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Corrugated Plastic Packaging Products.

Expertise in the design & manufacture of Correx® products for line-side and supply chain

GWP lead the market in offering fabricated Correx® products in any quantity.

Correx® is an extruded, fluted Polypropylene material providing excellent durability in a wide range of applications. It can be fabricated using standard packaging machinery (with specialist tools and knowledge of how to do so), making perfect for fabrication into various products.

This allows for the creation of durable, long lasting products such as picking bins, handling totes, boxes, packaging, divider sets and much else besides. It can also be printed, is easy to clean, can be tailored to specific size requirements and is competitively priced compared to moulded plastics.

Correx products in stock
GWP Correx® design, manufacture and stock hold a vast array of returnable and multi use products

It is the preferred material choice across multiple industries for its lightweight structure and competitive pricing and is widely recognised as being a far more durable alternative to corrugated fibreboard, lighter than wood and both chemical and water resistant.

Why work with GWP Correx®?

  • Huge range of different of products, including boxes, picking bins, trays, totes and dividers
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable and hard-wearing
  • Expert, experienced Correx® design team
  • Free advice and guidance on the optimum solution for your application
  • Perfect for in plant handling, multi use returnable packaging and warehouse storage

01: Correx® Product Options.

Choose the right corrugated plastic products for your requirements

Please click the links below for further information on the full range of Correx® products you can source from GWP.

If you can’t see what you are looking for however then please contact us – you can specify a bespoke Correx® packaging design for almost any industry or application.

Correx picking bins

Correx® Picking Bins

Improve the efficiency of your order picking

Also referred to as stacking pick bins / boxes or pick face walls, Correx® picking bins are lighter than moulded plastic,  offer competitive pricing and help you improve picking times.

GWP manufacture Correx® bins to fit common racking, plus bespoke sizes, making them suitable for ecommerce fulfilment and warehousing operations.

Shelf bins

Correx® Shelf Bins

Low cost method of improving order / stock picking

Similar to stacking pick boxes, shelf bins enable you to find and retriueve items faster, minimising picking times. Designed to fit standard shelving / racking, GWP hold the most popular sizes of shelf bin in stock.

Established designs can be tailored to any size with minimal upfront design or tooling costs, whilst remaining significantly cheaper than moulded plastics.

GWP Correx picking bins guide

Download: 10 Ways The Wrong...

…picking bins are costing you money. Get your free guide detailing all 11 ways you could be losing money, and what to do about it. Click below to download now.

Correx boxes

Correx® Boxes

Boxes and packaging with enhanced lifespan

GWP employ a dedicated Correx® design team, keep a large material stock holding and manufacture all Correx® products, including a wide range of boxes and packaging, in house.

This means you can source all types and designs of  stock or custom Correx® boxes at the best prices, shortest lead times and in practically any volume.

Correx totes

Correx® Totes

Efficient line-side and manual handling solution

Correx® Totes are used in a number of manufacturing sectors, although are particularly popular in the automotive industry.

Corrugated plastic containers and totes to manufactured to practically any size can be perfectly tailored to your operations, enhanced with dunnage & dividers, and have external print too.

Rapitainer returnable transit packaging


Returnable packaging with up to 16 x ROI

Rapitainer returnable transit packaging is a new product designed to significantly reduce costs incurred by single trip corrugated.

It’s clever tapeless closure, durable material and pallet optimised design, means that it can be possible to achieve cost savings of up to 75% when compared with single use cardboard packaging.

Correx dividers

Correx® Dividers

Improve your manual handling operations

With stock and bespoke Correx® dividers available, virtually any multi trip packaging product can be further tailored to your specific application and / or products.

The flexibility provided by the use of partition sets allows for multiple items to be transported inside a single outer container, improving your efficiency.

GWP Correx totes guide

Checklist: 21 Key Considerations...

…when sourcing tote containers. Get your free guide highlighting the critical questions you should be asking. Click below to download now.

Correx trays

Correx® Trays

Perfect for medical and clean room applications

Available with or without integrated divisions, Correx® trays are an excellent solution for in plant handling across a range of industries.

Particularly popular in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors (for example as vial trays) thanks to their hygienic, easy clean surfaces, they offer a durable, long lasting solution.

Correx inserts / layer pads

Correx® Inserts

Simple layer separation to custom cradles / inserts

Offering both standard sized layer pads and bespoke Correx® inserts on short lead times, these items can prove extremely useful for the separation and identification of products, parts or components stored within an outer container / tote.

This allows them to be safely stacked and handled, improving the efficiency and safety of your handling.

Correx packaging

Correx® Packaging

Long lasting alternative to corrugated cardboard

An area fast growing in popularity (particularly in the DIY sector), Correx® Packaging can be used as a high performance method of shipping products.

It’s durability and robust properties can  be combined with exterior printing and branding, making it an interesting option for adding value to end users and consumers.

Q Grip totes

Q Grip Custom Tote

Specify a tote tailored to any size you need

Q Grip enables the manufacture of cost effective, robust & durable totes in practically any size whilst minimising costs and lead times.

The elimination of wasted space during transit or handling, in addition to maximising the efficiency of your storage space, can lower costs and improve productivity.

02: Volumes.

High & low volume manufacture

Unlike the majority of Correx® converters, GWP Correx® keep a large stock holding of Correx® and other plastic materials in stock. This allows both high & low volume manufacture – even including one off products – to be produced very competitively.

For many fabricators of Correx®, the minimum order quantity for sheet material is around half a tonne. This automatically makes small runs and low volume manufacture either very expensive or even impossible.

High volume correx
GWP Can comfortably manufacture both low and high volume Correx® packaging products, meaning no MOQs and greater flexibility for your business

However, the wide stock holding of materials at GWP ensures any requirements you have for low volume runs can be met as effectively as larger quantities.

Operating from a modern conversion facility, and wealth of knowledge on the properties of Correx®, it also means GWP Correx® are perfectly placed to provide high volumes, competitively, quickly and to the highest quality.

GWP Correx cost reduction guide

Free Guide

7 ways to reduce your costs with Correx®

Get your free guide highlighting the 7 often overlooked tactics and strategies to reduce your ongoing costs by using Correx®. Download now and begin saving money today…

03: Manufacturing Excellence.

Manufacturing processes used at GWP

GWP Correx® manufacture both standard and custom Correx® packaging designs using a number of methods. These include roller press, fully automatic and rotary die cutting as well as a host of more specialist methods.

If you require particularly large Correx® boxes , GWP Correx® can use additional techniques to ensure the required strength and rigidity is achieved. These can include creating large corrugated plastic boxes using press studs, heat welding and ultra sonic welding.

High and low volume manufacture
GWP Correx® use a range of manufacturing techniques to create your Correx® products, all of which is in undertaken in house to always ensure the highest quality.

GWP also uses a combination of machine and hand assembly for large and complex Correx® designs.

While holding large stocks of Correx® sheet material enables you to source low volumes competitively, it also allows us to supply products on exceptionally short lead times.

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