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Stacking Tote Divisions

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Corstat tote division sets

Cell Divider Sets

Robust, versatile and ESD safe

Stacking tote divisions created from Corstat® conductive fibreboard, offer a durable and fully ESD safe method for dividing your Corstat® Stacking Totes (and other standard sized containers). They also allow the partitions to be arranged to form a modular cell layout.

Supplied by GWP Conductive in two standard heights, Stacking Tote Divisions can be created to custom sizes / requirements. Read More

Available Colours:

Corstat colour
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More info on Corstat® stacking tote divisions

Created from Corstat® conductive fibre board, Corstat® Stacking Tote divisions are both robust and fully ESD safe.

With slots at 30mm increments, the divisions can be arranged to create a network of cells to suit your particular application, without the need to invest in tooling.

The conductive tote divisions are designed to fit the popular Stacking Totes in 600mm x 400mm and 400mm x 300mm sizes and are available in 2 standard heights. This configuration means they are also compatible with most standard sized handling totes / containers (such as the SSI Schafer EF Series).

It is also possible, if these divisions do not suit your specific application, for bespoke sizes and configurations to manufactured in any quantity to fulfil your individual requirements.

Why use dividers for your stacking totes?

Inefficiencies in the movement of parts, components and even finished products around your production facility is usually an overlooked cost to your business. By utilising the static safe Corstat® dividers, you can improve productivity without sacrificing protection.

For example, using divider sets within your totes can significantly improve handling efficiency. It allows for more items to be safely placed into an outer container, improving part density during handling.

The opposite of this also true however, in that dividers can prevent overloading of the container (itself a health and safety issue).

Dividers can also allow for easier retrieval from the tote container, as well as aiding quick visual stock checks.

All this is of course in addition to the added protection provided by the Corstat® dividers, separating each item, and preventing them from damaging each other through collision.

Key benefits of Corstat® stacking tote divisions at a glance

  • Exceptional conductive performance from Corstat® material
  • Minimising movement of parts during handling prevents physical damage
  • Work seamlessly with Corstat® Stacking Totes
  • Allows for easy transportation of multiple items within a single outer tote
  • Allow for quicker visual checking of stored stock
  • Can be arranged to suit your specific product or parts
  • Minimising damage to parts reduces costs of returns and replacements
  • Can be arranged in a variety of combinations allowing for multiple re-use
  • Can be supplied and stored flat when not in use to reduce transit and storage costs

Size Table

Dimensions and product options

Please see below for a full list of model numbers, sizes, and additional information, or alternatively download the datasheet for the information in PDF format.

Part No. Overall Size No. Slots Spacing
CT5111 572 x 111 x 3 mm 16 31 mm
CT3111 372 x 111 x 3 mm 11 28 mm
CT2111 272 x 111 x 3 mm 8 27 mm
CT5211 572 x 211 x 3 mm 16 31 mm
CT3211 372 x 211 x 3 mm 11 28 mm
CT2211 272 x 211 x 3 mm 8 27 mm


Conductive performance figures

Buried Shielding Layer: <10⁴ Ohms/sq

Specific Surface Resistance: <10⁴ Ohm

Free Quotes / Advice

Buy Corstat® stacking tote dividers

Whilst anti-static packaging may be fairly specialist, it is surprising how many companies still source different products from different suppliers.

Containers from one supplier. Layer pads and divisions from another. ESD foam from someone completely different again. This not only inhibits compatibility (and therefore overall quality), but also adds to costs and admin too.

This is why GWP Conductive takes pride in offering such a wide range of ESD safe packaging, handling, and storage products, as well as a wide selection of additional options.

By sourcing your anti-static packaging from GWP Conductive or one of our carefully selected distributors, you can be certain your business is getting the best price, quality, and choice.

Couple this with a custom design service, exceptional customer support and even more choice from the other companies in the GWP Group (including standard corrugated, foam and materials handling) and you can see a real tangible impact on the success of your packing processes and costs.

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