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7 widely overlooked benefits of product sample cases

Richard Coombes: Last Updated 16th February 2024
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Empower Your Sales Team

Additional benefits and competitive advantage that product sample cases

If you are reading this, it probably means you are aware of the benefits associated with product sample cases.

However, did you know there is a surprisingly wide range of additional advantages and secondary benefits that can be gained?

From helping your sales meeting flow more smoothly, avoiding the embarrassment of presenting damaged samples, enabling the upselling of extra or higher value products, and even improving the job satisfaction of your sales team or colleagues, presentation cases can help.

The catch?

Well, surprisingly there isn’t one. Continue reading below to see just how sample presentation cases could have an indirect impact on your sales figures.

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The primary use of sample presentation cases

The main reason that a sales manager or marketing professional would look to source sales demo cases is to aid the presentation of your samples during those all-important sales pitches.

They achieve this through creating a striking visual impact, a professional first impression and reflecting the branding of your company or product range.

Salesman sample cases
Although the primary use of sample cases is to showcase your products, there are a number of other benefits too

When combined with the traditional success factors of a sales pitch – for example understanding the customers requirement, an engaging and friendly demeanour and focusing on how your products can benefit your potential client – product sample cases can help close more deals.

Whilst these points are all critical to your success, a well thought out sample case can offer you much more.

01: Sample Case Benefits

The 7 hidden benefits of product sample cases

So here they are. In no particular order, the additional benefits that you can realise through the use of presentation cases with foam inserts are as follows:

  • Vastly improved organisation of your samples
  • Can help to prevent loss of samples
  • Protects your products during travel
  • Keeps your sample products clean
  • Shows you care about your products (and by extension, your customers)
  • Provides the option or upselling additional items
  • Can boost morale and productivity of your sales team

Please continue reading for further details of the specific ways in which the above benefits can make a tangible difference to your sales presentations.

02: Organisation of Your Samples

Segment product groups, aid retrieval of items and much more

Whilst this may sound quite obvious, the benefits of having your samples organised and laid out are often under estimated.

A sample case with foam inserts will allow you to keep specific materials, finishes, colours or product ranges together. Whilst this can help with the aesthetic appearance of the case, it also helps your sales meeting to run more smoothly.

For example, your audience indicates that they are looking for a specific product or solution. Rather than rummaging through a load of cardboard boxes or bags, you know exactly where the specific sample is and can show it to them straight away.

Plastic presentation cases
Plastic presentation cases allow for excellent organisation of your samples and products

Then they suggest it is what they are looking for, but if only it were a bit bigger. No problem, you can instantly give them that option too.

Not only does this help the flow of the meeting and avoid award pauses whilst you or your sales team are searching for the specific item, it also gives the impression that you know your own product range inside out too.

When coupled with other proven methods to improve the presentation of your samples, you can see an immediate, noticeable difference to the success of your pitches.

03: Prevent Loss of Samples

Use of coloured foam inserts to prevent loss of items

During complex sales meetings, it may be the case that a lot of different items need to be reviewed, discussed or demonstrated.

Whilst a sample case – as detailed above – will help you in such circumstances, it can also help to prevent you losing your samples once the meeting is over.

In fact, it is quite common for a sample to be left behind with a customer. This could be purposeful, to allow them further time for consideration, or by accident if it was simply forgotten about and left behind.

A sample case will quickly highlight if an item is missing – simply through there being an empty aperture or recess in the case where the sample should be.

This enables you to do a quick visual check before packing up and allows you to source another sample before your next meeting as required.

This can be particularly important if your samples are particularly expensive, rare, sensitive or if they are one of only a few prototypes currently manufactured.

04: Sample Protection

Protect your samples during travel

Whilst not a hidden benefit as such, with so many people focusing only on improving the sales meeting when sourcing sample cases, the level of protection for your samples is often overlooked or seen as a secondary requirement.

sample case with foam can, in fact, protect your samples in numerous ways.

It can stop them getting wet (useful with the UK’s climate), the foam can cushion any impact that the samples may suffer (e.g. in the boot of your car) and by keeping the samples separated, they cannot damage each other by colliding.

Sample case with foam inserts
Sample cases with foam inserts can provide a high degree of protection during transit

Finally, the surface of the foam also stops your items from suffering cosmetic damage such as surface scratches or scuffs.

The major benefits of this?

You never have the embarrassment of presenting a damaged or tatty looking sample, or the potentially negative impression this could make on your customer.

You also do not incur the cost of having to replace what can sometimes be relatively expensive or specialist product samples.

05: Keep Samples Clean

Ensure product samples remain in top condition

Similarly to keeping your product samples safe from damage, use of a sample presentation case will also keep your samples clean.

The exterior outer case will protect from dust, dirt and grime getting on to your samples, and will also stop a large amount of moisture from causing marks or damage too (fully watertight cases are available if required).

This means that your samples will be in pristine condition when showing them of to your audienc

06: Customer Perception

Shows you care about your products (and customers)

All of the above points work towards one thing – giving the impression that you are deeply knowledgeable about and care for your products.

The advantage of this?

By extension, it suggests that you care about your customers as well, and how they will benefit from these products.

Close more deals with sample cases
Using professional sample cases can help show your potential customers that you will be a reliable partner

It will reflect the care and attention that your company has made in producing these products in the first place. It will highlight that you are really keen to impress the customer. And it will again help to project a professional appearance for both you and your company.

Trust matters and the above helps to build trust with your potential customers at a crucial stage in the sales process.

07: Generate Additional Sales

Potential for upselling and cross selling

A genuinely overlooked benefit of product sample cases is the ability it gives you to upsell and cross sell during the presentation.

With your products organised and well presented, as the meeting progresses you can show clients the faster, more luxurious or technologically advanced equivalent if they are willing to pay that little bit more.

You can show the additional accessories, add ons and servicing items that can benefit them over the course of the products lifespan.

If the opportunity arises, you could even show them additional products that you know they must use, but haven’t yet mentioned a need for.

In essence, a well laid out sample case can empower you or sales team to have the right options or products to hand at the exact point you need them.

This flexibility during the sales meeting allows you to respond exactly to your customer’s requirements, ultimately helping you to exceed their expectations and close more sales.

08: Staff Morale

Boost staff morale and productivity

The final point is nearly always forgotten about – but can make a significant difference to your overall sales effort.

Giving yourself and / or your sales team the tools to not only succeed but to outperform your competition, can be hugely motivating.

Sales demo cases
Sales demo cases can also have a positive impact on your sales team - boosting their morale

Similarly to how sample cases show your customers, you care about your products, so they can also show your sales team you care about their success. You are investing in them to be a success.

As you already know, a motivated and happy sales person is much more likely to be impressing customers, being an advocate for your company and products and – bottom line – hitting their sales targets.

In Summary

Overlooked benefits of product sample cases you can take advantage of

So whilst sample presentation cases are designed, in simple terms, to help you close more deals, the range of indirect ways they can help your sales team is surprisingly diverse.

So if you need to look more professional, provide additional motivation for your sales team, prevent the cost of samples becoming damaged, or just want to sell more, product sample cases can help.

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