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Ammo box

Ammo boxes, also commonly referred to as ammo tins, are ideal if you need to store or transport ammunition and other explosives safely.

Available in various sizes, ammo boxes have UN part numbers to allow you to quickly and easily source them for your organisation. Besides being durable, water-resistant and boasting a secure closure, it is possible to enhance ammo boxes with bespoke foam inserts and fittings. These benefits make them ideal for various applications besides storing ammo and other munitions. Read more


Reusable packaging product
Plastic free packaging
Lightweight material
Recyclable packaging
40 FE Steel
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Reusable packaging product
Plastic free packaging
Lightweight material
Recyclable packaging
40 FE Steel

More info on ammo boxes

Ammo boxes, as the name would suggest, are suitable for storing a range of ammunition and other explosives.

Manufactured using a durable metal construction, ammo tins are lightweight and robust. They also offer excellent longevity. Coupled with fold-in handles and a secure lid catch, ammo boxes are also easy to use and handle.

Their construction also makes ammo boxes resistant to water, particularly being splashed and from rainfall.

Ammo boxes are available in various sizes to suit most requirements (please enquire for details). They also benefit from allocated UN part numbers, making these rugged cases quick and easy to purchase.

And finally, we can modify your ammo tins in several ways. Options include adding information to the exterior surfaces by stencilling, such as handling instructions, part numbers etc. You can also add foam inserts that brace and cushion larger items within the outer box. Foam inserts improve protection and can aid in packing and unpacking.

Key features and benefits of ammo boxes

The key features and benefits of ammo boxes include:

  • Durable metal construction is long-lasting and robust.
  • Ideal for safe transportation and storage of ammo and explosives.
  • Solid and secure fastening.
  • Splash-proof.
  • Foldable handles for ease of movement.
  • UN part numbers for quick and efficient sourcing.
  • Range of standard sizes to suit the majority of applications.
  • Can be enhanced with foam inserts to improve protection during transit and handling.
Reusable packaging product


Ammo tins are durable and tough, making them reusable over a prolonged period.

Lightweight material

Lightweight material

The metal construction makes ammo boxes lightweight, minimising transit emissions.

Recyclable packaging


The metal used in manufacturing ammo tins is recyclable at the end of its lifespan.

Plastic free packaging


Ammo boxes do not use any plastics in their construction.

40 FE Steel


Ammo boxes are manufactured using steel.

What are ammo boxes?

Ammo boxes, also commonly referred to as ammo tins, are small metal containers used for storing live ammunition and other explosives. Available in various sizes, ammo tins have allocated UN part numbers for easy sourcing by military and other armed forces.

Can ammo boxes be used for other explosives?

Ammo boxes are suitable for a range of explosive devices. Larger items can benefit from custom foam inserts that sit within the ammo box, which prevents movement during handling and transit whilst also cushioning from shock and impact.

Can ammo be stored in cardboard boxes?

Ammunition will degrade over time if not stored correctly. Whilst ammo left in cardboard boxes will eventually become unusable, any stored in ammo tins will remain in pristine condition.

Are ammo tins waterproof?

Ammo tins protect from splashes and rainfall, keeping the contents safe and dry.

Custom ammo box pricing

Although we do not list pricing on the GWP site, you can request a free, no-obligation quote for any ammo boxes you require. We will supply a tailored quote based on the volume you need, any ongoing requirements, and if you need any customisation options (such as branding or foam inserts).

At GWP, we have extensive experience in supplying military packaging, including JOSCAR, DR14 and MPAS certification. But besides Def Stan packaging, you can also specify a vast range of military-grade protective cases, fibreboard boxes, composite packs, timber cases and much else.

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