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If you are responsible for sourcing packaging for your business or organisation, you will be acutely aware of the importance of working with a sustainable packaging company.

A sustainable packaging company allows you to minimise the environmental impact of your packaging. Genuine sustainability also considers which packaging is suited to specific applications, including recycled, recyclable and reusable options. A sustainable packaging company should also demonstrate intelligent, environmentally focused packaging design and support your business’s sustainability goals.

GWP Group is a sustainable packaging company, evidenced by the availability of a huge range of genuinely sustainable packaging. GWP is also continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the wider business.

But this is just the start. GWP understands that true sustainability is a journey. There are always opportunities to improve. And that a collective approach with customers, staff, and all businesses across the value chain, is the best way to achieve lasting results.

Sustainability at GWP Group

Transparency, communication, and accountability are critical when considering sustainability.

As such, GWP reports audited carbon emission figures to indicate current operational impact. These figures also allow for a detailed action plan and identifying goals and targets for ongoing improvement.

Silhouette of wind turbines against a setting sun

Targets and reporting

Get detailed information on how GWP reports environmental impact, plus the steps taken to tackle carbon emissions and climate change.

The FSC logo printed on a cardboard box


GWP hold numerous environmental accreditations, including both FSC and ISO 14001 certifications.

Your sustainability partner

It is vital to take a holistic view of the environmental impacts of your packaging.

Considering what the packaging solution does is far more important and significant than the packaging material. Packaging plays a vital role in protecting products and getting them to their desired destination. As the environmental impact of making those products is highly likely to be significantly greater than the packaging itself it is really important that while making improvements, any packaging can still perform on a consistent basis.

This approach makes it possible to make informed choices around the most sustainable packaging option in the context of your application, business needs, consumer demands and the environment.

Two business people shaking hands

Sustainability at your business

GWP understands the importance of sustainability to your business, customers, and wider supply chain. That is why you can benefit from a range of strategies to reduce the environmental impact of your packaging.

A GWP designer creating packaging on a CAD system

Sustainable packaging design

A team of experienced packaging designers, utilising a framework focused on efficiency and being “simply clever”, ensures any packaging you source from GWP is inherently sustainable.

Cardboard packaging with black print

Eco-friendly packaging products

Uniquely, GWP allows you to source recyclable, reusable, returnable, biodegradable and plastic-free packaging. This holistic approach incorporates the principles of the circular economy and integrates seamlessly into your sustainability efforts.

GWP's approach and strategic priorities

There are three pillars to GWP’s approach to sustainability. Firstly, a priority to minimise the environmental impact of your packaging. Secondly, to empower all stakeholders and people at GWP to drive positive change. And finally, to care for and become an integral part of the local communities GWP serves.

A green shoot emerging from soil


GWP Group is taking steps to minimise the environmental impact across products, operations and the broader value chain.

A GWP Group employee


Creating an environment for staff and stakeholders at GWP to take ownership of sustainability initiatives and targets.

Boxes donated to Swindon Foodbank


Projects and ongoing initiatives where GWP partners with local communities, groups and charities.

Resources, guides, advice and more

The sheer amount of information can seem overwhelming if your business is just starting its sustainability journey. But, as a customer of GWP, you can benefit from a wide range of downloadable information, guides and documentation. You can also request detailed, personalised assistance as required.

GWP's ESG report

ESG report

Download a PDF report covering everything GWP is doing to improve sustainability.

Reports on a desk

Resource Centre

Download GWP certification and policies covering materials, modern slavery, and more.

GWP website guides displayed on a laptop

Guides and articles

Read a range of guides and articles on the topic of sustainable packaging.

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