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Retail Packaging

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Reduce costs

Range of strategies and services

Retail printed packs

Visual Impact.

Combining appearance & protection

There is no debate. Nearly all sectors of the retail market are cut throat. The level of competition, pricing and promotion can prove too much for many products or brands.

Unless you have the luxury of an established, well-loved brand, every small advantage can be crucial.

This is why the role of retail packaging has grown so significantly.

01: Retail Packaging Overview.

A wide variety of packaging designed to boost brand awareness and drive sales

With most markets becoming increasingly crowded and competitive, any business or brand can risk becoming lost amongst the vast numbers of products vying for attention.

This struggle for awareness can be compounded by a poor perception caused through inconsistent appearance and, even worse, products becoming damaged in storage or transit.

Fortunately, you can benefit from a number of ways to differentiate your products, gain increased visibility and improve customer satisfaction.

From brightly coloured, visually striking Point of Sale displays to highlight your products at key locations in retail outlets, to added value packaging that can also reduce transit damage – enhancing customer satisfaction – you can boost not only your sales but your brand awareness and perception through the use of high quality retail packaging.

Key ways a partnership with GWP can benefit your business

Boost sales with packaging

Boost Sales

Custom designed products & strategies proven to increase sales and visibility

Printed packaging

Branding & Print

Visually striking designs to improve awareness and perception of your brand

Product protection

Minimise Damage

Specialist materials, design & testing to eliminate damage, reducing rejects / returns

Single source packaging suppliers

Single Source

Source your retail, shelf ready, POS and foam from a single source

Short lead times

Short Lead Times

Get all your packaging exactly when you need it, meeting peaks in sales / demand

Improve packaging efficiency

Improve Your Efficiency

Improve handling, stock checking and response times to ecommerce orders

02: Retail Packaging Companies

A selection of companies GWP work with…

Barbour logo
Cotswold Outdoor logo
Dunelm logo
Dyson logo
Lush logo
Next logo
Pro Cook logo
V Tech logo

03: Corrugated Packaging & POS.

Retail packaging expertise for brands of all sizes

Working closely with brands of varying sizes (including many international, household names), GWP Packaging has both the knowledge and expertise required for this most competitive of market sectors.

With an in depth knowledge of corrugated construction and performance, a technical team of designers can maximise the performance, and therefore cost-effectiveness of your packaging and Point of Sale display products.

Retail product packaging
Printed corrugated is the most prevalent and successful form of retail packaging across a huge range of sectors

Gaining exposure in retail environments can be key to a products’ success. You can boost awareness of your products through both Point of Sale and shelf ready packs – both of which can improve the chances of your products being displayed in prime retail locations.

This exposure, when coupled with a consistent brand appearance, can ultimately help to increase your sales.

For exceptionally competitive markets – or for the flagship products in your range – your packaging can benefit from numerous luxury enhancements.

From beautifully crisp and detailed print options to the inclusion of engineered foam, your packaging can be used to position your brand as the market leader whilst also aiding brand recognition and perception.

Printed retail packaging
The printed finish and design of your retail packaging can be the difference between a sale and being overlooked for competing product

Besides boosting sales, your packaging can indirectly aid your business performance. The protection offered to your products reduces damages and boosts end user satisfaction (aiding repeat sales), whilst tamper proof packs offer peace of mind for your customers too.

A JIT supply agreement also ensures consistent stock levels & continuity during seasonal demand spikes.

Advantages GWP Packaging can offer retail companies

  • Visually striking Point of Sale (POS) to gain attention and boost in store sales
  • Consistent, high quality and on brand appearance across all packaging / POS
  • Shelf ready packs aid adoption & ensure consistent appearance between outlets
  • Luxury finishes & additional options to provide differentiation for your products
  • Print and branding for outer shipping cartons to further boost awareness
  • Environmentally friendly packaging to reflect your brand identity and values
  • Reliable supply aids customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and repeat sales
  • Tamper proof options protect high value items (e.g. electronics) during shipping
Happy customers of GWP Group

We’ve been working with GWP for around eight years. They supply all our packaging and we are absolutely delighted with them. Over time our needs have changed and they always respond swiftly with exceptional service. They know what we want and when we need it, and hold stock for us, and they never let us down. We feel they really understand our business, and they work very hard on the relationship.

Mark Barnett | Consortium Operations

04: Correx® Packaging.

Brand differentiation through Correx®

The use of Correx® provides a number of ways to differentiate your products, gain increased visibility and improve customer satisfaction.

From long lasting Point of Sale displays and / or dump bins to highlight your products at key locations in retail outlets, to added value packaging that can also reduce transit damage – enhancing customer satisfaction – the use of Correx® provides genuine potential for highlighting your brand and boosting sales.

The bold colours of Correx®, when combined with print options that can include full colour digital, can also aid sales through increased awareness. The longevity of Correx® ensures displays maintain optimum appearance longer than corrugated equivalents too.

Correx retail box
Correx® can be used to create value added packaging - effectively packaging that the consumer will keep rather than disposing of

Regardless of application, any Correx® item can offer an excellent branding opportunity.

Whether it is a service engineer taking tools onto site, a tote that will sit in a customer’s factory or even a box used to deliver fast food, the use of brand colours and printed logos can boost awareness of your brand and help with future sales.

Besides its use in POS and retail, Correx® can help increase sales indirectly too.

By reducing transit damage, the increased reliability of supply enhances end user satisfaction and aids repeat business. Besides this, Correx® can be used to create added value packaging that will be retained by the customer for ongoing use (whereas cardboard would be almost immediately discarded).

Printed correx packaging
Correx® packs can also be a great choice to improve the rate of damage suffered in transit

Finally, with the ever increasing growth of ecommerce, Correx® can be used in the forms of picking bins and totes to vastly improve your order picking and fulfilment processes too.

Reasons to consider Correx® retail packaging

  • Custom designed packaging in bold colours to provide brand differentiation
  • Durable POS for longer usable lifespan whilst improving visibility to consumers
  • Choice of high impact print options, from single colours to full digital graphics
  • High quality material to improve or define your brand positioning
  • Reliable supply (minimising transit / storage damage) aids repeat sales
  • Option to create “value added”, multi-purpose packaging, boosting brand loyalty
  • Applications for ecommerce and order fulfilment

05: Applications / Images.

A solution for every application, market sector & challenge

View a selection of the retail packaging and POS designed, manufactured and supplied by the different divisions of GWP Group. Please click the thumbnails for a larger view.

06: Retail Foam Packaging.

Luxury foam packaging and sales presentations

First impressions – either in sales presentations or in retail space – can be crucial.

It is very easy to get lost amongst the huge number of brands and businesses vying for attention.

Poor presentation of your new samples can seriously hamper even the best of sales pitches to potential clients. And all of this is before considering the longer term objective of building a well-known, respected brand.

Foam retail packaging
Using foam in your retail packaging can help differentiate your product, as well as providing a luxury feel

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies you can employ to not only boost the awareness and perception of your products, but provide tangible results too.

For example, you can enhance the presentation of your new products / samples during sales presentations by specifying a custom built or branded presentation case.

When coupled with custom foam inserts that not only protect and present your products but also match your brand and can feature your logo, it will help ensure your products look their best at a critical moment in the sales cycle.

Presentation cases for salesmen
Samples of new products / ranges can be presented using custom presentation cases in important pitches and sales meetings

Besides being used to protect valuable items, foam packaging is increasingly being used to enhance the sales of high value consumer goods too.

By helping to position your brand as a luxury option, or to differentiate your product in a saturated market, value added packaging can help to gain shelf space, catch consumers’ attention and ultimately improve your sales and profitability.

Ways in which foam packaging can improve your sales

  • Wow potential clients during sales pitches with aesthetically striking displays
  • Foam inserts tailored to both your products / samples and brand identity
  • Luxury foam packaging to provide differentiation for your products
  • Use of colours and laser etched graphics consistent to your brand guidelines
  • High quality finishes to improve or define your brand positioning
  • High volume, low density foam for safe transit of goods to retail outlets

07: Coated Packaging.

Further enhancements to corrugated packaging

Besides being one of the few companies that can offer corrugated, foam and Correx® (or a combination of all three), GWP can also enhance your corrugated based packaging with a range of specialist surface coatings.

For example, a pantone matched colour flood coating named Spectrumcoat ensures that your POS and FSDUs are consistent with your brand guidelines, whilst allowing various overprint and varnishing options.

Specialist coatings for retail packaging
Specialist coatings - such as waterproofing or pantone colours - can open up a number of new possibilities for your retail packaging

Liquiguard coating can also add a degree of moisture and oil resistance to your packs. This can be useful in a number of areas, for example the sales and delivery of fresh produce (flowers, food etc.) or even industrial components such as car parts and components.

Anti abrasion coating can also be used to protect high quality packaging when being sent in outer shippers to retail outlets, and can even prevent pin-holing of gas packed products.

All of these specialist finishes can be applied to your packaging during the manufacturing process.

Specialist coatings for retail packaging

  • Spectrumcoat pantone matched colour coating
  • Liquiguard coating ideal for wet / oily products, fresh produce and more
  • Anti abrasion to protect high quality, luxury external packaging in transit
  • Available across the full range of consumer, retail, POS and display packaging
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08: Retail Industry.

The Retail market in the UK

Dating back to 1571, the establishment of The Royal Exchange was the first founded shopping centre in Britain.

A century later, Sainsbury’s the second largest supermarket known to the UK today, began with the sale of just five different dairy products. Today, alongside other supermarkets Sainsbury’s now sells more than 30,000 different items from all across the globe.

In fact, non specialist stores such as supermarkets, convenience shops or department stores makes up 20 percent of the retail business in the UK but, accounts for over 50 percent of the turnover.

As the total value of all UK retail sales reaching an extraordinary £358 billion last year (2016), it is estimated total value of both the retailing and wholesaling sectors will soon be larger than that of manufacturing.

Retail industry UK
The total value of all UK retail sales reached an extraordinary £358 billion in 2016

With 539,000 businesses, growth in the UK’s retail sector has expanded at an average of over 5% per quarter in comparison to the previous year’s quarter. With this in mind, employment has also risen with the sector employing a total over 4.4 million people. Surprisingly, the health and beauty sector is the fastest growing retail category (year on year) with sales up by almost 6 percent.

This is of course without mentioning ecommerce – an area with an average annual growth of 10 percent.

Although not strictly a British enterprise, Amazon has four depot locations across the UK and is known for being the largest online retailer. December 2014, saw sales figures rise to 1.1 billion – the first time in the history of online sales that more than one billion had been spent in any single given month.

Retail consumer spending
With brand loyalty falling, the role of packaging has taken on even more importance in driving sales and awareness

Future trends in the retail sector, including the packaging requirement, can be hard to predict and it is often the state of the economy which dictates how consumers spend their money.

Where perhaps a few years ago people might stay loyal to a particular brand, at present many consumers are exploring other available options.

As such, the role of packaging has changed dramatically.

Brands are not just using packaging to display goods – they are also using it to differentiate their offering, gain standout in often crowded marketplaces, display their concern for the environment and to attract the increasing numbers of “undecided” consumers.

Key facts and figures

  • Retail sales amounted to £358 billion in 2016
  • 539,000 businesses employ approx. 4.4 million staff
  • Supermarkets and convenience stores account for 50% of entire turnover
  • Tesco is overall the largest retailer in the UK with 3,000 outlets
  • The top three online retail sites in the UK are Ebay, Amazon (UK) and Tesco
  • Typically around 30,000 products available from UK supermarkets

09: About GWP Group.

Your retail packaging partner

Retail packaging can prove challenging. However, with over 25 years experience in helping companies like yours improve brand awareness, perception and of course, sales, GWP Group have become valued partners to both well known high street names and smaller niche brands.

However, GWP can help your business in so many more ways than simple retail packaging. Need help in getting products adopted by retailers? Shelf ready packs can help. Need to look better in sales pitches? Why not use presentation cases with foam. Struggling with fulfilling ecommerce orders? Let GWP improve your warehouse with Correx® picking bins and storage solutions.

All of this is backed up a by a range of useful services. For example, by allowing GWP to manage your inventory, you can ensure that peaks and seasonal demands (i.e. Christmas) does not see packaging supplies run out.

A dedicated design team will also create bespoke packaging, Point of Sale and FSDUs that are perfectly tailored to your products and target market.

And GWP can take a holistic view of your packaging and processes, with an audit that can highlight inefficiencies, potential cost savings and improvements in order handling and processing.

So whether you need high quality display packaging, luxury foam, Correx® POS or indeed any form of retail packaging, GWP have the skills, people and technology to make it happen.

Why Work With GWP?

  • Over 5m products manufactured annually
  • More than 25 years experience
  • Specialist design team
  • Focused on reducing your costs
  • Short lead times
  • Widest range of products

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