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Competitive Advantage

Strategies, ideas, service and support all targeted at having a significant, positive impact on your business

Competitive advantage. Noun: a condition or circumstance that puts a company in a favourable or superior business position.


In essence, this is GWP Groups’ rationale to being in business – to give each and every company that we work alongside a competitive advantage.


Whilst we obviously place a huge amount of focus on the packaging products we manufacture, what really sets the GWP Group apart is the broad range of complimentary services that you can take advantage of. Many of the benefits and services offered are unique to GWP, having been developed and refined during over 25 years of helping businesses just like yours.


Ultimately, by working alongside GWP you will not only gain a packaging supplier but, a strategic partner constantly looking for ways to have a direct, positive impact on your company’s success.

Gain a competitive advantage through your packaging

From reducing your costs to improving your efficiency, and boosting your sales to designing packaging to solve specific problems or challenges. Every service and product will be tailored to your exact requirements and aimed at providing genuine benefit.


Don’t believe that your packaging can provide you with a competitive advantage?


Please use the links below for specific strategies and ideas on how you can improve your packaging and operations. Alternatively, speak with an experienced advisor for impartial, no obligation advice.

Rationalise packaging lines

Leverage economies of scale & streamline your inventory

minimise packing times

Reduce labour costs whilst achieving productivity gains

Reduce shipping costs

Minimise fixed costs and reduce secondary packaging

Eliminate transit damage

Minimise return costs, and improve customer satisfaction

Minimise packaging stock

Reduce warehouse space and associated costs of storage

Value engineering packaging

Ensuring cost effectiveness and optimised efficiency

Recyclable packaging

Biodegradable and recyclable corrugated packaging products

Reusable packaging

Sustainable plastic multi trip / returnable solutions

Reduce packaging use

Strategies, ideas & tips to reduce usage / materials

Environmentally friendly packaging company

Why GWP are a truly green packaging company

calculated packaging performance

Precisely engineered protection for your products

Eliminate transit damage

Eliminate transit damage, delays and customer complaints

Material analysis

Optimisation to improve performance & lower costs

minimise storage

Vendor Managed Inventory to reduce warehouse space

rationalise packaging

Benefit from less admin and economies of scale

minimise packing times

Increase productivity, fulfilled orders and lower costs

custom packaging design expertise

Custom packaging tailored to your specific requirements

Mobile packaging design

Have a designer visit your business for sensitive projects

calculated packaging performance

Use of test data and modelling to guarantee protection

Single source packaging supplier

The cost effective way to source quality packaging

Packaging audit and evaluation

A free, no obligation review of your packaging

Raw material control

Highest quality raw materials used in your packaging

raw material control

A UK wide network of partners and specialist services

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