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Stratocell Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Stratocell Polyethylene foam packaging offers both transit protection and cost effective high & low volumes

Protecting your items in transit is important. Goods arriving damaged at your customers result in high volumes of returns. It also renders a lot of stock unfit for sale. Even worse, it can damage your brand reputation and future sales.


The answer should be simple, but isn’t. High volume Polystyrene is cheap, but becomes ineffective when dropped multiple times. Corrugated fittings cannot always provide the required cushioning. Plastazote is too expensive for many single-trip applications.


The answer, however, is Stratocell Packaging.

High numbers of returns can cripple your business. From the cost of replacements to the amount of stock written off as unfit for sale, it has a significant negative impact on your profitability. And this is before considering the impact on your brand reputation and repeat sales potential. However, this can be avoided...

6 ways Stratocell Polyethylene foam packaging can reduce your costs

  • Transit damage is vastly reduced, in turn reducing the costs of customer returns
  • As well as physical damage, cosmetic scratches and scuffs are also prevented
  • Brand perception improves with satisfied customers, leading to repeat business
  • Cost effective across both high and low volume runs, without sacrificing performance
  • Shipping and courier costs can be lowered compared with other void fill products
  • Productivity improves when foam is ready assembled in the outer box, minimising packing times
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So what is Stratocell?

Stratocell is a lightweight, closed cell Polyethylene foam material.


Similar to Ethafoam, Stratocell packaging is predominantly used as a protective packaging material to provide cushioning inside corrugated cartons.


It is available in 3 different densities, ensuring suitability for a huge range of applications. It is clean, lightweight, non-abrasive, resistant to water and has good insulation properties.

Stratocell end caps

Stratocell packaging can be engineered to very specific performance levels, reducing the costs to your business by reducing breakages and damages.


It is therefore used to ensure the safe transit of high value consumer electronics as well as more specialist industrial products.


Once converted, it often takes the form of foam end caps, profiled shapes, box linings and a huge range of custom engineered designs. All of which can be designed and manufactured by GWP.

Ways in which Stratocell can lead to lower costs

Stratocell is a surprisingly versatile material. In fact, in the hands of an experienced designer a vast array of designs and features can be engineered.


For example, by using  precision kiss-cutting during manufacture, it is possible to design your Polyethylene foam packaging to include hinges.


The key benefits of these are reduced material, packing time and storage costs by allowing a simple pop up operation to provide the back bars on the foam end caps. This reduction in storage, shipping and assembly times can have a significant impact on your costs. Similarly, accordion, or expandable designs can be created. The inherent flexibility of the material means that end caps can be designed to expand and contract. The benefit of this is that a single design can be used to accommodate multiple sized products. In turn, this allows you to benefit from economies of scale, reducing your packaging costs.

Polyethylene foam packaging

Additional features and finishes

Stratocell packaging is available – as standard – in a wide range of colours. This allows you to continue your brand identity once an end user has opened your shipping box. In fact, practically any colour can be specified if the volume is high enough.


Flame retardant and anti static foams are also available, the latter being especially beneficial if your products or components are sensitive to electro static discharge (ESD).


Should you be concerned about the environmental impact of your packaging, then Stratocell itself is fully recyclable.


There is also a recycled grade available which is manufactured from a minimum of 65% reclaimed material.

Choosing an experienced Stratocell manufacturing partner

Stratocell is easily converted using traditional foam conversion techniques. Whilst this would suggest that there are many companies throughout the UK who could produce Stratocell packaging, the nuances of the material mean that very few do it successfully.

Free Guide: 15 crucial considerations for protection

Should you choose to work with GWP Protective, you can be assured that you are choosing a design and manufacturing partner with vast experience of this material.


In fact, for over 25 years GWP have been creating, testing and cost effectively producing polyethylene foam packaging for companies just like yours.


Your GWP engineer will be able to guide you through every stage of the process (if required), and your foam packaging will be designed using the latest CAD and cushioning performance software.


It will be manufactured using the latest manufacturing equipment and techniques in a clean, modern production environment.


You can also source your exterior corrugated cartons or packaging from GWP, simplifying your supply chain and further reducing costs.


All of this ensures that regardless of your application, product or the challenges you are currently facing, you can be certain that you will get the right design, at the right price, and with the right levels of protection.

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