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Cost effective automotive packaging

Is your automotive packaging cost effective? Is it easy to use? Does it last over numerous trips and uses? Do you get it when you need it? Does it protect your components or products from breakages and surface damage during handling and transit?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, or even “I don’t know”, then GWP Group can make a significant, tangible difference to your operations.

01: Automotive Packaging Overview.

A wealth of knowledge of automotive packaging requirements

So how can working alongside an automotive packaging manufacturer enhance your supply chain and / or production?

By working closely with you to analyse your entire automotive packaging and handling processes, you can begin to identify any inefficiencies and wasted spend.

And if you have never sourced a specific product before, you can benefit from a custom designed solution tailored to your exact requirement and application.

Key ways a partnership with GWP can benefit your business

Reduce packaging costs

Lower Your Costs

Custom designed products & strategies proven to reduce costs to your business

Product protection

Minimise Damage

Specialist materials, design & testing to eliminate damage, reducing rejects / returns

Single source packaging suppliers

Single Source

Source your corrugated, foam & Correx® items from a single supplier, lowering costs

Increased lifespan

Long Lasting & Durable

Enhanced lifespan minimises lifetime costs of your automotive packaging

Short lead times

Short Lead Times

Get all your packaging exactly when you need it, meeting the tightest deadlines

Improve packaging efficiency

Improve Your Efficiency

Improve handling, stock checking and retrieval, part identification and more

02: Automotive Packaging Companies.

A selection of companies GWP work with…

Aston Martin logo
Honda logo
Mitshubishi logo
Prodrive logo
Rolls Royce logo
Triumph logo
TRW logo
Williams F1 logo

03: Automotive Correx®.

Plastic handling, line-side, in plant and returnable supply chain packaging

GWP Correx® have a long history of successful partnerships with leading automotive parts suppliers and car manufacturers.

By working alongside the largest independent converter of Correx® material in the UK, your business can also specify from a huge range of both supply chain and in-plant reusable transit packaging.

A dedicated design team – with vast experience in the intricacies and specific challenges posed by corrugated plastics – allows you to benefit from automotive Correx® packaging tailored to your exact requirements.

Automotive lineside packaging
Reusable "line-side" packaging is used in production environments throughout the automotive industry

This includes tote boxes with internal fittings, layer pads and locator boards as well as made to measure boxes for use on automated picking machines.

When combined with customised foam inserts or other forms of dunnage, Correx® multi trip packaging offers flexibility, durability and an extended life-cycle over traditional packaging solutions.

Automotive correx packaging
Automotive packaging manufactured from Correx® can be further enhanced through the use of dividers and inserts

Making use of a range of specialist materials, including Bubble-board and fabric covered Correx®, can enhance your handling or packaging products too. For example, anti scuff Bubble-board reduces scratches and scuffs to polished or painted surfaces such as interior components or body panels.

Regardless of the in-plant or lineside packaging / handling solutions you require, GWP Correx® can provide a cost effective, durable solution that is focused on improving the efficiency of your operations.

Why source your Correx® products from GWP Correx®?

  • Huge range of stock Correx® packaging and materials handling products
  • Exceptionally short lead times
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Custom designed products tailored to your exact requirement
  • Range of alternative, rigid plastic options
  • Conductive and ESD safe options
  • Vast experience of Correx® use in automotive – the UKs’ largest independent converter
Happy customers of GWP Group

We have purchased thousands of handling products from GWP Correx®, including picking bins as well as boxes, foam, dividers and more. Many of these have been bespoke, being expertly produced by GWPs’ in house designers. As a company, GWP are efficient, friendly and easy to deal with.

J. Wayman | Managing Director, Bondline Electronics

03: Corrugated Packaging.

Engineered corrugated cardboard packaging for Automotive sectors

Many automotive companies, including Honda, Aston Martin and others, rely on GWP Packaging for the experience we can provide across their entire packaging inventory.

This is also true of the entire automotive supply chain however. Many component manufacturers and “aftermarket” spare part producers utilise GWP corrugated packaging for the safe shipping of their items.

This is equally successful for both B2B transactions and supplying the end consumer.

Corrugated cardboard car part packaging
Corrugated cardboard packaging is often used for retail and aftermarket parts packaging, as well as the wider supply chain

Your corrugated cardboard boxes can either be custom designed by a dedicated design department, or you can select from internationally recognised, standard FEFCO layouts scaled to any size. As well as bespoke design however, any corrugated packaging your business uses can be further enhanced in a number of ways.

For example, specialist coatings such as VCI (corrosion inhibitor) can be applied to packaging used for transporting metal items. Foam inserts can be supplied pre-packed into outer cartons to protect delicate items from transit damage. Plus printing – such as instructions, part numbers or branding – can be easily added too.

Cost effective packaging
As with returnable containers, corrugated cartons can house multiple items through the use of division sets

All of this is only possible thanks to the unique way in which GWP Group covers the entire spectrum of packaging products. This offers you a genuine opportunity to source all of your automotive packaging from a single supplier, with the cost benefits this also provides.

And perhaps most importantly for industries such as automotive where deadlines and lead times can be tight, you can benefit from a fully managed packaging inventory.

This will ensure that not only do you get your packaging exactly when you need it, but the usage patterns and stock levels will be monitored by GWP ensuring you never run out or face shortages that could slow or halt your production lines.

Advantages of sourcing corrugated packaging from GWP

  • Full packaging inventory management service
  • Enhanced properties through specialist coatings
  • High volume foam protection / inserts
  • Custom designs tailored to your specific requirements
  • Choice of print and branding options
  • Focus on reducing cost and improving the efficiency of your operations

Case Study: Honda UK

GWP Packaging worked closely with Honda on a packaging reduction project. The aim was simple – to reduce the packaging used when packing spare parts for export globally out of its’ Swindon logistics hub.

In particular, the packaging for various body panels and doors had grown to an unmanageable level.

Firstly, costs were too high based on the quantities required. Secondly, there was increasing difficulties with storage and identifying the correct packaging within Hondas’ plant.

Packaging rationalisation
A packaging rationalisation project was carried out with great success for Honda UK's vehicle door packaging.

With key staff from Honda working alongside GWP Group designers, the number of packaging lines was reduced from eighteen to just six. This allowed for more cost effective pricing across the increased volumes of these six lines, plus improvements in efficiency too.

The programme was such a success that GWP Group was invited to participate in an event – New Honda Circles – which rewarded excellence and innovation throughout the company’s global operations.

Happy customers of GWP Group

When we approached GWP to help us with a project to improve and rationalise our door panel packaging, I was very pleased at the response. It was really helpful that we could visit the designers on site to discuss the designs, make any changes and get samples the same day which we could test. The new packs have worked well in tests and will provide benefits not only to us but our end customer, all in all a win – win situation for everyone involved.

Jeremy Allsop | Honda Packaging Engineer

05: Applications / Images.

An automotive packaging solution for every application & challenge

View a selection of the automotive packaging and handling products designed, manufactured and supplied by the different divisions of GWP Group. Please click the thumbnails for a larger view.

06: Foam Packaging.

High performance foam protection for specialist parts & equipment

Besides the more conventional packaging and handling equipment widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry, GWP also has a proven track record in supplying precision engineered transit solutions for high value components, tools and equipment.

For example, many F1 and motorsport teams use high performance cases and custom foam inserts for the safe transit of high value and / or delicate components and parts – many of which are worth tens of thousands of pounds.

Such a solution can provide a customised level of protection against transit damage and mishandling.

Automotive tool case foam
Tool control foam can be exceptionally useful in workshop and general engineering environments

Alternatively, another increasingly common use of foam inserts is for tool and equipment hire companies. Sending specialist tools (think Snap-On) out in cases with foam ensures the expensive equipment avoids costly damage and subsequent delays.

The use of different coloured foams – known as shadow boards for tool control – also make it easier for end users to ensure all items are returned. The contrasting colours quickly highlight an empty “pocket” in the case where the tool is missing.

As a result of ISO accredited engineering and manufacturing standards at GWP, your business is guaranteed a longer lifespan for cases subjected to hundreds of uses over a period of several years

Key benefits of foam protection for automotive / motorsport

  • Precisely engineered foam protection eliminates transit damage
  • Shadow-board foam allows for easy identification of missing tools / parts
  • Huge range of external cases, including fully waterproof
  • Mobile design service for sensitive items
  • Custom designed solutions from an award winning design studio

Case Study: Innoverne tool control / protection

Innoverne approached GWP Protective in late 2011 to produce the custom packaging for their specialist tool kits designed for the automotive, industrial, laboratory and medical sectors.

Many companies choose to hire these kits as the equipment is very costly to purchase and may only need to be used in a few circumstances. Innoverne will supply organisations with the tools they need and ship them to teams across the world.

Foam shadow boards
Foam shadow boards are ideal for tool or equipment leasing companies, such as GWP customer Innoverne

Each individual tool was shipped to the GWP design team where it was digitised. A bespoke foam insert was then designed and manufactured to ensure tools are not damaged in transit. Finally, the tool number was laser etched into the foam so recipients could be sure they’ve received the correct piece.

Another measure to ensure confidence that the kit is complete is the use of two tone foam, in this case blue with a black top layer, so any missing pieces are easily identifiable.

Happy customers of GWP Group

When we approached GWP to help us with a project to improve and rationalise our door panel packaging, I was very pleased at the response. It was really helpful that we could visit the designers on site to discuss the designs, make any changes and get samples the same day which we could test. The new packs have worked well in tests and will provide benefits not only to us but our end customer, all in all a win – win situation for everyone involved.

J. Thomas | Managing Director, Innoverne

07: ESD Safe Packaging.

Support for supply chain and electronics component manufacturers

With the increasing use of electronics in vehicles, there has been a growing requirement for conductive boxes as a solution to static discharge damage in transit.

ESD safe products already adopted by the automotive industry include conductive tote boxes with division sets and partitions, layer pads and even picking bins, as well as made to measure boxes for the transit and storage of ECUs.

Anti static electronics packaging
Anti static packaging is crucial in the automotive industry today to protect the increasingly sophisticated electronics

When combined with customised, ESD safe foam inserts, any ESD safe packaging products you specify will provide flexibility, durability and an extended lifecycle whilst still offering the highest level of conductive performance.

As the undisputed leader in the anti static packaging market in the UK (over 85% market share), GWP Conductive is perfectly placed to provide your business with any conductive supply chain and in plant reusable transit packaging you require.

Benefits of GWP Conductive anti static automotive packaging

  • Highest levels of ESD safety / performance guaranteed
  • Huge range of stock conductive packaging and materials handling products
  • Vast experience of packaging sensitive electronic components
  • Specialist anti static design team catering for custom requirements
  • Further customisation through inserts, layer pads and foam interiors
  • Conductive rigid plastic products from SSI Schaefer
Free download: GWP Group guide to reducing packaging costs

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17 Ways to Reduce Your Long Term Packaging Costs

Get your free guide highlighting 17 actionable, but often overlooked, ways of minimising the ongoing costs of your packaging.

08: Automotive Industry.

The current position of the UK Automotive industry

Even during the relatively recent down-turns in the UK and global economies, the British automotive industry, and therefore its packaging requirement, has remained strong.

With its’ origins stretching as far back as the end of the 19th century, by the 1950s the UK was the second largest producer of cars behind the United States. However, slow growth has seen the UK overtaken by Japan, France and Germany amongst others, meaning it is now the 12th largest manufacturer globally.

There are more than 20 volume manufacturers of cars and commercial vehicles, over 10 niche / specialist companies and numerous F1 & motorsport teams currently based in the British Isles, with this proliferation of organisations resulting in annual production of more than one million vehicles and over two million engines.

Manufacturers with a strong presence include Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Vauxhall, whilst many luxurious marques, such as Aston Martin, McLaren, Jaguar and Land Rover continue to thrive.

Many of these companies are already customers of GWP, along with a multitude of second and third tier suppliers into the industry.

Automotive industry UK
There is a huge number of second and third tier suppliers in the UK market, many of which rely on GWP packaging products

Approximately 4 out of every 5 vehicles produced in the UK are exported – approximately £29 billion in 2010 – with increased sales of premium products to markets such as China and the US enhancing the UKs’ performance.

Supporting this, almost 80% of all components can be sourced from UK companies, adding around £4.5 billion to the economy each year. With the sector representing almost 11% of all UK trade in goods in 2010, this is a market that is certain to see continued investment, growth and innovation.*

* Source: “Motor Industry Facts 2012” The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

Key facts and figures

  • More than 20 volume manufacturers with presence in the UK
  • 8 of the 11 F1 constructors UK based, plus numerous other motorsport teams
  • Annual production of more than one million vehicles
  • Two million engines also produced each year
  • Automotive industry accounts for almost 11% of all UK trade in goods
  • Approximately 4 out of every 5 vehicles produced in the UK are exported
  • Export value approximately £29 billion in 2010
  • Around 80% of all components can be sourced from UK companies
  • Supporting industries add £4.5 billion to the UK economy each year

09: About GWP Group.

An experienced automotive packaging manufacturer

GWP Group has over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing and supplying successful automotive packaging. We are an established, trusted supplier to both well-known global brands and smaller companies alike.

We have been working with companies such as Honda with corrugated packaging for over a decade. We are the largest independent converter of Correx® material in the UK. We are the market leaders (over 85% market share) in anti static packaging. And we are one of the few companies in the UK that can calculate the exact level of cushioning performance provided by our foam inserts.

Besides this, you can benefit from working with an experienced and knowledgeable design team, having a customer satisfaction manager allocated specifically to your business, and having your packaging manufactured in a clean, modern and well equipped production facility.

This approach allows us to focus on producing genuinely cost effective products for your business. Our aim will always be to reduce your spend through outstanding products that last longer, enhance your productivity, improve your efficiency and are cost optimised before manufacture.

We also understand that the automotive and supporting supply chain industries work to extremely tight deadlines. As such, we keep a material stock holding alongside a range of stock products, to ensure lead times that fit your manufacturing schedule. This can be further enhanced through a fully managed inventory service.

Whether you are looking to source totes, bins, multi or single trip corrugated packaging, high performance foam or indeed any handling or packaging product, we can help.

Why Work With GWP?

  • Over 5m products manufactured annually
  • More than 25 years experience
  • Specialist design team
  • Focused on reducing your costs
  • Short lead times
  • Widest range of products

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