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GWP Packaging

Corrugated cardboard packaging expertise and innovation

GWP Protective

Widest range of protective cases with custom foam in the UK


UK leading independent Correx® packaging manufacturer

GWP Conductive

Providing cutting edge ESD safe packaging for 30+ years

GWP Coatings

Supplying sheet plants with coated corrugated material

Reduce packaging costs

A range of strategies and ideas to reduce your ongoing packaging costs

Protective packaging

Protection for your products and equipment to prevent costly damage in transit

Improve packaging efficiency

Streamline your operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity

Environmentally friendly packaging

Minimise the environmental impact of your packaging and business

Packaging design service

Custom packaging to your exact requirements, designed by an award winning team

Packaging guides and blog

A range of guides, tips and detailed articles to improve your packaging

Case studies

Examples of successful packaging, and how your business can benefit

Packaging markets

Specific industry knowledge and expertise relevant to your business

Quality standards

Accreditations / standards to ensure you get the highest packaging quality

Packaging news at GWP

The latest news, events and community projects happening at GWP Group

Competitive Advantage

Single source

All your packaging, one supplier

Custom design

Tailored to your requirements

Reduce costs

Range of strategies and services

Maximise Packaging Success

Strategies and ideas designed to have a significant, positive impact on your business

Competitive advantageNoun: a condition or circumstance that puts a company in a favourable or superior business position.

In essence, this is GWP Groups’ rationale to being in business – to give each and every company that we work alongside a competitive advantage.

Don’t believe that your packaging can provide you with a competitive advantage?

Please use the links below for specific strategies and ideas on how you can improve your packaging and operations. Alternatively, speak with an experienced adviser for impartial, no obligation advice.

Reduce Costs

Make your packaging cost effective and positively affect your profitability

Please see below for a range of strategies that can help you realise cost efficiencies throughout your packaging products, processes and supply chain.

Packaging rationalisation

Inventory Rationalisation

Leverage economies of scale & streamline your inventory

Minimise packing times

Reduce Packing Times

Reduce labour costs whilst achieving productivity gains

Reduce shipping costs

Minimise Shipping Costs

Minimise fixed costs and reduce secondary packaging

Eliminate transit damage

Prevent Shipping Damage

Minimise return costs, and improve customer satisfaction

Vendor managed inventory VMI

JIT Supply (Reduce Stock)

Reduce warehouse space and associated costs of storage

Value engineering packaging

Value Engineering Packaging

Ensuring cost effectiveness and optimised efficiency

Environment / Sustainability

Ensuring your packaging is sustainable and environmentally friendly

Please see below for all the ways in which GWP can help to minimise your environmental impact and become truly sustainable.

Recyclable packaging

Recyclable Packaging Options

Biodegradable and recyclable corrugated packaging products

Reusable packaging

Reusable Packaging Applications

Sustainable plastic multi trip / returnable packaging solutions

Packaging reduction

Packaging Reduction Strategies

Strategies, ideas & tips to reduce usage at your business

Environmentally friendly packaging

GWP Group Initiatives

GWP’s steps to ensure we’re a truly green packaging company

Product Protection

Minimise the cost and reputational damage of items breaking in transit

There is no quicker way to lose customers than consistently supplying damaged goods or products. Find out how your packaging can prevent this below.

Calculated packaging design

Precisely Calculated Design

Precisely engineered protection for your products

Reduce transit damage

Transit Damage Prevention

Eliminate transit damage, delays and customer complaints

Material analysis

Packaging Material Analysis

Optimisation to improve performance & lower costs

Improve Efficiency

Strategies and ideas to make your packaging work harder

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your staff that use or handle packaging with these strategies and ideas.

Packaging stock reduction

Consolidate Packaging Inventory

Less admin plus achieve economies of scale

Reduce packing times

Improve Packing Velocity

Increase productivity, fulfilled orders and lower costs

Packaging inventory management

Minimise Storage Requirements

Vendor Managed Inventory to reduce warehouse space

Tailored Design

Truly bespoke packaging to meet your specific requirements

Can’t find packaging that is quite right? Performance levels not as you would hope? Too costly? Custom designed packaging can solve these issues and much more besides.

Packaging design expertise

Packaging Design Expertise

Custom packaging tailored to your specific needs

Mobile packaging design service

Mobile Packaging Design Service

Have a designer visit your business for sensitive projects

Packaging data analysis

Performance Data Analysis

Use of test data and modelling to guarantee protection

Unique Benefits

Services and advantages you won't find anywhere else

The unique way in which GWP Group is setup allows you to take advantage of a number of services and benefits that simply aren’t available anywhere else.

Single source packaging supplier

Single Source Suppliers

The cost effective way to source all of your packaging

Packaging audit / evaluation

Packaging Audit / Evaluation

A free, impartial and no obligation review of your packaging

Coronavirus response

Coronavirus Response / Support

Support measures for staff, customers and industry

Remote packaging consultancy

Remote Packaging Consultancy

Full service support with no face to face meetings

More Than a Packaging Supplier

Wide ranging, tangible benefits for your business

Whilst we obviously place a huge amount of focus on the packaging products we manufacture, what really sets the GWP Group apart is the broad range of complimentary services that you can take advantage of.

Many of the benefits and services offered are unique to GWP, having been developed and refined over 25 years of helping businesses just like yours.

Ultimately, by working alongside GWP you will not only gain a packaging supplier but a strategic partner, constantly looking for ways to have a direct, positive impact on your company’s success.

From reducing your costs to improving your efficiency, boosting your sales to designing high performance packaging to solve specific problems or challenges. Every service and product will be tailored to your exact requirements and aimed at providing genuine benefit.

About GWP Group

Key details in 3 minutes

If you’d like to know a little bit more about how GWP Group operate, please watch the brief video below.

Packaging Service FAQs

Common questions regarding GWP Group services and advice

Have questions regarding the range of packaging supplied by GWP Group? If so, please see below for a selection of FAQs.

Can’t find the answer to your specific question? No problem! Please contact a member of the GWP team on 01793 754 444 or email, who will be happy to help.

Can you really help reduce my packaging costs?

GWP Group have a wide range of strategies to reduce the ongoing cost of your packaging. This involves taking a holistic look at all of your products, processes and packaging, identifying areas that can be improved. It can be common to see cost gains in packing times, material usage, minimised transit damage and a number of other areas.

Can packing times be affecting my costs?

Slow packing times can be one of the hidden costs of your packaging. It means less orders fulfilled, higher wages paid to operatives, and can even affect repeat business if your fulfilment times are too slow. GWP has a range of strategies to help improve your packing times and overall efficiency.

I would like a packaging audit – how is this conducted?

Typically, a full packaging audit would entail a visit to your site (or various meetings over Zoom or other video platform), to build up a full picture of your packaging operations. A team of expert designers, engineers and advisers will then be able to create a tailored programme of improvements for your business.

Can you design completely custom packaging?

GWP Group boast a large, experienced, award winning design team. Based across 2 well equipped design studios, a designer allocated to your business will be able to create packaging that exceeds your expectations in terms of performance, material usage, aesthetics and costs.

Can you help improve my packaging’s environmental performance?

GWP take pride in being a truly green packaging company. This means we will be able to help your business minimise the environmental impact that your packaging has, including strategies for material reduction, moving from single trip to multi use and switching to fully recyclable options as appropriate.

Find Out More

Get advice from a packaging specialist

If you haven’t found the solution to a problem, the service you are looking for, or just don’t know where to start, then please contact a member of our team here at GWP who will be happy to help.

Your Packaging. But Better.

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