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Missile cases

Mission Critical.

Defence packaging you can rely on

If your company manufactures products, components or equipment for use in the defence sector, you’ll understand how they can be “mission critical”. An item arriving damaged could delay or risk the success of an important operation. It could lead to incurring considerable costs, or even worse, the loss of life.

Does your transit packaging offer this required performance? Does it comply with NATO or MOD requirements? And does it do this cost effectively?

01:Military Packaging Overview.

High performance cases, packaging and containers for military and defence applications

Regardless of your answers to the above, GWP Group is certain that we could help to improve, streamline and reduce the cost of your military packaging.

And all this whilst maintaining a level of quality over and above what is required.

So whether you use military spec cases with high performance foam, transit containers, anti-static packaging, corrugated boxes or even a combination of all of these – its importance to your operations means GWP Group can offer you a range of advantages.

Key ways a partnership with GWP can benefit your business

Product protection

Eradicate Damage

Specialist materials, design and testing to eradicate damage to mission critical items

Single source packaging suppliers

Single Source

Source your full packaging inventory from a single supplier for quality / compatibility

Short lead times

Short Lead Times

Get all your packaging exactly when you need it, meeting the tightest deadlines

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Specialist industry knowledge

Specialist Knowledge

Knowledgeable staff with more than 25 years experience

02: Military Packaging Companies.

A selection of companies GWP work with…

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WWTW logo

03: Protective Cases & Foam.

Military cases & containers with engineered foam

GWP Protective’s largest market is supplying military cases into the defence sector.

From communications hardware to missiles, GWP Protective manufacture foam lined protective cases which have been engineered to ensure that your equipment goes into service in the same condition as it left your factory.

As sole suppliers to a number of high profile defence contractors, GWP Protective has extensive experience in developing military cases and protective transit equipment for use within air, sea and land applications.

This includes being an official distributor for a huge range of cases, including Peli™, Hardigg™ Rota Mould, Explorer, SKB and many others. In fact, GWP allows you to source the largest range of branded cases from a single source in the UK.

Waterproof military cases
Waterproof protective cases - including the widely known Peli cases - are used extensively throughout the defence sector

Any case or container you specify can be fully customised with engineered foam inserts.

The level of expertise at GWP Protective also means that exact levels of protection against shock, impact and vibration can be designed into your inserts, completely eliminating potential transit damage to your highly calibrated, expensive or delicate items.

Defence sector UK
There are a number of protective cases that meet NATO and the UK defence sector tests / technical specifications

GWP therefore also has extensive experience of working with many of the UK Police forces, engineering bespoke foam inserts for armed response vehicles and weaponry storage facilities.

This depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise ensures that GWP Protective are able to supply you with the perfect protective case for your specific application, each and every time.

This is in addition to realising the importance of discretion in many of these applications, often utilising a mobile design service to ensure that any sensitive equipment or design drawings do not have to leave your premises / control.

Why source your protective cases / foam from GWP?

  • Widest range of military spec moulded cases from a single source
  • Engineered foam inserts for exact levels of protection (eliminating transit damage)
  • Custom built cases, including waterproof flight cases
  • Expert, experienced in house design team
  • Mobile design service for digitising sensitive items
  • Over 25 years’ experience of this sector

Case Study: Walking With the Wounded

Twelve wounded servicemen – accompanied by Prince Harry, the charity’s patron – took part in Walking With The Wounded’s Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge in December.

The expedition saw three teams of wounded servicemen and women – from the UK, US and the Commonwealth – complete a race over 335km to the South Pole.

Walking with the Wounded
Eric Phillips - one of the polar guides taking part in the Walking with the Wounded challenge - poses with a Storm protective case

The UK Team Glenfiddich, and expedition Patron Prince Harry, all needed to carry with them valuable possessions and equipment such as personal cameras and satellite phones, which had the potential to be damaged by the extreme temperatures.

When, prepared to set off to the South Pole, minimising the weight of the participants equipment was paramount. However, with temperatures potentially falling to -35°C, it was recognised that valuable electronic equipment would need protecting against the ruthless conditions.

Extra tough case
A GWP Protective supplied Peli Storm case at the South Pole during the WWTW expedition

In order to help the participants, GWP Protective donated a number of military spec Peli Storm Case™. These not only protected the teams’ vital equipment from moisture and dust, but the outer shell combined with foam inserts also offered protection from impact and mishandling.

Happy customers of GWP Group

As a polar guide I need to carry all sorts of fragile and sensitive equipment, from comms gear to cameras to medicines. Without GWP’s protective case, I would not only have risked damaging or destroying important kit, I could have put the entire expedition in danger. The cases were light, strong and reliable, a real must-carry item on any expedition.

Eric Philips | Polar explorer

04: Anti-Static Military Packaging.

Conductive and ESD safe packaging and handling products

Potential damage caused to electronics equipment by atmospheric static is often overlooked. This can have huge, unwanted repercussions however.

Reliance on communications equipment and technologies, many of which will be prone to damage from electro-static discharge (ESD), means that the reliability of GWP Conductive products can be of critical importance to the end user.

As a result, the range of conductive totes, boxes, handling equipment and other products can be key to making sure equipment arrives in the same condition it left the factory. Effectively channelling any static safely around the outside of the container, the items within avoid the severe damage to their circuits, chips and components that ESD can cause.

Anti static defence packaging
Anti static packaging and handling containers can be useful for transporting military equipment and even explosives

Conductive military packaging can also help to prolong and extend the lifespan of specialist equipment that may otherwise need to be replaced at great expense.

Working closely with GWP Protective, it allows you to source military spec protective cases with added anti-static protection. This includes static dissipative and conductive foam inserts.

GWP are able to work to the relevant Defence Standards, and a dedicated design team can offer you exceptional levels of customisation to suit any application.

Advantages of sourcing anti-static packaging from GWP Conductive

  • Vast experience of working within this sector
  • Experienced in house design team
  • Huge range of both custom and standard products
  • Exceptional ESD protection for static sensitive items
  • Reduction and even eradication of damage in transit / storage
  • Mobile design service for expensive or delicate items

05: Applications / Images.

A solution for even the most demanding missions / applications

View a selection of the military packaging products designed, manufactured and supplied by the different divisions of GWP Group. Please click the thumbnails for a larger view.

06: Corrugated Cardboard Packaging.

Engineered corrugated packaging offering exceptional performance

Perhaps surprisingly considering the demands, corrugated packaging is widely used by companies manufacturing products and items used by the military and defence sector organisations.

Through clever use of engineering, either to add strength, reduce cost or indeed both, GWP are able to and have frequently created high performance corrugated packaging for defence, military, police, emergency services and associated organisations.

This provides viable alternatives to more expensive forms of military packaging, without sacrificing the protection to the equipment, components or tools being transported.

Corrugated packaging for military applications
Engineered corrugated packaging can play an important part in the supply chain of manufacturers supplying the defence sector

Working closely with the other divisions of GWP, it is possible to produce packaging that is a hybrid of the traditional disciplines. This includes adding engineered foam inserts, coating the corrugated material to make it water and / or oil resistance, providing ESD protection and much else besides.

Whatever the brief supplied, the extensive knowledge, skilled designers and meticulous manufacturing processes will guarantee exceptional performance in your corrugated packaging.

Free download: GWP Group guide to reducing packaging costs

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Get your free guide highlighting 17 actionable, but often overlooked, ways of minimising the ongoing costs of your packaging.

07: Defence Industry.

The defence sector in the UK

Dealing with research and development (R&D), servicing of military materials and engineering production, the UK boasts one of the most successful military-industrial networks in the world.

The British defence industry is privatised and dominated by three large contractors and a second tier of smaller, specialized companies. In fact, SME’s are the foundation which makes up the UK’s high value defence manufacturing and services industry.

The UK industry includes at least 9000 defence companies including SME’s, meaning the UK has more businesses of this size than the French, German, Italian, Spanish and Norwegian industries combined. The UK is also second in the world behind the USA for defence exportation.

Large well-known companies in the industry however includes BAE Systems, QinetiQ and Rolls-Royce.

Military cases
The UK defence industry revenue could grow up to £82 billion per year within the next decade

Defence and military contributes to 10 percent of the UK’s manufacturing industry. Unsurprisingly, the industry achieves revenue of over £35 billion each year and has contributed £8.2 billion to the UK’s GVA (Gross Value Added). It has been estimated that the UK’s industry revenue could grow up to £82 billion per year within the next decade.

The MOD is the UK economies’ largest single customer. With a requirement for a diverse range of equipment and services, its’ annual spend is estimated at around £16 billion.

The UK industry now employs over 300,000 people in high-skilled, highly-valued jobs including 4,900 apprentices and trainees. Over 84,000 of these roles are provided by BAE Systems, the world’s third-largest defence company (based on revenue).

Key facts and figures

  • Defence and Military manufacturing makes up ten percent of the UK’s manufacturing industry
  • Overall revenue of over £35 billion each year
  • BAE Systems founded in 1999 has a revenue of almost £18 billion annually
  • The MOD is the UK economies’ largest single customer (£16 billion annual spend)
  • UK industry includes at least 9000 defence companies including SME’s
  • Over 300,000 people are employed in the industry

08: About GWP Group.

Your military packaging partner

GWP Group have been supplying successful military packaging and transit solutions into the defence sector for more than 25 years.

Whilst a lot has changed in terms of technologies, systems, funding and even politics in that time period, it means that GWP are an established, trusted supplier to companies and organisations of every size and scope.

Potential benefits to your business include a knowledgeable design team with specific knowledge of defence sector requirements. Having your packaging engineered to offer precisely calculated levels of protection. Being able to source all of your packaging from a single source. All your packaging being produced in a state of the art production facility. And having a dedicated customer satisfaction manager allocated specifically to your project.

This approach allows you to focus on your business objectives, safe in the knowledge that your packaging will not fail, will not lead to items arriving damaged to the end users, and will not imperil critical missions or activities.

GWP also understands the potential for sudden spikes in demand that affect this sector. A range of stock products, raw materials held in stock and a fully managed inventory service can be utilised to ensure you have the highest quality products on the shortest possible lead times.

So whether you need NATO approved cases, foam inserts that guarantee a part will not become damaged in transit, anti-static packaging to protect sensitive electronics, or even just corrugated boxes for high volume items, GWP Group can help.

Why Work With GWP?

  • Over 5m products manufactured annually
  • More than 25 years experience
  • Specialist design team
  • Focused on reducing your costs
  • Short lead times
  • Widest range of products

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