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Custom Cardboard Packaging Dividers & Fittings

Wide range of corrugated dividers, fittings, foam and other packaging inserts

If your business needs to improve the performance of your postal or ecommerce packaging, then this range of cardboard box inserts provides you wealth of options.

With products including fixed or adjustable divider sets, integral fittings, layer pads and even cushioning manufactured to your required sizes / specifications, you can provide your products with enhanced levels of protection. And for applications requiring even higher levels of damage prevention, you can also consider the Korrvu® range or custom designed foam inserts and end caps.

Please see below for all of the corrugated box inserts available from GWP Packaging.

Cardboard box dividers inside outer corrugated packaging

Cardboard Box Dividers

Cardboard packaging insert colours

Custom Sizes
Various Configurations

Integral fittings

Custom Cardboard Fittings

Cardboard packaging insert colours

Custom Sizes
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Foam end caps

Foam End Caps / Packaging

Foam end cap colour options

Custom Size / Design
Various grades

Cardboard layer pads slip sheets

Layer Pads / Slip Sheets

Postal packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
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Paper void fill packaging inside an outer corrugated container

Paper Void Fill Packaging

Void Fill colours

Various Options
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Korrvu retention packaging

Korrvu® Retention Packaging

Postal packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
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Korrvu suspension packaging

Korrvu® Suspension Packaging

Postal packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
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Foam alternative

Foam Alternative (Corrispring)

Cardboard packaging insert colours

Custom Sizes
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Vac formed trays

Thermo / Vacuum Formed Trays

Vac formed trays colour options

Custom Sizes
Bespoke configurations

Engineered foam inserts

Engineered Foam Inserts

Foam insert colours

Custom Sizes
Various grades

Correx dividers

Correx® Dividers (corrugated plastic)

Correx dividers colours

Custom Sizes
Various configurations

Cardboard postal packaging

View All Outer Postal Boxes

Packaging material colours and print options (swatches)

Compatible postal / transit packaging

Ecommerce packaging

Ecommerce Packaging

Packaging material colours and print options (swatches)

Packaging for any business selling online

More Info on Packaging / Box Inserts

Options to improve protection and presentation

Whilst cardboard boxes are one of the most widely used and versatile forms of packaging available, there are a number of ways in which you can improve both their protective performance and presentation.

As a result, your business can choose from a huge range of box inserts, dividers, integral fittings and simple layer pads manufactured from cardboard. These inserts generally work by preventing or limiting movement of the products within the outer container during shipping, which in turn vastly reduces (and some cases completely eliminates) the contents being damaged.

There are other benefits too. Specific fittings and dividers can allow for improved fulfilment velocity – i.e. it is quicker for your packing operatives to pack more efficiently – and can help to reduce errors too.

Plus, items such as integral fittings can allow for improved product presentation for your end consumers. This can help to impress them upon opening their orders, potentially fostering a sense of brand loyalty.

And it must also be mentioned that a range of specialist coatings – such as anti static, water resistant or even rust inhibiting – can be applied to your cardboard fittings to further enhance their performance.

There are other options available beyond cardboard box inserts however.

This includes the unique Korrvu® system from Sealed Air, that suspends or secures the items within the air space of the outer container. You can also choose from a wide range of foam inserts, lining and end caps, and even choose to use Correx® (effectively a plastic version of cardboard) on your packaging inserts if a more durable, reusable option is required.

Any box insert you select for your business can be precisely tailored to your specific products, market or application, ensuring you maximise protection, presentation and cost effectiveness.

Box Insert FAQs

Common questions about cardboard packaging inserts

See below for a list of frequently asked questions on the topic of corrugated cardboard mailing / postal boxes.

Don’t worry if you can’t see the details you need however. Simply contact a member of the GWP team on 01793 754 444, or email for for further information.

What cardboard box inserts are available?

There are a wide range of options when choosing corrugated box inserts for your business. This includes both fixed and adjustable division sets, layer pads, custom engineered fittings tailored to your products, and even the unique Corrispring corrugated cushion packaging. You can also source a range of foam and Correx® plastic inserts as well.

What are box dividers made from?

The range of corrugated options for use a packaging inserts are generally manufactured from a durable yet lightweight single wall cardboard. However, this can be enhanced with a number of specialist coatings as required, including adding water resistance, anti static and VCI corrosion inhibitors. It is also possible to manufacture your box inserts from the more robust Correx® (effectively plastic cardboard), as well as numerous foam options too.

Can I adjust packaging dividers to fit my products?

There are two types of what are typically referred to as box dividers. The first, fixed dividers, cannot have the size of their pockets or cells changed once constructed – although you can specify the size of the cells prior to manufacture (making them great for repeat use with the same product). Adjustable dividers however allow you to alter the cell sizes on a per insert basis. This makes them ideal if you frequently send orders of different items.

Can I have a custom cardboard fitting designed?

It is possible to have custom cardboard fittings manufactured to specific requirements. This can allow a perfect fit between product and the fitting, which not only helps to increase protection (by minimising movement) but also presentation too.

Are foam inserts environmentally friendly?

Foam inserts can be environmentally friendly, depending on which material is used. Plastazote, Ethafoam and Stratocell (the 3 main foams GWP use for manufacturing end caps and inserts) are produced using Polyethylene. As a result, these foams can all be recycled at the end of their life. They can also help minimise environmental impact through both reuse, but also by preventing products becoming damaged in transit (and possibly being sent to landfill).

What insert provides the highest levels of protection?

If you need the highest levels of protection, then foam inserts or end caps will be your best option. This is because, using specialist software, it is possible to calculate the exact amount of cushioning from impact and shocks that specific depths / densities of foam will provide. This in turn means foam inserts providing the optimum level of protection.

What size layer pads are available?

Layer pads are generally used for separating layers of product within an outer box (or sometimes on a pallet). As such, the layer pads must be tailored to either the size of the pallet or the outer container. Therefore, GWP Packaging will manufacture your layer pads / slip sheets to custom sizes that are tailored to your requirements.

What is Korrvu®?

Korrvu® is an innovative and unique form of packaging insert. It works in a number of ways, depending on the specific format, but essentially uses plastic film attached to corrugated inserts that suspend or secure a product within the outer packaging. This prevents movement during transit, keeping the items safe.

Can I buy one off cardboard / packaging inserts?

As manufactures, GWP Packaging are geared towards selling to businesses and trade customers. As such, we regrettably cannot offer one offs or very low volumes. If you are in doubt about MOQs (minimum order quantities) and what it is that you require, then our team will still be happy to advise you of your best option.

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