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Helping you become more sustainable

As a packaging user, product designer, working in procurement or simply the person tasked with identifying and implementing environmental improvements, you’ll understand how important sustainability is to your business.

Similarly, as a packaging manufacturer, GWP Group understands the business’s responsibility to the environment.

As such, we proudly demonstrate a proven track record in providing the most environmentally responsible packaging solutions. However, this is not based on current trends and media agendas. Instead, more than 30 years of experience and knowledge determine the best solution for your specific application.

At a glance

Here is how we can help your business and the packaging you use be more sustainable:

  • Reducing the volume of material used through intelligent design.
  • Optimising pack sizes for efficient transport and lower emissions.
  • Substituting hard-to-recycle materials with those which are easier to.
  • Sourcing all materials used in your packaging from responsible suppliers and sustainable sources.
  • Provide unbiased advice on whether single trip or returnable packaging is most sustainable for your application.
  • Assisting with life cycle assessments for your packaging.
  • Offering flexible and optimised delivery schedules.
  • Helping you with data and reporting for waste regulations and other legislation.
  • Assisting you in communicating the sustainability of your packaging to your customers and stakeholders.
  • Providing updates, guides and relevant information to assist in your sustainability goals.
  • Making significant strides to continually improve the sustainability of GWP’s own business.

Sustainable packaging design

The main advantage that GWP offers your business, from an environmental perspective, is the ability to maintain a packaging design’s effectiveness and appeal whilst reducing any environmental impact.

Our team of experienced designers create your packaging to be inherently sustainable, using a unique design process that considers environmental impact at all stages.

A robust design process can reduce the amount of material your packaging uses. It can also identify opportunities for using lighter-weight materials without sacrificing performance. Sustainable design can also allow you to substitute hard-to-recycle materials (such as plastics) with paper-based alternatives.

A packaging designer working on CAD software
GWP can improve the sustainability of your packaging without compromising its performance.

As all of the packaging GWP supplies to your business is bespoke, your packaging is guaranteed to be the optimum size. This approach itself reduces material use whilst also improving transport efficiency and minimising CO2 emissions.

You can find out more about our sustainable packaging design here.

Single trip vs returnable packaging

The other key point to consider is that GWP is both a single-trip and returnable packaging supplier. It means you can ask us for genuinely impartial and unbiased advice on the most cost-effective and sustainable option for your business.

Responsible sourcing

At GWP, we take an ethical approach to source any raw materials and products your packaging uses. Doing so means working with carefully selected suppliers and complying with several schemes and initiatives.


In short, the aim is to work with suppliers that uphold the same sustainability standards that GWP work to. Suppliers are vetted and frequently questioned regarding their sustainability practices. Suppliers are also asked to sign up to our supplier code of conduct.

Sheets of corrugated cardboard being moved by a forklift
GWP take great care to work suppliers that share the same sustainable values.

Many of GWP’s most significant raw material suppliers are at the forefront of driving sustainability within the packaging industry.

Besides this, the Macfarlane Group are a member of Sedex. This organisation is one of the world leaders in ethical trade. Sedex membership ensures the wider business operates all supply chains transparently, sustainably and responsibly.


All of the corrugated packaging that GWP supply is FSC® certified by default.

Doing this allows you to source sustainable packaging and communicate this to your customers by using the FSC logo on your boxes.

For further information on our sustainability certification and accreditations, please click here.

REACH, RoHS and conflict minerals

GWP has detailed policies on REACH (Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), RoHS (The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances) and Conflict minerals.

To see all of our policies, please visit the Resources section.

Support and information

A significant advantage that GWP offers your business is the ability and capacity to support your sustainability goals and projects. This assistance extends beyond simply manufacturing sustainable packaging. Crucially, we can supply the data and information you need to inform your sustainability agenda.

Packaging Waste Regulations

GWP can supply detailed information regarding your packaging use. This information allows you to comply with your environmental obligations.

Data includes that used to complete any packaging waste returns. It also extends to additional information regarding Plastic Packaging Tax and the new Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR).

A person with a cardboard box on their head
GWP can provide information and assistance on regulations and reporting, including the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme.

Data and lifecycle assessments

GWP always look to assist your business in any specific environmental or sustainability initiatives you are implementing at your organisation.

Support here can involve supplying data, helping with life cycle assessments of your packaging, or providing help with specific projects.

Communication with your customers

Your customers are increasingly expecting your packaging to be sustainable. Communicating this clearly and succinctly is paramount.

At GWP, we can advise you on the best recycling logos, symbols and branding to convey your sustainability achievements to your customers.

Whilst this includes FSC certification, GWP can advise on using On-Packaging Recycling Labels (OPRL), PAP 20, RESY, Green Dot and others, should these be relevant to your business.

A cardboard box with a printed FSC logo
You can convey your sustainability credentials to your customers through your packaging.

Information and guides

A wide range of guides and advice is published on the GWP website and is available on request as a customer of GWP.

Information includes a range of guides and articles covering everything from recycling symbols to deciphering the jargon surrounding sustainable packaging. You can also download various in-depth PDF guides and whitepapers.

For any information you cannot find online, our team of packaging experts are happy to offer help and advice tailored to your specific industry, application or packaging.

Find out more

Sustainable packaging certification

Environmental accreditations

At GWP, we hold numerous environmental accreditations, including both FSC and ISO 14001.

A GWP designer creating packaging on a CAD system

Sustainable packaging design

Our team of packaging designers ensures any packaging you source from GWP is inherently sustainable.

Cardboard packaging with black print

Eco-friendly packaging products

GWP allows you to source recyclable, reusable, returnable, biodegradable and plastic-free packaging.

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