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Foam Packaging

Single trip foam packaging inserts perfect for providing engineered transit protection for your fragile products

It can be tempting to cut corners when shipping fragile products.


Both industrial and consumer items such as TVs, laptops and even white goods such as washing machines can be packed to a budget. However, when even a surface blemish or scratch can render the product unfit for sale, items damaged in transit can quickly make cheap packaging uneconomical.

Foam packaging

This is a scenario where low density Polyethylene foam packaging, such as Ethafoam or Stratocell can offer significant improvements to your product quality on delivery to the customer.

6 ways your business can benefit from foam packaging

  • Cost effective across both high and low volumes
  • Reduces transit damage, minimising costs of returns, replacements and scrapped stock
  • End caps and inserts can be tailored to both your specific product and outer packaging
  • Ideal for safe transit of fragile industrial and consumer goods
  • Fire retardant, anti static, and conductive grades available
  • Free quotes and impartial advice on the optimum solution for your application

Choose the right foam packaging for your requirements

Offering protection in transit from both shock and vibration, foam packaging can reduce the costs to your business associated with returns and scrap products.


As an exceptionally cost effective solution for both high and low volumes, well engineered foam packaging can have a significant positive impact on your company’s profitability.

Foam end caps

Perfect for high volume shipping


Foam end caps, usually created from either Ethafoam or Stratocell, are the simplest and easiest way to protect fragile and expensive products. Foam end caps provide a cushion around the edges of the item, suspending it in the middle of the outer corrugated packaging to protect from shock and impact.

Ethafoam Packaging

Cost effective, robust and durable


Are you shipping expensive, fragile equipment? Perhaps experiencing a high number of customer returns due damaged goods? Problems with mis-handling by couriers? Ethafoam packaging can solve many if not all of the above. Being both cost effective and resilient, this is a foam which can be fabricated to offer exceptional protection.

Free Guide: 15 crucial considerations for protection
Stratocell Packaging

Lightweight, versatile foam packaging


Stratocell is a lightweight, closed cell Polyethylene foam material used predominantly as a protective packaging material to provide cushioning inside corrugated cartons. It is available in 3 different densities, is clean, lightweight, non-abrasive, resistant to water and has good insulation properties.

Electronics Packaging Foam

Retail and sales applications


Electronics and certain components can be damaged not only by mis-handling, but by electro static discharge (ESD) too. The damage this causes can run into tens of thousands of pounds, or more. However, a range of specialist foams are able to both combat static discharge while also offering a high degree of cushioning protection.

Foam cushion packaging & end caps – engineered to provide optimum protection

Foam end caps, created from such materials as Ethafoam and Stratocell, are the simplest and easiest way to protect electronic equipment and other fragile products in transit against shock and vibration.


Due to the versatility, performance and cost of these foams and the foam packaging they create, their use is prevalent amongst producers of equipment such as computer equipment, home electronics, and a multitude of high value industrial products.

custom foam packaging

As official fabricators of the Sealed Air range of Polyethylene foams, it allows GWP to cost-effectively engineer foam packaging for the protection of your business’ fragile components or products in transit.

Free Guide: 15 crucial considerations for protection

A single source for your protective foam packaging

Calling on over 25 years of experience of designing and manufacturing foam packaging, GWP offers your business a number of real, tangible benefits. One of the most significant of these is the ability to source both your foam and exterior box, be it corrugated cardboard, Correx or plastic, from a single source.


This has 2 obvious benefits.


Firstly, costs and administration are both minimised by eliminating the need to use separate suppliers. Secondly, the quality and fit of the foam with the exterior pack is also much better, improving quality, performance and protection.


Besides this, your business will have an allocated point of contact who will be able to guide you through the entire design and quoting experience.

Foam packaging

Alternatively, if your company has previously used similar packaging, your advisor will be able to ensure your exact requirements are met and, wherever possible, exceeded.

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