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Automotive Packaging

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Car parts packaging

If you are an OEM, tier one, or tier two supplier, you’ll know how vital your automotive packaging is to your business’s ongoing success.

Automotive packaging protects car parts, components, and vehicles during transportation, storage, and handling. It is typically returnable, with suppliers and manufacturers using totes and containers over multiple trips. Automotive packaging also includes corrugated boxes for aftermarket parts, ESD-safe packs for electronics, and, increasingly, specialist solutions for lithium-ion batteries.

At GWP, we have vast experience supplying commercially successful, cost-effective car parts packaging to businesses of all sizes within automotive supply chains. We have expertise in returnable, single-trip, and specialist options, plus an in-house design department well versed in the nuances of automotive packaging design.

A person stacking automotive packaging containers in a warehouse.

Returnable automotive packaging

Custom-design, durable and reusable packaging containers for use in automotive supply chains.

Multi trip packaging

Correx® tote boxes

Custom sizes
3 strength options

Euro containers

Euro containers

5 sizes
Euro footprint

Correx removable dividers

Inserts and dividers

Custom sizes
Range of options

Foam divisions

Foam dunnage

Custom sizes
HD foam

Correx kitting tray

Parts and kitting trays

Custom sizes
Corrugated plastic

Vac formed trays

Vacuum formed trays

Custom sizes
Rigid plastic

Correx pallet boxes

Plastic pallet boxes

Stock or bespoke sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Custom pallet collar

pallets and collars

Stock or bespoke

Composite packaging

Composite packaging

Custom sizes

Engine packaging

Heavy-duty corrugated

Custom sizes
Heavy-duty corrugated

Aftermarket car parts packaging

Single trip corrugated packaging for aftermarket and spare part applications.

Automotive car parts packaging

Corrugated packaging

Custom sizes
Various print options

Two custom foam end caps protecting industrial part

Foam packaging

End caps

Windscreen packaging

Windscreen packaging

Custom sizes
Durable material

Specialist automotive packaging

Specialist automotive packaging for electronic components and lithium ion batteries.

Corstat conductive packaging

Electronics packaging

Stock and custom sizes
ESD safe

Aluminium case being used as lithium battery packaging

Lithium battery boxes

Various insert options

Motorsport solutions

Transit and shipping cases for motorsport parts, tools and equipment.

Tekno case with foam inserts

Tool cases

100s options
Custom foam inserts

Tool control foam

Tool control foam

Custom sizes/layouts

Custom flight cases

Custom flight cases

Custom sizes
UK manufacture

A blue Peli Hardigg ISP 2 case with stacking pattern on lid

Large shipping cases

1000+ sizes
Extra tough

Service technician equipment cases

Protective case and foam solutions suited to use by service technicians and engineers.

B&W case with tools

Equipment cases

100s options
Custom foam inserts

Foam drawer liners in a tool chest

Foam drawer liners

Custom sizes/layouts
Tool control

More info on automotive packaging

A modern vehicle comprises thousands of individual components. Each must be transported from suppliers to OEM manufacturers, arriving safely, without damage, and at the precise time to prevent costly assembly line delays.

Everything from the smallest switch to a car bonnet must have adequate automotive packaging that protects it in transit. The same applies to agricultural vehicles, too.

As a result, as much as 40 per cent of all industrial and transit packaging used globally houses automotive parts, components, and assemblies.

Changing requirements for vehicle packaging

The automotive supply chain is well-established and highly efficient, utilising a range of returnable vehicle packaging. Popular solutions include Euro containers, Correx® totes, a range of dunnage options, stillages, pallet packs and more.

However, with increasing vehicle technology, specialist requirements for protecting these components are growing. As a result, ESD-safe automotive packaging solutions that protect these items from electrostatic discharge are increasingly vital.

Besides this, with the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) accelerating, there are increased requirements for the safe transportation of lithium batteries (and hydrogen fuel cells).

The ongoing popularity of motorsports also calls for a range of specialist packaging, with foam inserts, tool control, and protective cases vital in protecting high-value tools and equipment.

Source automotive packaging

Is your automotive packaging cost-effective? Is it easy to use? Does it last over numerous trips and uses? Do you get it when you need it? Does it protect your components or products from breakages and surface damage during handling and transit?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, or even “I don’t know”, GWP Group can make a significant, tangible difference to your operations.

GWP Group has over 30 years of experience manufacturing and supplying successful automotive packaging. We are an established, trusted supplier to well-known global brands and smaller companies alike.

For over a decade, we have worked with companies such as Honda to supply their corrugated packaging. We are the largest independent converter of Correx® material in the UK. We are the market leader (over 85% market share) in anti-static packaging. And we are one of the few companies in the UK that can calculate the exact level of cushioning performance provided by our foam inserts.

A few of the businesses that trust our automotive packaging solutions

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Automotive packaging companies

At GWP, we take a different approach from the majority of automotive packaging companies. The essence of this is working closely with your business to design and manufacture a completely bespoke automotive packaging solution that provides you with a wealth of benefits.

You’ll work alongside our experienced and knowledgeable design team, have a customer satisfaction manager allocated specifically to your business, and get your packaging manufactured in a clean, modern, well-equipped production facility.

This approach allows us to focus on producing genuinely cost-effective automotive packaging for your business. Our aim will always be to reduce your spending through outstanding products that last longer, enhance your productivity, improve your efficiency, and are cost-optimised before manufacture.

We also understand that the automotive and supporting supply chain industries work to extremely tight deadlines. As such, we keep a material stock holding and can ensure lead times that fit your manufacturing schedule. You can also benefit from our fully managed inventory service.

So whether you are looking to source totes, bins, multi- or single-trip corrugated packaging, high-performance foam, or any handling or automotive packaging product, we can help.

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