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Sourcing eco friendly corrugated packaging for food, drink and fresh produce poses a number of unique challenges.


It needs to be hygienic. It needs to keep items fresh and presentable. It needs to transport items safely and prevent damage. Crucially – and particularly with products that have a limited shelf life – it must capture consumers attention and aid sales.


Ticking all of these boxes can be a challenge, and one that most food or drink producers will have faced at one time or another.

However, the integrated product offering of GWP Group, combined with tailored services such as a managed inventory that accurately predicts peaks in usage, can provide significant benefits to your business.


So whether you require shelf ready packaging, high quality retail packs, simple shippers to protect items in transit, Point of Sale (POS) units or even crates and totes for handling ingredients in your production facility, GWP can help.

Ways a partnership with GWP can benefit your business

Lower Your Costs

Custom designed products & strategies proven to reduce costs to your business

Minimise Damage

FSA approved materials, design and testing to eliminate damage & reduce spoilage

Single Source

Source your transit, POS and retail packaging a single supplier, lowering costs

Long Lasting & Durable

Enhanced lifespan minimises lifetime costs of your food packaging

Short Lead Times

Get all your packaging exactly when you need it, meeting the tightest deadlines

Improve Your Efficiency

Improve handling, stock checking and picking at your production facility

A Selection of Companies We Work With…

Abel & Cole
Bens Cookies
The Dormen Food Company
Scottish Government
Swindon Foodbank

Design & manufacture of eco friendly corrugated packaging for food

GWP Packaging have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in providing eco friendly corrugated packaging for food and drink to both local and national producers of British food.


This is in addition to niche drinks manufacturers such as local breweries.


This includes the design and manufacture of primary or secondary packaging to protect products in transit. It includes retail packaging, shelf ready boxes and point of sale to boost in store sales. And it even covers re-usable packaging for supply chain and production applications.

Food subscription boxes

These key areas are further enhanced through supplying a wide range of specialist printing, branding and coating options.


GWP can offer your business access to a team of award winning designers with specialist knowledge of the food and beverages industries. Besides providing packaging that both protects and aids sales of your products, it also allows for a full sampling service prior to production

Food packaging

Further benefits and services include holding stocks of your packaging and supplying on a “Just In Time” basis – saving you warehouse space and all associated costs.

Specialist knowledge for Breweries

The unique way in which GWP Packaging is setup, has resulted in partnerships with a wide range of breweries of varying sizes.


GWP have worked alongside large, multi-national companies with their shipping and POS requirements, but by offering a close knit support team and customer service has seen successful partnerships with many micro breweries too.

Low cost brewery packaging

Further to this, you can benefit from short runs at very competitive prices, innovative designs including tamper proof cartons with no need for additional tapes, and printing to ensure your brand guidelines are followed exactly.


The additional complementary services provided to food manufacturing companies, including inventory management, Just In Time delivery & online ordering, are available to beverage manufacturers too.

High quality printed beer packs

Advantages GWP Packaging can offer food / drink manufacturers

  • Low to medium volume manufacture
  • Print and branding options for market differentiation
  • Full design and sampling service
  • Vast experience of the food and drinks industry
  • Handling, storage, retail and POS products from a single source
  • Specialist, FSA approved coatings to improve performance
  • Full inventory management service to meet peaks in demand
  • Strategies to reduce transit damage and spoilage

Case Study: Tracklements

Based in Wiltshire, Tracklements manufacture an award winning range of sauces, condiments and food products.


The hallmarks of the business are use of the finest, natural ingredients, used to make their products in small, handmade batches.


With a number of jars becoming broken during transit, Tracklements worked alongside GWP to come up with transit packaging that ensured the safe transit of products to the retail outlets where the products are stocked.

Tracklements mailer

The success of this however has seen additional packaging lines added, including Point of Sale and counter top units, cell dividers for more efficient packing processes, and even shippers to send out samples and ecommerce orders.

Being able to talk through concepts, see samples and tweak until we have exactly what we want has been indispensable in our operations; it means we can get the product just so and be confident that when we receive bulk delivery all will be as expected.

L Cuff | Marketing Manager, Tracklements

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Specialist Coatings to further enhance your packaging

Corrugated packaging has long been widespread and used for numerous applications in the food and drink industries. However, there is often a requirement for additional surface coatings to improve or enhance the properties of the material.


Working with leading brand owners, GWP have produced quality outer presentation boxes, as well as inner product protection covering many applications.


This included the creation of, or coating board in readiness for the manufacture of boxes, sleeves, cartons, trays, internal fittings and even POS materials.

Colour coated food packaging

Other specialist coatings, in particular Liquiguard, have also proved to be very popular in the food and drink industries. By adding an element of water and oil resistance, cardboard packaging boxes can also be used over many trips whilst remaining fully recyclable.


Liquiguard is also FSA approved for direct contact with food products.

Liquiguard waterproof coating

This unique offering has seen GWP working both directly with large multinational organisations and smaller national food and drink producers, plus indirectly by supplying coated boards to converters that in turn supply companies within these sectors.

Various solutions approved for direct food contact (FSA)

  • Oil and moisture resistant coatings
  • Anti abrasion coating to prevent “pin-holing” of gas packed produce
  • Colour coatings for retail and POS applications
  • Eco friendly corrugated packaging as an alternative to plastics and liners
  • Stringent quality control and checking

A solution for every application, industry & challenge:

Correx® Food Handling and Transit Solutions

Besides the transit packaging to get food and drink products to the shops, and the retail packaging to aid sales when it is on shelves, an often overlooked area is handling during the production process.


Ingredients often need to be transported around the factory or workspace, efficiently and promptly in order to ensure smooth running of production lines.

Food handling totes

As a result, Correx® trays, totes and other handling products are becoming increasingly popular.


Perfect for wet and oily produce in particular (unlike corrugated cardboard), Correx® can be easily cleaned and sterilised, whilst also containing any moisture or liquids. This has seen Correx® used widely as fresh fish boxes and crates.

Correx pizza boxes for takeaways

The easy clean nature and durability of Correx® also means that it lasts over many trips. This is usually ideal for a busy production facility where ingredients and even finished products are continually being moved and stored.


Correx® is even being used more and frequently for takeaway delivery, with a great deal of success.

Just a quick thanks for all your help with the Correx boxes for our delivery team! Really pleased with the branding (they don't look too shabby at all!) and they have lasted exceptionally well.

A Shovel | Founder, Chosen Bun

Cases for the food industry?

Surprisingly, even plastic cases are occasionally specified by the food industry. However, rather than being used to protect products, they are instead used to present samples or new products during sales pitches and presentations.


For example, one high profile brand of Pesto recently approached GWP looking for sample cases to present their latest range of sauces during pitches to supermarkets and large retailers.

Presentation cases for sales pitches

The cases in question, when enhanced with custom foam inserts, provide a number of benefits.


Firstly, they allow for easy access and presentation during the sales meeting. Secondly, they project a professional and polished appearance. And thirdly, they also a level of protection during the journeys to and from the presentations.

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The UK food, drink and alcoholic beverage industry

The UK food industry has developed significantly since the end of rationing in the 1940’s. At this time, UK households grew almost double the amount of produce in their back gardens or allotments than they bought.


With more women gaining employment however, the need for convenience foods began to grow by the 1960’s. A decade later families were purchasing fridges and freezers. By the end of the 1970’s 95 percent of the UK’s households owned a fridge.

UK food production

A surge of product development then transformed the way people eat and drink. As the first to introduce ready meals, frozen food and instant coffee to the market, the UK industry continues to invest in product research and development (R&D).


Today, this sees approximately 16,000 new products composed for consumer consumption each year. The five largest UK retailers (Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons and the Co-Operative) will stock approximately 8,500 of these on their shelves.

Supermarket tray packaging

With an overall turnover of £96 billion, the food industry is more substantial than both the automotive and aerospace industry combined. Convenience foods alone are expected to grow to a value of £46 billion by the year 2018.


Accounting for 18 percent of all manufacturing across the UK, the industry employs just over 3.8 million people – the equivalent to one in every seven jobs. These figures include 127,000 people who are employed by SME’s across 6,100 manufacturers.


The UK’s top private manufactures include 2 Sisters Food Group (who produce food for Goodfella’s and Fox’s Biscuits, amongst others), Iceland, and United Biscuits (owning brands such as Mcvitie’s, Jacob’s and Go Ahead).

Key facts and figures:

  • The industry has advanced at a rapid speed
  • Combined turnover of £96 billion in UK
  • EU Market worth approx. £12.3 billion
  • Accounts for 18 percent off all manufacturing in the UK
  • Employs 3.8 million people (equivalent to one in seven jobs)
  • 127,000 employed by 6,100 SMEs
  • 16,000 new food and drink products produced each year
  • Convenience food market to be worth £46 billion by 2018

About GWP Group

GWP has worked with food and drink producers (including breweries) for more than 25 years.


Whilst working with some high profile, high volume manufacturers, the way in which GWP focuses on customer service has also seen exceptionally successful partnerships formed with smaller, independent food producers.


We have designed and manufactured corrugated delivery boxes for Abel & Cole which last over numerous trips. We have produced POS and shelf ready packs for Bendicks (including packaging which won a prestigious Starpack Award). We are the only UK company offering the FSA approved “waterproof” Liquiguard coating for cardboard. And we are perhaps the only genuine single source supplier of transit, retail POS and in plant handling packaging.


A dedicated design team and customer service manager will be allocated specifically to your business, with a focus on producing truly cost effective packaging that performs at the optimum level.


With an understanding that the fresh produce market in particular works to exceptionally tight deadlines, and can see massive spikes in demand, GWP has developed a fully managed inventory service.


By accurately monitoring stock and usage patterns, this ensures your packaging is delivered exactly when you need, whilst also reducing your stock holding and ensuring there is no stock shortages – even during peak times.


So whether you need to safely transport your products, boost sales in a retail environment, or even improve the efficiency and output of your production, GWP have the products, services and knowledge to help.

Why Work With GWP?

  • Over 5m products manufactured annually
  • More than 25 years experience
  • Specialist design team
  • Short lead times
  • Widest range of products
  • Focused on reducing your costs

Would you like to reduce spoilage, boost sales and increase brand awareness?