuit boards) can be particularly susceptible to static damage. In fact, the onset of ever smaller components for advanced electronics further exacerbates the problems faced. These boxes can help protect these in both storage and transit.

Will component boxes protect from static during storage?

Conductive component boxes provide dual protection for your small components, chips, circuit-boards, or products. This includes excellent protection against atmospheric static charges, but also a high degree of physical protection too.

Should I include foam inserts in my anti-static boxes?

The protection offered by almost any anti-static packaging is improved dramatically with the inclusion of foam insertsPink anti-static foam can be chosen as a default option, although there are a wide range of alternative foams that can be used dependent on your specific application.

Can using anti-static packaging really reduce my business’ costs?

From less stock being discarded due to being unusable, to minimised customer returns through eliminating transit damage, using CPC boxes can have a significant impact on your profitability. They can even aid repeat sales through reliable supply enhancing your business reputation

What size CPC boxes are there available?

There are 6 size options in the range of Conductive Component Boxes, the smallest being 34 x 34 x 8 and the largest 138 x 102 x 30 (both measurements in mm and referring to the internal dimensions). The range of sizes allows you to choose a size which is appropriate for your intended application, ensuring these component boxes are a viable alternative to custom designed options (which are considerably more expensive).

Free Quotes / Advice

Buy anti-static plastic boxes

With approximately eighty-five percent share of the UK conductive packaging market, not to mention a strong presence throughout Europe and beyond, by working with GWP Conductive you can be certain that your business is benefiting from truly market leading static protection.

It also allows you to choose from the widest range of products from a single manufacturer, including a huge range of stock lines that are available within forty-eight hours.

This includes the hugely popular Corstat® products, Corriplast® (also known as Conductive Correx®) and UK exclusive products from materials handling giants SSI Schaefer. This range ensures a product that is perfectly aligned with your specific application, market sector or requirements.

However, if a stock line is not completely suitable, you can ask a team of experienced designers to create a bespoke anti-static solution tailored exactly to your needs.

This design service is complemented by short lead times, impartial (and free) advice and huge network of distributors ensuring you have access to the leading anti-static packaging wherever your business is based.

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