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If you are the sustainability lead at your business, or are simply interested in minimising the impact of your packaging, you know that a business’ people play a crucial part in this.

As a result, GWP empowers individuals and teams to make significant, positive changes across all business areas. GWP view people as the company’s greatest asset. Committed, engaged employees benefit you as a customer, the wider community and the environment in working towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainability project team

A sustainability project team aims to drive positive change at GWP. Meeting regularly, team members implement projects, decide sustainability strategies and priorities, and communicate these to staff, customers and suppliers.

Project team members

Adele Heather GWP

Adele Heather

Purchasing Manager

Emily Parker, GWP Correx sales office manager

Emily Parker

General Manager
(GWP Conductive)

James Pedley, GWP Operations Manager

James Pedley

Operations Manager

Matt Dobson

Marketing Manager

Richard Coombes

Richard Coombes

General Manager
(GWP Protective)

Ruth Cook, GWP Group

Ruth Cook

Group Managing Director

Sustainability forum

Besides the project team, a wider sustainability forum is open to all employees at GWP. Members can put forward suggestions, discuss options for improving the sustainability of GWP, and take ownership of specific projects that overlap with their job roles and expertise.

Sustainability forum members include:

  • Barry Cuss
  • Clirenda Deedie
  • Harriet Frost
  • James Howse
  • Liam Fealey
  • Lukasz Brozowski
  • Phil Caswell
  • Steven Mann

Staff initiatives

Creating the sustainability project team and forum has led to the proposal and implementation of several sustainability projects across the GWP group business.

For example, James Howse has identified several improvements related to IT equipment use, printing reduction and replacing energy inefficient equipment.

Laptop computer
GWP are implementing a number of energy saving initiatives related to IT equipment.

Harriet Frost has focused on how waste and recycling are handled by office staff and those using canteen facilities. Improvements proposed include additional recycling bins, better signage, flexibles collections points and an analysis of what happens to waste after it has left the GWP site. Phil Caswell is managing a similar project for production and warehouse areas.

Clirenda Deedie and Steve Mann are both considering how the design process can incorporate sustainability into every stage, alongside how to communicate this to interested parties.

Liam Fealey is the sustainability champion for GWP’s Salisbury site, managing the implementation of various projects.

And Barry Cuss and Lukasz Brozowski are considering sustainability from the viewpoint of manufacturing processes and maintenance schedules (including paperless service checks).

Packaging technician by die cutting machinery
There are numerous projects being considered to improve the energy efficiency of production equipment.

Suggestions boxes

Suggestion boxes are present at various locations across both GWP sites. These boxes allow staff members who may not wish to be part of the sustainability forum to submit ideas for consideration. Team members can do this anonymously or ask to be included in any projects that address the points raised.


To get the wider business considering sustainability, GWP is launching a competition to engage with staff members and their families.

The challenge for current GWP staff is to create a sustainability “slogan” for use across GWP’s website, social media and other literature. Three prizes are available for the judge’s favourite ideas, with an additional bonus if any entry becomes part of GWP’s official sustainability messaging.

Employees’ children can also enter a separate competition, where they design a poster promoting different ways to be more sustainable. Themes can include recycling, switching off equipment when not in use etc. The best posters in varying age groups (under 7s, 8 – 12 and 13 to 18) can win several prizes. Posters may also feature around GWP’s manufacturing facility in various locations.


GWP aims to offer every employee, at all levels of the business, the training, opportunities, motivation and rewards to be the best they can be in their careers.

As such, GWP constantly seeks to attract and retain the perfect mix of skills, talent and diversity.

Mindful Employer

GWP Group proudly participates in the National Health Service (NHS) “Mindful Employer” initiative. Developed, led and supported by employers, the aim is to increase mental health awareness at work. The scheme also provides support for businesses in recruiting and retaining staff.

Two production operatives discussing a job in a factory
GWP give the upmost importance to the well-being of all staff members.

Mental health

The wider Macfarlane Group also protect the well-being of employees through assistance programmes. These include independent specialised counselling, a health and well-being 24-hour support line, an online portal, and fully qualified mental health first aiders.


All Macfarlane staff can take one day per, at full pay, to volunteer for community projects or charitable work. As well as assisting the local community, this also gives employees a chance to give back to any charities or organisations that may have helped them, their family or friends.

You can find further details of this scheme in the community section.


GWP aims to increase the awareness of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) through mandatory training for all staff in leadership roles in 2023. Each site will have a DEI champion by 2023.

Equal opportunities

GWP are proud of a strong Equal Opportunities policy. GWP monitors its effectiveness by asking all new employment candidates to complete a confidential equal opportunities form. The data gathered helps in ongoing commitments to fair practices and recruitment policy.

Factory worker assembling packaging
GWP are proud to operate a strong equal opportunities policy.

Positive About Disabled People

GWP Group has a positive attitude towards job applications and employment of disabled people. GWP makes five promises, covering recruitment policy, training, retention, consultation and disability awareness.

It also means interviewing all disabled applicants that meet the minimum criteria and holding discussions with disabled employees at least once a year. GWP make every effort that if employees become disabled, they stay in GWP’s employment. GWP review all commitments annually.

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