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Rose Plastic Cases

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B2B Plastic Case / Box Supply

Well-engineered plastic cases for presentation and sales applications

Rose Plastic cases are one of the best known and frequently used carry cases available today.

Offering a good blend of quality, attractive appearance, usability and competitive pricing, Rose Plastic cases are perfectly suited to use for sales presentations and pitches (i.e. sample cases), as well as for retail or promotional packaging.

Please see below for the Rose Plastic case ranges that you can source and customise through GWP Protective.

Rose Plastic Ergoline

RoseCase Ergoline

Ergoline case colours

20 Sizes
Lightweight PP

Rose Plastic ProTec cases

RoseCase ProTec

Rose Plastic Protec case colours

9 Sizes
Torsion Stiffened

Rose Plastic RoseCase RCS

RoseCase RCS

RoseCase RCS colours

2 Sizes

Custom Rose Plastic Cases

Enhance your plastic cases with foam, print and more

Any plastic carry cases that you source from GWP – including all of the Rose Plastic options – can be enhanced in a number of ways. See all customisation possibilities below.

Protec foam inserts

Foam Inserts

Bespoke foam inserts tailored to your requirements

Printed Ergoline cases

Exterior Print

Screen or digital print options to add company branding

A Pro-Tec plastic case with a transparent lid

Catch Colours

Mix and match colours for unique visual appearance

Transparent lid Ergoline

Transparent Lids

Specific case ranges only. Please enquire for details.

Rose Plastic Case Alternatives

Wide range of alternative plastic carry cases

Besides the Rose Plastic cases, your business can source a huge selection of other case brands and ranges from GWP – all of which can be enhanced with custom foam inserts, printing and more.

Hofbauer cases

Hofbauer Cases

German manufactured cases combining appearance and performance

WAG Cases

W.AG Cases

Range of 6 popular case designs, boasting excellent features and German engineering

Maxado cases

Maxado Cases

Durable and light plastic cases with innovative design and features

Shell case

Shell Case

Soft shell cases with a unique, striking appearance for varying applications

Protective cases

Waterproof Cases

Ultra tough waterproof plastic containers from Peli™, Explorer and more

Custom built cases

Custom Built

Sample cases and flightcases tailored to your exact requirements

Protective cases

All Protective Cases

View the widest range of protective case options from a single UK supplier

More info on Rose Plastic

Expertise in plastic packaging manufacture

Rose Plastic are one of the most well established case brands worldwide, but particularly in Europe. Tracing the company’s roots back as far as 1953, they have had a strong presence in the UK protective case and plastic packaging market since 1992.

Providing the optimum balance of usability, quality and competitive pricing, Rose Plastic cases have become the industry standard in many markets and sectors.

The lightweight construction combined with the durable Polypropylene material means that the cases are easy to handle, provide good levels of protection for their contents, and can be offered at low price points.

All of the features of the RoseCase range – including handles, catches, stacking features, hinges and so on – work seamlessly and have been designed with the ergonomics of the end user in mind.

Besides this, Rose Plastic also offer a number of alternative products, including tubes, boxes, cassettes, and other plastic packaging, that also demonstrate their high quality and attention to detail.

Customising Rose Plastic Cases

All of the RoseCase lines – including Ergoline, ProTec and RCS – can be enhanced in a number of ways.

The outer shells of the cases not only make them easy to clean (and provide an attractive appearance), but also allow for easy printing and labelling to be applied. This can particularly help in sales meetings and presentation, providing your sample cases with a professional appearance that helps to cement your brand identity with potential clients.

The addition of custom foam inserts also lends itself to use for sales demo cases.

The foam, tailored to your specific products, helps to present them in the best possible manner, keeping them safe and well organised. The foam can also be enhanced with product names, logos and other text to further improve appearance and ease of use.

And of course, adding foam inserts to Rose Plastic Cases also means that anything stored or transported within the cases benefits from increased levels of protection too.

RoseCase FAQs

Frequently asked questions on RoseCase ranges

Have a few questions regarding the Rose Case range of plastic cases? The below section should help!

If not, or you still have further questions, please contact a member of the GWP team on 01722 416 440 or email on

What are the differences between the RoseCase options?

The 3 main options in the RoseCase range are the ProTec, Ergoline and RCS cases. ProTec is the most durable of these, being best to suited to applications such as service engineer kit and tool transport. Ergoline is a good all-purpose case, although is frequently used for sample presentation by sales reps. And the RCS line is a low cost, lightweight option that can sometimes be used for added value retail packaging.

What colour Rose Plastic cases can I source?

Depending on the range, Rose Plastic cases are available in black, grey, red and blue. It is also possible on certain cases to specify a transparent lid, whilst catches can be changed to provide a contrast too (e.g. a black case with red catches).

What are Rose Plastic cases manufactured from?

All Rose Plastic cases are manufactured from a high quality Polypropylene material. This not only offers a great balance between low cost and good strength / durability, but is also easy to clean, provides a good surface finish (which can be printed onto) and is resistant to most chemicals.

Can I enhance Rose Plastic cases with foam inserts?

Any RoseCase that you source for your business can be supplied with custom foam inserts. Designed to perfectly fit your chosen case and the items you are looking to store / transport, foam inserts can improve protection, organisation and presentation.

Can I add print to these cases?

Most Rose Plastic cases can be printed in a number of ways. This mainly sees them having simple logos added through screen printing, or more complex graphics using digital methods. Affixing labels or vinyl lettering is a low cost, less permanent option too.

Why should I purchase Rose Plastic cases from GWP?

Whilst GWP Protective are official distributors of Rose Plastic cases, as an independent business we can actually offer a much broader range of case options. In addition, this means that you can get genuinely impartial advice on the best case for your specific requirement. Being one of the UK’s largest foam converters, also means you can source your case and foam inserts from a single supplier too.

Buy Rose Plastic Cases

Get the leading plastic cases, tailored to your requirements

GWP are official sellers of the Rose Plastic range of cases. This means that you can source any of these cases, along with full customisations (including foam and print), on minimal lead times and at competitive prices.

Besides this, GWP Protective can offer a much broader range of sample and carry cases, meaning that if the Rose Plastic options are not exactly right for your requirement, you can find a case that is. Being independent also means that we can provide genuinely impartial advice on this too.

If this sound like a good fit for your business or operations, please contact us today using the details below. We’ll be happy to help with any Rose Plastic (or any other) case option you require.

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