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Conductive Corriplast is the robust, ESD Safe Solution suitable for clean room applications

Conductive Corriplast is a robust ESD Safe material that is perfect for use in clean room environments where static protection is also required.


Conductive Corriplast is a type of corrugated plastic board (also known as Correx) based on Polypropylene / Ethylene copolymers. This material provides a level of durability that makes it particularly suitable when longevity and re-usability is a concern.


It is easily converted on standard manufacturing equipment, and can be printed and die cut to produce any bespoke product required. This level of flexibility has seen its widespread use in various industries, with our Corriplast collapsible totes winning awards for their design and usability.


Any of the Corstat stock products can also be manufactured from Conductive Corriplast on request.

Corriplast conductive correx

6 reasons you should be using Corriplast conductive Correx

  • Exceptional physical and ESD protection
  • Robust, durable and long lasting
  • Can be enhanced with exterior print and branding
  • Custom designs available on request
  • Large stock range available on very short lead times
  • Wide network of UK distributors


Please see below for the range of products available specifically in conductive Corriplast, or view the Corstat Conductive products for the wider collection.

Collapsible Tote

Award winning handling solution


Winner of the National Packaging Councils “Gold Award” in 2007 in the category of Plastic Packaging, the Corriplast Collapsible Tote is a product GWP Conductive is rightly proud of. This collapsible tote bin offers your business a perfect solution where storage space is an issue, or re-usability is required.

Slotted Tote Divisions

Added versatility for your totes


Conductive Corriplast slotted divisions have been carefully designed to ensure that they fit the majority of standard plastic totes currently available. Manufactured from 3mm Corriplast Conductive Fluted polypropylene, our conductive divisions are robust and ESD safe, as well as being suitable for clean room use.

Collapsible Tote Divisions

Improve your handling efficiency


Created from the strong, durable and ESD safe conductive Corriplast material, and with slots at 30mm increments, these conductive Corriplast tote divisions can be arranged to create a network of cells to suit your particular application, with no need for additional tooling. Click below for more info.

Corriplast Layer Pads

GWP Conductive best seller


Manufactured from the high performance Conductive Corriplast material, these conductive Corriplast layer pads offer a flexible and competitive answer to rigid layer separation requirements. The use of the innovative Corriplast material also ensures a wealth of benefits over standard layer pads.

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