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Double wall cardboard boxes

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Double wall cardboard boxes
Custom double wall box with internal fittings
2 colour flexo printed double wall box for retail
Empty double walled box for industrial products
Double wall corrugated packaging with divider sets

If your business operates in industrial markets or ships heavy, bulky or expensive products or equipment, custom double wall cardboard boxes can offer you a range of benefits.

Double wall cardboard boxes use corrugated cardboard with two layers of material. The material provides increased strength and durability compared with single-wall packaging. As such, double wall boxes can accommodate weights of up to 45kg. The use of double-wall cardboard is widespread in industrial and transit packaging applications. Read more


Plastic free packaging
Biodegradable packaging
Recyclable packaging
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Plastic free packaging
Plastic free
Biodegradable packaging
Recyclable packaging
PAP 20 corrugated packaging symbol

About double wall cardboard boxes

Custom-sized double wall cardboard boxes are ideal for industrial packaging applications.

Similar to triple-wall and other heavy-duty packaging, double wall cardboard boxes provide considerably higher protection for your products in transit than single-wall boxes.

Double wall cardboard boxes maintain their rigidity and shape – even after poor handling – protecting their contents. The material’s durability also ensures your packaging looks much better on arrival at your customers. This improved presentation, in turn, reflects well on your business and brand reputation.

You can also stack double wall packaging more safely, protecting your items. However, this improved stacking performance also improves safety for your packing or warehouse staff. As such, these cartons are perfect for use as pallet-optimised boxes for export/bulk shipping.

The material’s strength also allows the manufacture of extra-large double wall boxes. These are ideal for oversized products or equipment, particularly in industrial sectors. Their ability to safely transport up to 45kg in weight (or more, depending on the box design and specific corrugated grade) makes them ideal for transit packaging.

In fact, GWP manufactures your double wall cardboard boxes in sizes to suit your business. Rather than selecting the nearest stock size, you can get a pack that perfectly fits your product. Custom sizing reduces damage further, along with your ongoing costs (through improved transit efficiency, reduced storage space, etc.).

Besides the advantages of bespoke sizes, GWP can supply double wall cardboard boxes flat for minimised transit and storage costs. Alternatively, they can be delivered fully assembled to improve packing times. This latter point is beneficial if your packs contain foam end caps, dividers or other inserts (or form part of a composite pack).

As a result, the use of double wall cardboard boxes is common for industrial packaging applications.

Key benefits of double wall cardboard boxes

The following are the main advantages of using double-walled cardboard packaging:

  • Extra strong and durable material protects products in transit.
  • Available in several different grades, plus white or kraft finish.
  • Boxes maintain shape even with mishandling/impact.
  • Excellent stacking strength, perfect for bulk shipping.
  • Typically suitable for weights up to 30Kg (can vary depending on application).
  • Ideal for industrial, transit and even eCommerce packaging applications.
  • Cartons are printable with logos, product info, and instructions.
  • Additional options include inserts, foam, specialist coatings and more.
  • Available in custom sizes and various designs to minimise shipping costs.
  • Usually supplied flat to minimise storage requirements.
Packaging with recycled content

Recycled content

Corrugated cardboard typically contains between 50 to 70% recycled material.

Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging

Double wall cardboard boxes are fully recyclable at the end of their usable lifespan.

Plastic free packaging

Plastic free packaging

Your double wall boxes are completely free from plastic materials.

Biodegradable packaging


The paper (corrugated) material used in the manufacture of this packaging is biodegradable.

Packaging printed with water-based inks

Water based inks

GWP use water based inks when printing your heavy duty packaging.

Packaging manufactured in the UK

UK manufactured

GWP manufacture your double wall boxes in the UK, reducing emissions from transport.

PAP 20 corrugated packaging symbol

Paper/Corrugated cardboard

Double wall cardboard boxes use paper-based materials in their construction (corrugated cardboard).

FSC® certified

You can choose to have your triple wall boxes made using FSC certified materials.

What is a double wall cardboard box?

A double wall cardboard box is cardboard packaging manufactured using cardboard with two layers of fluting (hence the double wall). This material provides excellent strength and durability, making it suitable for a wide range of transit packaging.

What is the difference between single-wall and double-wall boxes?

The difference between single-wall and double wall boxes is the material used to manufacture them. Single-wall boxes use a single layer of corrugated material, whereas double wall boxes use two-layered cardboard. Single-wall boxes are cheaper and lighter, but double wall boxes provide extra strength and durability.

What is the weight limit for double-wall cardboard boxes?

Double-wall cardboard boxes can typically carry up to 45kg. However, this can vary depending on the specific grade of corrugated material used, as well as the design/layout of the box itself.

Are there different types of double-wall cardboard?

There are several different types of double wall material. The board can vary depending on the outer liners (i.e. weights and colours) and the flute types used. Typical examples are EB and BC flutes, which provide additional strength or improved print quality. GWP is happy to advise on the best option for your specific requirements.

What is Tri-Wall?

Tri-Wall is a specialist product which uses three layers of corrugated material (compared to one for single wall and two for double wall). Typically used for only the heaviest-duty applications, Tri-Wall or triple-wall packaging can provide strength comparable to wooden shipping crates. It has improved environmental performance and printing capabilities compared with wood, however.

Can double wall boxes be printed?

You can choose to apply printing to double-walled packaging during the manufacturing process. Printed double-wall boxes can include branding and logos, handling instructions, recycling info, and part/model numbers.

Are double wall cardboard boxes suitable for eCommerce packaging?

Whilst commonly used for industrial transit packaging, double-wall cardboard boxes are increasingly common in eCommerce packaging. With businesses selling more and more varied items through online channels, heavier and bulkier products often require a more robust box for shipping. As they also maintain their shape during transit, parcels look much more presentable on arrival. This improved appearance is particularly beneficial if the packaging has experienced poor courier handling.

Double wall cardboard box prices

It is not uncommon for businesses and industrial users to become frustrated with their double wall boxes. This frustration stems from often sourcing from a packaging distributor or online seller offering corrugated packaging in a range of stock sizes. Using these actually increases your ongoing costs through less efficient transit and the increased likelihood of damage.

GWP take a different approach. You can source custom double wall cardboard boxes designed and optimally sized for your product or application. Your bespoke packaging can also include calculating the optimum material grade, tailoring the size, and analysing stacking strength requirements. You can, of course, enhance your packaging with print and additional coatings, too.

Free quotes and advice

However, This approach does mean that it is impossible to list prices on this site.

Instead, you can request a completely free and no-obligation quote on the double wall cardboard boxes (and other industrial packaging) you require for your business. So, please get in touch with one of our packaging experts to discuss your requirements today.

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