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The 5 key considerations when choosing salesman cases

Ian Heskins: Last Updated 16th February 2024
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Going Beyond Case Colour & Style

These are points you need to think about when selecting sales rep cases

When you take into account the potential options available to you when selecting a sample case for your sales team, it can seem somewhat daunting.

Which colour? What size? Do I need a bespoke size? How many samples do I include? Are the plastic cases strong enough? How far will my budget stretch? What branding should I include on my case?

What sample case will help my sales team?

The answer isn’t straightforward, but if you take into account 5 key considerations when selecting your salesman cases, you can be certain to make the right decision.

Quick Reference / Contents

01: The Benefits of Sample Cases

How plastic / carry cases can aid your sales teams

The temptation when something isn’t clear cut is to ignore it – or at the very least put it off.

However, making a decision on which salesman cases to use could genuinely help you and your sales team hit your targets and sell more products.

The benefits of sample cases have been laid out numerous times, but they are worth summarising again.

Put simply, they make you and your company look more professional. They help your sales meetings run more smoothly due to organising your samples. They contribute to your company’s branding efforts. They help to create a good first impression and offer a striking appearance in your sales pitch.

Sample cases
Sample cases provide a wide range of benefits - including sample presentation, branding, protection and organisation (to name a few)

Besides this, sales rep cases provide protection for your samples, from mishandling, transit damage, dust, dirt and even wet weather. They ensure you never turn up to an important sales meeting without one of your key product samples.

They can even be used to help psychologically guide your customers to the product option you’d like them to buy.

All of this and more are why you should take your time when considering the right case option for you.

02: Key Considerations

The 5 key considerations when choosing salesman cases

So rather than looking at the finer points, such as the specific size or colour (although these need to be decided at some point), here are five considerations that can guide you to selecting the perfect case for your specific requirements…

  • What is your market and/or target user
  • What is the position of your brand in the market?
  • Budget – how much money do you have to spend
  • Where the case is stored, presented etc.
  • What your competition are doing

03: Your Market

What is your market and / or target user

The first thing to do when selecting a presentation case is to think about the market you operate in, and either the person you are presenting to, or the end user of your product (hopefully all 3 of these will be closely linked).

For example, if you are selling specialist components into an engineering industry you may consider the range of standard plastic salesman cases most suitable. This is because their industrial appearance and bold colours will be both familiar and resonate with your target market.

A similar argument could be made if your product samples consist of tools, DIY equipment or products, mechanical parts and many “trade” or B2B type industries.

Sample cases for specific markets
It is important to consider your target market / customer when sourcing your salesman cases, as this can influence what they will respond to

The opposite of this is also true.

If for example you are selling luxury goods, showcasing samples of food, exceptionally rare or expensive items, jewellery, high end electronics and items that are generally B2C, then a custom style case may be more suitable.

Think about how important appearance is to your target market, the types of case they may have been exposed to previously, and whether durability (which can be reflected in the case) is important to them.

This will in turn help you with the presentation of your samples.

04: Brand Positioning

What is the position of your brand in the market?

Similarly to the above, your position in the market can determine they type of sales rep case that is most suitable for you.

For example, if all of your marketing collateral, sales copy and your actual sales presentation itself is pitching your company as the high end or premium option, then it is important that your sample cases reflect this.

As such, custom cases such as the N Case or Smart case may be your ideal option.

Alternatively, if your message is all about affordability and value for money, showcasing your products in a very expensive looking case may jar somewhat with your audience.

Target market for salesman cases
Your position in the market is also important - if you are premium supplier with a budget case, this can negatively affect your brand perception

This could lead you to selecting an off the shelf case that you then customise to match your branding.

The thing here is to consider the value of your products, how you want your company to be perceived, and ensuring a consistent brand message.

05: Your Budget

How much money do you have to spend on your salesman cases?

Arguably the most important factor, the budget that you have allocated to sourcing your sales demo cases will obviously have an impact on the best solution available to you.

In simple terms, if you are looking for a premium option, and have a budget to match, custom cases are most likely going to be your best route.

Saying that, whilst there are some very cost-effective options amongst the range of plastic presentation cases, it is possible to create a very striking and professional appearance regardless of which salesman cases you choose.

Remember to bear this in mind when choosing between stock and custom sample cases.

Sample case budget
Your sample case budget obviously affects what you can realistically achieve, although impressive results are possible even ta the lower end of the scale

Your budget can also have an impact on the potential branding you can add. Printing the exterior of the cases will add to the costs, whereas simply applying labels is a much cheaper option.

Remember to strike the balance between cost, appearance and reflecting the values of your company.

06: Storage of Cases

Where the sales rep cases will be stored, presented etc.

Basically, what environment will your sample cases be exposed to.

The chances are that for most sales meetings, you will be presenting in an office, conference room or other indoor environments. Any case will be fine for this purpose.

However, if you are visiting potential (or even existing) customers out on site, your case may be subject to harsher environments. For example, say you are selling items to an engineering or construction company, you may have an impromptu meeting that doesn’t fit the typical “office environment”.

However, this is relatively unlikely. Of more concern is where the case will be stored, and how will be handled.

If you know the case probably won’t be treated that well, the custom cases are generally more robust. This means they will last longer before they need replacing.

The counter-argument is that the plastic cases, whilst not having such a long lifespan, are considerably cheaper. Therefore, the gain in lifespan from a custom case may not pay for itself if it is cheap enough to replace a stock option.

Saying that, whichever type of case you choose, they are generally hardwearing enough to withstand being stored in the boot of your car, and will provide great protection to your samples if kept safely in a cupboard or warehouse environment when not in use.

07: Competition

What your competitors are doing

The final point to consider – although perhaps the hardest to actually define and take advantage of – is to see what your competition are doing.

Whilst you cannot ask them to come and present to you, or ask them directly, you may be able to see the types of case and foam they use by visiting tradeshows, sales conferences or other events where you know they will be present.

If they are showing samples, chances are they will either be bought or displayed in their chosen sample case option.

High quality sample case
It may be difficult, but if you can find out what your competition are doing, you know how to improve on it

If you can find this out, you have a real opportunity, and this comes back to how you want to position your brand.

Want to look like the luxury option? Blow them out of the water with an all singing, all dancing custom case. Want to offer value for money? Simply make sure you are using a similar case (or better if your budget allows) and use your pitch to drive home this message.

Ultimately, by knowing what your competition are doing, you can consider how best to counter this and steal a march on them.

08: Additional Considerations

Other points that should be taken into account

By getting a handle on the above points, you can begin to get an idea of how premium your case should be, what your audience will be impressed with (and can relate to), and how to take advantage of your competitors’ weaknesses.

This should then allow you to begin thinking about the nuts and bolts of selecting a case.

How many samples. What size this needs to be. The colour of the case, foam and branding. How many we need. What will it cost.

But by taking this approach, you can be certain you are maximising the benefits of your sample cases.

Buy sample cases
By taking these points into account, it will allow you to buy sample cases with much more confidence

In Summary

Points to consider when sourcing salesman cases

It’s true that something as simple as selecting a sample case can be surprisingly complicated – if you let it.

The key is to focus on what is important not only to your brand, but also your target customers, and make sure the sample cases reflect this and your place in the market.

The bottom line is, any sample case will help to improve your chances in a sales pitch.

With a little thought, it can have a huge impact.

And if you still need help in choosing, GWP Protective can offer you over twenty-five years’ experience in helping companies just like yours.

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