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Zarges Cases

Custom Design

Foam inserts, printing and more

UK trade supplier

Tailored pricing on all orders

Case and foam experts

More than 25 years experience

Official UK Distributors

Market leading aluminium cases providing excellent appearance and performance

When discussing aluminium containers, Zarges cases are undoubtedly the market leaders (in terms of choice, aesthetics, and performance).

Ideal for a huge range of applications thanks to the wide selection of different case designs (including aluminium carry cases, transit cases, kit skips and even specialist packaging for hazardous goods), Zarges cases are relied upon by a huge number of businesses.

Please see below for the range of Zarges cases currently available, all of which can be customised by GWP to include foam inserts, branding and more.

Zarges K470 aluminium cases

Zarges K470

Zarges Eurobox case colours

25 Sizes
Best Seller

Zarges Eurobox size chart

Zarges Eurobox

Zarges Eurobox case colours

10 Sizes
Durable Construction

Zarges Box

Zarges Box

Zarges Eurobox case colours

5 Sizes
Cost Effective Option

Lithium battery packaging

Battery Cases

Zarges Eurobox case colours

Single Sizes
Different Insert Options

Zarges K411 Cases

Zarges K411

Zarges Eurobox case colours

5 Sizes
With / Without Lining

Zarges K410 40765 aluminium case

Zarges K410

Zarges Eurobox case colours

4 Sizes
Basic Range

Aluminium kit skip

Kit Skips

Zarges Eurobox case colours

20+ Sizes
Used by Sports Teams

Custom Zarges Cases

Custom options to enhance performance, appearance, and usability

Regardless of the Zarges case your business uses or is considering, by sourcing them through GWP (as official Zarges distributors) it allows you to add a number of custom options. Whilst this includes extras such as castors, handles and trolleys, it also extends to custom paint finishes, branding and custom foam inserts.

Please see the range of options below.

Zarges dolly trolley

Dolly Trolley

Aluminium chassis
Rubber wheels
High / low variants
Load capacity 150 kg.

Zarges clip on castors

Clip On Castors

100 mm diameter
Fixed / Swivel variants
Fit without using tools
Load capacity 100 kg.

Painted Zarges Eurobox

External Paint

20 RAL colours
Custom colours £POA
Excludes trim
Durable, glossy finish

Zarges Trolley

Trolley / Handle

Telescopic handle
Install without tools
54 mm dia. wheels
Load capacity of 30 kg.

Zarges K410 foam inserts

Custom Foam Inserts

Fully bespoke
Eliminates damage
Plastazote® material
UK design / production

Foam lined Zarges Eurobox

Foam Lining

Low cost option
Protects contents
Various materials
Maintains case volume

Image coming soon

External Branding

Digital / screen print
Cut vinyl graphics
Complex designs
Branding opportunity

Alternative Aluminium / Protective Cases

Selection of alternative protective case options

Although official distributors of Zarges cases within the UK, GWP are actually able to offer your business a number of other brands and options too. In fact, this even extends to other forms of protective case, including waterproof, plastic, sample cases and even custom-built options.

Bott Cases

Bott Cases

Lightweight yet durable aluminium transit cases and containers

protective cases

Waterproof Cases

Waterproof cases to keep your tools and equipment safe & dry

Custom flight cases

Custom Cases

Custom built cases manufactured to your exact specifications

Sample cases

Carry Cases

Lightweight plastic equipment cases for varying applications

More Info on Zarges Cases

Market leading, German engineered aluminium cases

Zarges cases have been used by businesses and professionals throughout the world for more than 70 years. This includes industries and applications as diverse as media, motorsport, engineering, professional sport, and many others besides. They have even provided cases for transporting hazardous waste and, more recently, vaccines.

Put simply, Zarges are widely regarded as the leading aluminium case manufacturer.

Originally formed in 1933 in Stuttgart, Germany, Zarges initially found success with ladders and working platforms (products they still supply to this day).

However, their expertise in manufacturing using aluminium led them to create their first protective case range in 1950 – the Zarges K470 (which is still available and hugely popular today).

Zarges cases have, in the subsequent years, developed a reputation for innovative and ergonomic design, high quality, and durable construction.

Zarges cases have also been developed to satisfy a number of different requirements. This includes aluminum carry cases such as the Zarges K410 and K411 ranges, aluminium flight cases and transit containers such as Eurobox and the aforementioned K470, as well as specialist options for transporting hazardous goods.

All of this means that, if you are considering an aluminium case, Zarges has to be high on any list of potential options.

Why use Zarges aluminium cases?

Although prior expertise in using aluminium initially led Zarges into manufacturing cases and containers, the company realised that the properties inherent in this material leant itself perfectly to this application.

For example, Zarges cases manufactured using aluminium are extremely durable, sturdy, and hard wearing. Zarges cases can also withstand extremes of temperature, are weather and splash resistant (with fully waterproof options available) and boast excellent longevity.

Aluminium also has a very favourable weight / strength ratio, meaning the cases are lightweight and easy to handle whilst remaining strong and durable. Whilst this enables easy handling of the cases, other features such as ergonomic handles, catches and hinges all help here too.

Besides this, Zarges cases are also easy to clean (hence why they are used by sports teams including Premier League football clubs).

All of this makes Zarges cases a very attractive proposition for a wide range of industries and sectors.

Customising Zarges cases

Another benefit of Zarges cases is that they have a number of custom options available.

Whilst this includes many standard items – such as clip on castors, various locks, trolleys etc. – there are further options that can enhance both appearance and usability.

From an aesthetics point of view, it is possible to add all over paint colours, branding and logos. Usability can be enhanced with foam lining or – even better – custom foam inserts.

Zarges cases with foam inserts can not only aide organisation of tools and equipment, but can also significantly improve the protection offered to sensitive, delicate or expensive items too.

And finally, it is also possible to sources Zarges cases with the correct accreditation / test certificates for use in transporting hazardous goods (in accordance with UN regulations).

Zarges Case FAQs

Commonly asked questions regarding these aluminium cases / containers

If you are considering Zarges cases for your business (and you really should be), then it may be the case you have a number of questions. The below section looks to cover as many of the most commonly asked of these as possible.

However, if you cannot see the info you are looking for, please get in touch with a member of the GWP team on 01722 416 440 or email

Who are Zarges?

Zarges are a German based manufacturer specialising in the use of aluminium. Whilst they also manufacture ladders and work platforms, they also produce a number of protective cases / transit containers.

What Zarges case options are there?

Zarges cases are available in a number of options. This includes aluminium carry cases (K410 and K411 ranges), transit and equipment cases (Eurobox and K470) and even specialist cases for electronics (Mitraset) and hazardous goods.

What are Zarges cases manufactured from?

All of the Zarges cases are predominantly manufactured from aluminium – making them strong., light, durable and hygienic. Some parts and components (e.g. handles and catches) may also use some durable plastics too.

Can Zarges cases have branding added?

Zarges cases can be tailored to match your corporate identity or other branding requirements. This includes all over paint colours, vinyl graphics and lettering, as well as a number of printing options too.

Can Zarges cases be used for transporting hazardous goods?

A number of the Zarges cases can be used for transporting hazardous goods in accordance with UN regulations. These cases have the required certification having undergone extensive safety and performance testing.

What does “travel skip” mean?

A travel skip (also commonly called a kit skip) is where larger aluminium cases are used for the transportation of sports kit and equipment. Their use is widespread throughout European football leagues, as well as other sports including Rugby, Athletics, Hockey, Basketball and many others.

Can I add foam inserts to Zarges cases?

Any Zarges case your business uses can be enhanced with custom foam inserts. Foam inserts of this type can not only significantly reduce damage to parts or equipment caused by mishandling, but can also help to organise items and improve productivity too.

Buy Zarges Cases

Source the perfect aluminium case for your business

GWP Protective are official distributors of Zarges cases in the UK.

This not only means that you can benefit from extremely competitive pricing but can also enhance your cases in a number of ways (including branding and, in particular, expertly engineered foam inserts).

Besides this though, whilst GWP recommended Zarges cases for a huge range of applications, these are not the only aluminium cases you can source from us.

Being independent means you can also find cases from Bott, Maxado, and custom built cases too. You can even source other types of case, including waterproof (i.e. Peli style cases), lightweight plastic, carry cases, and even sample cases for sales pitches and presentations.

Being an independent supplier also means that you can get truly impartial advice on the best case option for your business, as well as no obligation quotes on anything you need.

Please get in touch today to see just how much your business could benefit from working with the UK’s number one case and foam experts…

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