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ISO Packaging Manufacturers.

Committed to producing packaging of the optimum quality for every industry / application

Quality matters. Quality standards for packaging matters.

It can be the difference between your products arriving safely, or damaged. It can lead to improved sales. It can lead to increased lifespan and number of uses (which in turn benefits the environment). It ultimately affects the perception – and success – of your business.

As a truly customer-centric business, GWP take the approach of considering the company to be an extension of our clients’ businesses. Which means that every investment in quality GWP makes, is an investment in the company’s future too.

Packaging quality standards
GWP Group are accredited to a number of differing standards, ensuring we always provide you with the packaging that meets stringent quality standards

As a consequence, GWP are certified and work to internationally recognised standards such as ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, and ISO 14001:2015 for commitment to the environment. These packaging quality standards are at the very core of the business.

GWP Group is also a member of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), is recognised as a “Beacon Company” and has also won numerous industry awards for packaging design expertise.

01: ISO 9001:2015.

ISO accredited packaging manufacturer

GWP Group is extremely proud to be accredited to ISO 9001:2015.

ISO 9001:2015 is a quality management standard that is an essential part of the business and allows the production of ISO quality packaging. It also acts as a key ingredient in driving a fully integrated quality management system throughout the company.

ISO 19001 Accredited Packaging

It puts beyond question GWP Group’s ability to consistently provide packaging products and services which meet both customer and regulatory requirements and provides a solid building block towards the ultimate goal of absolute customer satisfaction.

Benefits of ISO packaging quality standards

The ISO 9001:2015 standard identifies 8 quality management principles which senior managers and team leaders employ to lead the whole business towards optimal performance. This is realised on both a day to day and long term basis.

By using these principals as a framework for everything GWP does, it ensures that not only will your needs and expectations be consistently surpassed, it can also reduce costs through lean and efficient production management and provide a fully optimised solution to any packaging design brief.

For further information on the ISO 9001:2015 standard, please visit the ISO website.

8 quality management principals of ISO

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Involvement of people
  • Process approach
  • Systems approach to management
  • Continual improvement
  • Factual approach to decision making
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

02: ISO 14001:2015.

Environmental management accreditations

As a packaging manufacturer, it is also of critical importance to consider the environmental impact of GWP Group products.

The GWP Group is therefore accredited to ISO 14001:2015 – a standard relating specifically to environmental best-practice. As with ISO 9001:2015, audits to ISO14001:2015 are performed by a third-party.

ISO 14001 Accredited Packaging

GWP Group is committed to reducing waste through efficient working processes, designing packaging with minimal material usage and promoting the use of recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.

Environmentally friendly packaging
GWP undertake a number of processes and certification to ensure we are one the greenest packaging manufacturers in the UK today.

For further information on GWP’s quality management systems, environmental responsibilities and the benefits this could have for your business, please visit the official ISO website or viewing the environmental section of our website.

03: ISTA.

International Safe Transit Association

As part of GWP Group’s long term commitment to producing transit packaging of the highest quality, the company and all our divisions have been official members of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA).


The ISTA are widely regarded as the leading developer of test procedures for packaging products worldwide. This enables comprehensive testing to ensure that packaging will provide protection in transit within a specified set of performance parameters.

It also allows for certification of packaging (and access to testing laboratories worldwide) and is seen as the industry source for trusted and respected information.

GWP Group’s association with the ISTA not only offers your business added assurances over the performance of your packaging, but also allows all of the GWP Group divisions potential access to laboratory testing of new packaging innovations and existing designs as required.

Besides this, GWP’s involvement with the ISTA also demonstrates with greater clarity that the design expertise employed to create your packaging is at the leading edge of the industry.

This in turn highlights a number of clear benefits that you can take advantage of.

Advantages of ISTA to your business

  • Calculated packaging performance utilising the latest software to eliminate transit damage
  • Testing of specific packaging products to client-specified standards
  • Use of specialist software to increase strength or reduce materials (leading to cost savings)
  • A focus on performance packaging and protection
  • Knowledge to offer alternative solutions to standard packaging materials

Who are the ISTA?

The ISTA was founded over 60 years ago, effectively creating the concept of packaging performance, testing and certification. It also maintains a focus on responsible production.

By concentrating on the specific concerns of transit packaging (rather than retail and presentational disciplines), the ISTAs’ on-going goal is to develop, establish and deliver standards that can be adopted throughout the packaging industry.

ISTA packaging testing
The ISTA provides a wide range of testing and analysis services, tools and strategies

Ultimately, the ISTA enables GWP Group and its’ other members to control costs and resources whilst continuously improving performance.

Through the creation of published packaging test procedures, certifying the testing laboratories and the packaging products themselves, plus providing a range of educational, training and support services, it allows members to provide independent proof of their transit packaging design performance.

ISTA testing & education

Two absolutely key elements of the ISTA are its’ testing and educational services.

The ISTA Testing Council is responsible for technical matters relating to the testing procedures and projects, including the creation of the “Guidelines” document that it publishes. This council is made up of members from companies including Sealed Air, UPS and FedEx, plus a wide range of packaging companies and universities.

As a result of the councils’ work, the ISTA is recognized as the global leader in the technology of pre-shipment testing and laboratory simulation of the distribution environment.

Find out more

Please click here to find out more about the ISTA on the organisations website, or get in touch with a member of the GWP team for any specific questions you may have.

04: Packaging Awards.

Recognition of GWP Group achievements

GWP Group are delighted to have won numerous awards over our 25 years of trading. Ranging from recognition of cutting edge and innovative packaging designs, to business practices and individual accolades for directors and managers.

Whilst the main measure of success at GWP Group is the satisfaction of customers, great pride is taken in the recognition bestowed upon the company by both the packaging industry and the wider business community within the South West.

Packaging award winners
Members of the GWP team at the Made in the South West Awards ceremony on 2013

Please continue reading below for further information, or view the news section of this website where information on all the latest awards, competitions, community programmes and charities is presented in further detail.

Star Pack Design Awards

The Starpack Awards for industry have been running for well over 50 years, making it the longest running award event of its kind. Star Pack is widely regarded as the UK’s leading awards for all facets of the packaging industry, including manufacture, design and new technology.

Starpack design awards

It is also run alongside the popular and highly successful schools and student event, which focuses on the next generation of packaging designers and innovation.

In essence, the objectives set out by the Starpack Award scheme is to promote best practice and high quality standards amongst packaging designers and companies, focus on innovation in design, materials and construction, whilst also maintaining strong environmental credentials.

Packaging design awards
GWP place a strong emphasis on bespoke packaging design throughout our business, reflected in the varying awards won over 25 years.

Perhaps most importantly, it also aims to highlight and promote the needs of the consumer and end user, with the functionality and usability throughout its lifecycle (including disposal) being a key factor.

GWP have a long history of success in the Starpack Awards, having been winners on many occasions. This includes awards in 1999, 2000, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and most recently in 2018, winning the “best in show” amongst others.

This reflects the design team’s ability to create innovative, functional and cost effective packaging designs.

To discover more about the StarPack awards, please click here.

Innovation In Packaging 2013

Packaging Business Review declared GWP Protective’s fully trackable case, Tracker Case, the winner of the ‘Innovation in Packaging’ award.

The product was selected from four nominations shortlisted, and recognised GWP’s idea of providing a protective case that can be secretly tracked. The ability to know the whereabouts of a case – and more pertinently it’s contents if they are particularly valuable or specialist – is seen as having wide ranging applications.

For further information on the product and the award, please visit the news section of our site.

Innovation in packaging awards

Wiltshire Business of the Year 2012

GWP Group was awarded the Business of the Year 2012 accolade by Wiltshire Life Magazine in their annual business awards.

Now in its seventh year, Wiltshire Life sought nominations from all over the county for its popular awards ceremony, which was held on March 22, 2012 at Marlborough Town Hall. The event saw businesses of all sizes from across the county celebrate the prosperity of the region, and those companies that had experienced a prolonged period of growth and / or success.

This followed on from David Pedley, GWP Group CEO, and Managing Director of GWP Packaging Ruth Cook being jointly awarded Wiltshire Business Person.

Wiltshire business of the year awards

05: Beacon Packaging Company.

A network of like minded SMEs from across the region

GWP is one of very few packaging companies to be acclaimed as a “Beacon Company”.

This independently validated standard recognises GWP Group as being amongst the most successful businesses in the region (South West), having achieved exceptional performance spanning a number of criteria.

Beacon packaging company

What is a Beacon Company?

Every member of the scheme must be validated against a strict set of criteria. Once they have been awarded Beacon status, which was achieved by GWP Group in 2009, each member becomes a reference point for the promotion of good practice and innovation.

The selection process for accepting companies into the scheme makes Beacon distinctive “in terms of the quality and enthusiasm of the membership and level of debate” within its activities.

Beacon packaging company
The Beacon Company scheme allows leading businesses in the South West to share best practice and advice on a range of subjects.

This also means that the key focus of the scheme combines the aspects of validation, connections, trust and knowledge. This in turn provides an exciting forum for business to share information, learn from this and collaborate with other members.

Beacon is therefore more than just a business forum – it is about gaining advantage.

Advantages this can offer your business

The Beacon scheme provides a trustworthy and completely confidential environment, allowing leaders of member companies to share their knowledge, quality standards and experience with each other.

Ultimately this allows their organisations to profit from greater awareness of developments taking place in the wider world of business.

Quality standards at GWP
Being part of the Beacon Company programe enables GWP to provide even higher quality products and services than would otherwise have been possible

This helps GWP Group to see the bigger picture. It means GWP are aware of and can take into consideration the needs of customers that are operating in specific market sectors.

It allows further tailoring of protective packaging services to meet the demands of the most challenging of industries requiring the highest level of technical excellence, as well as considering the individual needs of those clients.

Most of all, it enables GWP to continually improve the services we offer you, and proves a commitment to being strategic packaging partners to every customer.

More information on the Beacon Scheme

Please speak with a member of the GWP team for further information, or visit the Beacon website.

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