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If you are responsible for the boxes your business uses, custom bottle packaging can provide you with a wide range of benefits.

Custom bottle packaging is used for the safe shipping of glass bottles. Typically manufactured from corrugated cardboard, bottle packaging can also include printing and various inserts. Packaging of this type is commonplace among breweries, distilleries, vineyards, and eCommerce sellers.

Benefits of using bespoke bottle packaging include reduced shipping costs, better protection, faster packing processes and easier recycling for your customers.

Bottle boxes

Cardboard bottle carriers

Custom cardboard bottle carriers

Custom sizes
Various configurations

Cardboard bottle boxes with dividers

Custom bottle boxes with dividers

Custom sizes
Various configurations

Single bottle postal box

Single bottle boxes for eCommerce

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Custom printed cardboard wine bottle box

Wine bottle boxes with integral fittings

Custom sizes
Tapeless design

Image coming soon

Lay flat wine storage boxes

Custom sizes
Various configurations

Bottle packaging inserts

Flexi-Hex bottle sleeve

Flexi-Hex bottle packaging sleeves

Standard sizes
Enquire for details

Korrvu bottle packaging

Korrvu® bottle packaging inserts

Standard sizes
3 x styles

Removable dividers for bottles

Adjustable and removable dividers

Custom sizes
Bespoke cell configurations

Foam packaging blocks

Foam inserts and end caps

Custom sizes and fit
Various material options

Retail and POS display

Branded retail / consumer packaging

Full colour printed retail packs

Grab customer attention in competitive retail markets.


FSDU and point of sale display

Perfect for promotions, launches, and driving sales.

In what sizes are bottle boxes available?

Manufacturing your bottle boxes to any size offers the optimum performance for your specific application. Custom sizes – rather than stock options – mean your bottle packaging is tailored to whether you send beer or wine bottles, single or multiple items within a shipment, or even if you need extensive print and branding.

What is bottle packaging manufactured from?

A durable and robust corrugated cardboard material is common for manufacturing bottle postal and shipping packaging. The exact type and strength of material – either single or double wall – is selected based on the weight of the contents. You can choose between white and brown (kraft) finish.

Can bottle packaging be printed?

You can choose to have your bottle packaging supplied with custom printing. Print can include simple one-colour logos, handling and care instructions, promotional messages or even full-colour, highly detailed illustrations and graphics.

What are bottle carriers?

Bottle carriers are boxes that typically allow easy carrying of several bottles. Used frequently in retail environments and as gift packaging, bottle carriers allow your business more flexibility when supplying beverages to your customers.

Can I order a single bottle pack?

GWP Packaging manufacture bespoke corrugated packaging. As such, MOQs (minimum order quantities) apply to all boxes supplied, including bottle packaging. If you are a non-business customer that requires a one-off box, the most cost-effective option is likely to be an eCommerce retailer selling these.

Do I need additional inserts for shipping bottles?

Whilst you do not always need to use inserts or dividers, including them can help to minimise damage caused by mishandling during transport. Foam end caps and linings can help to cushion your glass bottles. Packaging dividers can also help prevent damage by eliminating movement within the outer carton and help with packing efficiency.

Are these suitable for micro-brewery/craft suppliers?

Many micro-breweries, craft spirit producers, distilleries and well-known brand names use GWP Packaging bottle boxes. If you are unsure whether they are suitable for your business, then a member of the GWP team will be happy to advise.

Sourcing custom bottle packaging

GWP Packaging specialises in designing and manufacturing bespoke corrugated packaging, which includes a wide range of bottle boxes.

However, as GWP Packaging only manufactures custom bottle packaging, it offers your brewery, distillery or fulfilment centre two significant benefits.

Firstly, you can source bottle packaging that is genuinely cost-effective (with no obligation quotes too). And secondly, if you are unsure what would be the best solution for your business, you can receive free, impartial advice and pre-production samples for testing.

Expertise in bespoke corrugated design

With almost 30 years of experience working with small and large producers alike, your business can benefit from durable, cost-effective packaging tailored to your specific requirements.

A team of expert, experienced designers and support staff will be able to advise on the best solutions for your particular requirements (including POS and presentation boxes), as well as providing no obligation, fully customised quotations.

Add in a free sampling service, and you can be confident that your bottle packaging will protect your goods during shipping.

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