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Foam blocks
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Reusable foam packing blocks for various applications

Foam blocks are the lowest cost option when considering foam packaging. Used for blocking and bracing light to medium weight items, they can help to prevent damage in transit and are particularly useful for angled objects or those with sharp edges.

Foam packing blocks can also be used to “interleave” protection between delicate items, allowing multiple products to be safely transported within a single outer pack. A wide range of different densities and grades are also available – including anti-static – making them ideal for a range of applications. Read More

Available Colours:

Black foam
Grey foam
White foam
Turquoise foam
Light blue foam
Pink foam
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More info on foam packing blocks

There can be a wide variation in the levels of protection that different products can need in transit.

At one end of the scale, some products can be put in an outer cardboard shipper with no additional or secondary packaging. At the other, highly engineered foam inserts (or end caps) will be required to ensure that damage is not caused by mishandling.

But there is a niche within this – where products may occasionally be prone to damage, but the relative costs of these and the outlay required for specially designed foam packaging makes it uneconomical.

In scenarios like this, foam blocks are an ideal choice.

Effectively blocks of foam material, these are not tailored to a specific product (keeping costs down) but can be used to block and brace items within an outer carton or shipping box. They are particularly suited to larger items, or those with angular edges or protruding corners.

This in turn helps to prevent movement during transit, as well as providing a degree of cushioning protection too.

This makes them the lowest cost foam packaging option available, but still ensures that they can provide adequate levels of protection in transit.

Cost effective foam packaging blocks

Besides being a low-cost option for protective packaging, using foam blocks have a number of other benefits.

Although they are not tailored to a specific product (much like foam lined boxes), your foam blocks can be cut to any size. This means that they can be tailored to fit your existing products and / or packaging – including being compatible with a range of different boxes – if required.

By using the same foam across a number of different ranges, it also means you can benefit from economies of scale, further lowering costs. And using the same foam for different shipments can also help to improve packing times (as the foam to include is more easily identified).

Saying that, different grades, densities, and sizes can be chosen for different applications, with anti-static foam also available for applications involving electronics or static sensitive items.

They are also widely used to separate layers of protects, interleaved to provide protection, and improve packing efficiency.

And finally, in addition to this flexibility, foam blocks can also be used over multiple trips.

Unlike polystyrene which often disintegrates on first impact, the foam used for these blocks will not deform or lose performance over multiple drops or continuous poor handling.

Key benefits of foam blocks at a glance

  • Cut to custom sizes to suit your products / existing packaging
  • Can be used with a range of different products, aiding economies of scale
  • Simplifies your packaging inventory, improving packing times
  • Low cost option for transit protection
  • Multiple use – will protect over numerous journeys
  • Absorb shock, impact, and vibration
  • Can be used to brace products within outer packaging, minimising movement, and damage
  • Can be interleaved between delicate products
  • Range of grades, densities etc. for varying applications
  • Anti-static foam also available


Common questions about foam blocks

Whilst they may seem like a relatively simple product, there are a number of frequently asked questions regarding foam blocks. These are detailed below.

However, if you still need further info, please contact a member of the GWP team for assistance.

What are foam blocks made from?

Foam blocks can be manufactured from a range of different materials, but tend to be produced from either Ethafoam or Stratocell. Both of these are low cost, easy to machine and will provide good levels of cushioning protection.

Can I use the same foam packing block for different products?

The main benefit of using foam blocks is that they are not specific to particular products. This means they can be used across a wide inventory which itself has a number of benefits (including economies of scale when purchasing, simpler packaging procedures to improve efficiency etc.).

Can these be supplied in sizes to fit my existing corrugated boxes?

Although they are designed to be used across multiple products / applications, you can choose the size of the foam blocks that you require. This means that they will be compatible with any existing boxes you may already use (although your business can also source your foam blocks and corrugated packaging together from GWP).

Will foam blocks protect very fragile items?

Foam blocks are intended to be used to prevent movement in transit and provide a low-cost option when limited protection is required. For very fragile items, engineered products such as foam end caps or inserts would be more suited, as these will be tailored to specific products and will provide much higher levels of protection.

Can my foam packing blocks be a specific colour?

There are a number of options with regards to the colour of the foam used for your packaging blocks, although it is not possible to exactly match brand colours. However, there is normally a colour that will be suitable for your corporate branding if this is required.

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Foam blocks for any business or application

GWP Protective can supply virtually any form of foam packaging. From end caps, foam lining and all the way through to precision engineered foam inserts, if your business has products which need protecting in transit, GWP can help.

This level of product knowledge – and manufacturing capability – also means you can rely on genuinely impartial advice on the best foam to use for your specific application.

You can also source foam and exterior packaging together (further reducing costs whilst improving performance), as well as receiving no obligation quotes on any requirement.

Alternative Foam Options

A wide range of foam packaging, inserts, liners, end caps and more

If you need foam packaging – of any description – then GWP Protective can help. In fact, as foam converters for more than 25 years, the range of foam products your business can source is the widest of any UK supplier.

Stratocell packaging


Versatile foam packaging options for your business

Ethafoam packaging inserts


Perfect foam option for single trip shipping requirements

Two custom foam end caps protecting industrial part

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Foam lined boxes

Lined Boxes

Foam lined cardboard mailers to speed up packing times

Foam packaging blocks

All Foam Packaging

All options for using foam for presentation applications

Foam Trays

All Foam Options

More than 25 years experience in foam conversion

Compatible Outer Packaging

Packaging that can be used alongside foam blocks

Sample cases

Protective Cases

Waterproof, aluminium, lightweight plastic & custom


Corrugated Boxes

Single trip corrugated cardboard packaging boxes

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