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Retail Packaging

Custom retail boxes

If your business is in the cut-throat retail sector, you’ll likely know that your retail packaging can and should be a competitive advantage.

Retail packaging refers to the boxes, cartons, and materials used to package products for sale to consumers. Besides protecting products during transport to and from stores, retail packaging must also capture the attention of potential customers and stand out against competing products. Increasingly, consumers are also demanding that retail packaging be sustainable and easy to recycle.

Working closely with brands of varying sizes, at GWP we have the knowledge and expertise required for this most competitive market sector. Whether you require product packaging, point-of-sale displays, or even products to improve your warehousing, we can design, manufacture, and print a custom solution.

A woman looking at retail packaging in a supermarket

In-store packaging

High-quality printed retail packaging and supporting displays to capture consumer attention and drive sales.

Branded retail / consumer packaging

Product packaging

Custom sizes
Full colour print

Branded boxes

Branded boxes

Custom sizes
1 – 3 colours

Shelf ready packaging

Shelf ready packaging (SRP)

Custom sizes
Easy merchandising

Printed Sleeves

Printed cardboard sleeves

Custom sizes
Various print options

Retail packaging and POS

Window boxes

Custom sizes
Product visibility

Hanging tab boxes

Hanging tab boxes

Custom sizes
Various tab formats

Printed correx packaging

Correx® boxes

Custom sizes
Reusable corrugated plastic

Cardboard produce tray with print

Produce trays

Custom size/print
Ideal for perishable goods

Retail foam packaging

Luxury foam packaging

Custom designs
Unique appearance

eCommerce packaging

Memorable unboxing experiences for your eCommerce customers.

Unboxing packaging (ecommerce)

eCommerce boxes

Custom sizes/print
Unboxing experience

FSC postal book wraps

Postal packs

Stock or bespoke
Royal Mail PIP

Subscription box packaging

Subscription boxes

Custom sizes
Range of options

Point of sale displays

Visually striking display stands that drive impulse sales.

Cardboard counter display units

Counter display units (CDU)

Custom configurations
Full colour print

A freestanding, printed point of sale display stand

Free standing display units (FSDU)

Custom sizes
Durable and long-lasting

Cardboard dump bins

Printed cardboard dump bins

Custom sizes
Loose fill products

Correx dump bins

Correx® dump bins

Custom sizes
Durable plastic material

Retail sales pitches

Tools for your sales teams to win more listings at major stockists.

Sample case with presentation foam and products inside

Sample cases

100s options
Custom foam inserts

Warehousing and logistics

Solutions to streamline the fulfilment of orders.

Pick face wall

Picking bins

Custom configurations
Storage and fulfilment

BDCM box

BDCM boxes

4 sizes
Industry standard

Transit packaging

Transit packaging

Custom sizes
Durable material

More info on retail packaging

Virtually all sectors of the retail market are extremely competitive. In fact, the level of competition, pricing and promotion can prove too much for many products or brands. In fact, of the approximately 30,000 new products introduced every year, around 95 per cent fail.

So, every slight advantage can be crucial unless you have the luxury of an established, well-loved brand.

This is why the role of retail packaging has grown so significantly.

Unique packaging for retail

With most markets becoming increasingly crowded and competitive, any business or brand can risk being lost among the vast number of products vying for attention.

This struggle for awareness can be compounded by a poor perception caused by inconsistent appearance and, even worse, products that become damaged in storage or transit.

Fortunately, there are several ways to differentiate your products, gain increased visibility, and improve customer satisfaction.

For example, brightly coloured, visually striking point-of-sale displays can showcase your products at key locations in retail outlets. Added-value packaging can enhance customer satisfaction. And high-quality retail packaging can boost not only your sales but also your brand awareness and perception.

Retail packaging trends

Future trends in the retail sector, including the packaging requirement, can be hard to predict. The state of the economy often dictates how consumers spend their money.

Whereas some might have stayed loyal to a particular brand a few years ago, many consumers are exploring other options at present.

As such, the role of packaging has changed dramatically.

Brands are not just using packaging to display goods. They increasingly use retail packaging to differentiate their offerings, stand out in crowded marketplaces, display their concern for the environment, and attract the increasing number of “undecided” consumers.

Source retail packaging

Retail packaging can prove challenging. However, with over 30 years of experience helping companies like yours improve brand awareness, perception, and, of course, sales, GWP Group has become a valued partner with well-known high-street names and smaller niche brands.

However, we can help your business in so many more ways than simple retail packaging.

Need assistance getting products adopted by retailers? Shelf-ready packs can help. Need to look better in sales pitches? Why not use foam presentation cases? Struggling with fulfilling e-commerce orders? Let GWP improve your warehouse with Correx® picking bins and storage solutions.

Retail businesses that trust our packaging solutions

Cotswold Outdoor
Olive Clothing
Pro Cook

Retail packaging company

But we are more than just another retail packaging company. Our extensive range of products and in-house, UK-based manufacturing is backed up by a range of value-added services.

For example, by allowing us to manage your inventory, you can ensure that peaks and seasonal demands do not cause packaging supplies to run out.

A dedicated design team can also create bespoke packaging, Point of Sale, and FSDUs perfectly tailored to your products and target market.

Finally, we take a holistic view of your packaging and processes with an audit that can highlight inefficiencies, potential cost savings, and improvements in order handling and processing.

So, if your brand is struggling to gain traction in a competitive market, your retail packaging lacks visual appeal, or you are experiencing high levels of shipping damage, please speak to a member of the GWP team.

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