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Zarges Cases

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If you need the highest-quality aluminium containers to protect your tools, equipment, or products, the choice is simple: Zarges cases.

Zarges cases are a collection of robust and durable aluminium cases, containers, and boxes. Popular options include K470, Eurobox, and specialist lithium battery cases. Manufactured in Germany, Zarges cases are renowned for their high quality and range of features.

At GWP, we are proud to be official Zarges UK distributors. So, not only can we supply the full range of aluminium case options, but our in-house team can also customise your chosen cases with foam inserts, castors, trolleys, painted colours, and much more.

A Zarges case in a hot construction site.
Zarges K470 aluminium case with open lid

Zarges K470

25 sizes
Durable construction

A Zarges Eurobox aluminium case with plastic toolbox inserts

Zarges Eurobox

10 sizes
Euro pallet compatible

Zarges Box aluminium case

Zarges Box

5 sizes
Lightweight construction

Zarges K411 case

Zarges K411

5 sizes
With or without lining

Zarges K410 40765 aluminium case

Zarges K410

4 sizes
Basic range

An aluminium kit skip with bottles, cones and footballs

Travel Skips

20+ sizes
Used by sports teams

Aluminium case being used as lithium battery packaging

Li-On battery cases

Various insert options

Zarges case accessories

Whatever Zarges aluminium case you require, we can help you enhance its performance and usability through various options. These include a range of standard accessories, custom foam inserts, and even external branding.

A Zarges K410 case with custom foam inserts

Foam inserts

Custom sizes
Tailored to your equipment

Zarges clip on castors


Various options
Load capacity up to 100kg

Foam lined case

Foam lining

All cases
Low cost protection

Painted Zarges Eurobox

External paint

20 RAL colours
MOQs apply

Zarges dolly trolley

Dolly trolley

Aluminium chassis
Load capacity 150 kg

Zarges Trolley


Telescopic handle
Load capacity 30 kg

Image coming soon

External branding

Digital or screen print
Cut vinyl graphics

More info on Zarges cases

Zarges was founded in Stuttgart in 1933, initially manufacturing ladders and working platforms (products they still supply today).

However, their expertise in manufacturing aluminium products led them to create their first protective case range in 1950. Known as the Zarges K470, these aluminium cases are still available and hugely popular today.

As a result, businesses and professionals throughout the world have used Zarges cases for more than 70 years. This includes industries and applications as diverse as media, motorsport, engineering, professional sports, and many others. Zarges cases have even provided cases for transporting hazardous waste and, more recently, vaccines.

Zarges boxes and cases

In subsequent years, Zarges boxes and cases have developed a reputation for innovative, ergonomic design, high quality, and durable construction.

Zarges has also developed specific cases to satisfy various requirements. These include aluminium carry cases such as the Zarges K410 and K411 ranges, Eurobox and K470 transit containers, and specialist options for transporting hazardous goods.

Why use Zarges aluminium cases?

The properties inherent in aluminium make it perfect for fabricating protective cases.

For example, Zarges cases manufactured using aluminium are highly durable, sturdy, and hard-wearing. They can also withstand extremes of temperature, are weather and splash-resistant (with fully waterproof options available), and boast excellent longevity.

Aluminium also has a very favourable strength-to-weight ratio, meaning the cases are lightweight and easy to handle while remaining strong and durable. Other features such as ergonomic handles, catches and hinges help the end user too.

Besides this, Zarges cases are also easy to clean. This feature makes them popular with professional sports teams, including Premier League football clubs.

Zarges Case FAQs

Who are Zarges?

Zarges is a German manufacturer specialising in aluminium products. It manufactures ladders, work platforms, and a range of protective cases and transit containers.

What Zarges case options are there?

There are numerous types of Zarges cases. These include aluminium carry cases (K410 and K411 ranges), transit and equipment cases (Eurobox and K470), and even specialist cases for electronics and hazardous goods.

What are Zarges cases manufactured from?

All Zarges cases are predominantly made from aluminium, which makes them strong, light, durable, and hygienic. However, some parts and components, such as handles and catches, may also use durable plastics.

Can Zarges cases have branding added?

You can choose to have Zarges cases customised to match your corporate identity or other branding requirements. This includes all-over paint colours, vinyl graphics and lettering, and a number of printing options.

Can Zarges aluminium cases be used to transport hazardous goods

Businesses can use a number of Zarges cases to transport hazardous goods in accordance with UN regulations. These cases have the required certification and have undergone extensive safety and performance testing.

What is a travel skip?

A travel skip, also commonly called a kit skip, is a larger aluminium case used for transporting sports kit and equipment. Kit skips are popular throughout European football leagues and other sports, including rugby, athletics, hockey, basketball, and many others.

Can I add foam inserts to Zarges cases?

You can enhance any Zarges case your business uses with custom foam inserts. These inserts can not only significantly reduce damage to parts or equipment caused by mishandling but also help organise items and improve productivity.

Zarges UK suppliers

GWP Protective is an official distributor of Zarges cases in the UK, offering short lead times and competitive pricing.

However, unlike many other suppliers, we can enhance your cases in several ways. Options include branding and, in particular, expertly engineered foam inserts.

However, while we recommend Zarges cases for a wide range of applications, these are not the only aluminium cases you can source from us.

As an independent business, we can also supply Bott, Maxado, and custom-built cases. You can also source other types of cases, including waterproof (e.g., Peli-style cases), lightweight plastic, carry cases, and even sample cases for sales pitches and presentations.

Being an independent supplier also means that you can get truly impartial advice on the best case option for your business and no-obligation quotes on anything you need.

So if your business requires Zarges cases, foam inserts or any protective packaging, please get in touch.

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