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Bespoke Protective Cases

Custom cases designed and built in-house to your exact requirements

If you have not been able to find a protective case that is one hundred percent perfect for your specific application, then a custom case designed and manufactured by an experienced and knowledgeable team could be the answer.

Covering everything from traditional flight cases to product sample cases, you can specify a custom-built case that is a perfect fit for your business.

Please view the specific options when specifying a custom case below, or get in touch for free advice and a no obligation quote.

Custom flight cases

Flight Cases

High quality, traditional flight cases / road case options

N Case

N Case

Lightweight carry case range suitable for sales reps

N Case 2

N Case 2

Mid range, all round case offering looks and quality

Alternative Case Options

Widest range of protective cases from a single UK supplier

As an independent business, GWP Protective are able to offer the widest range of waterproof, aluminium, plastic and other types of protective cases available from a single source.

Sample case with presentation foam and products inside

Sample Cases

Perfect for presentation in sales meetings / pitches

Hofbauer Megabag 2000 case

Carry Cases

Medium duty protective cases for varying applications

Waterproof cases

Waterproof Cases

Widest range of waterproof cases from a UK supplier

Aluminium cases

Aluminium Cases

UK distributors of Zarges aluminium cases range

WAG Cases

Plastic Cases

Huge range of branded or custom equipment cases

All protective cases

Protective Cases

Huge range of branded or custom equipment cases

Foam Inserts / Enhancements

Various options to improve performance / appearance of any protective case

Besides the wide range of case options available, your business can also enhance any case you source from GWP in a number of ways. This includes the inclusion of custom engineered foam inserts, as well external print and various branding options.

Smart case with foam inserts

Foam Inserts

Engineered protection for high value tools / equipment

Smart case panel colours

Panel Colours

Choose panel colours to match your company branding

Printed smart cases

Printed Logos

Add logos, branding, instructions and other graphics

Smart case hardware


Different catch, handle and other hardware options

More Info on Custom Cases

How working with custom case manufacturers can benefit your business

Sometimes it is impossible to find an “off the shelf” case that is the correct size for a specific product or application. Maybe the cases of the right size do not have suitable handles or do not feature wheels for ease of transportation. Perhaps even the appearance is not what you are looking for.

Regardless of the issues you are facing, working with a custom case manufacturer such as GWP Protective can allow you to design and source a case that is tailored to your requirements.

With an almost limitless number of configurable options, custom flight cases can provide a bespoke case that is exactly as you require. This is in addition to lighter weight, custom sample cases such as N Case that are ideal for sales teams presenting samples etc.

Plus, when manufactured in tandem with custom foam inserts, you can also be certain of a perfect fit between case and foam, as well as calculated levels of cushioning protection if required.

How are bespoke cases manufactured?

With a highly skilled and experienced team of designers and workshop staff, your cases can be manufactured to practically any specification.

By firstly creating a template within the latest design software, it is possible to fine tune this before passing the perfect, finalised specification to an experienced production team.

This approach also means that a copy of the drawings for every flight case, foam insert and additional products is kept on file – ensuring should you ever need to re-order, you can get an exact replica within a very short lead time.

Case Components

Components used for manufacturing cases

Below are details of the standard components that tend to be used during the process of protective case manufacture. However, please note that this list is not exhaustive and if you cannot see what you require then please contact our team to discuss your specific needs.


Pre laminated or treated Plywood is used for the case panels as it is light, durable, and resistant to scratching and moisture. Beware of companies selling cheap alternatives created from MDF however, which will fail very quickly. GWP can source different panels material for additional strength – or specific presentation purposes – if required.


Closing, locking and / or mating extrusions are used between the case and the lid to ensure a solid and secure closure, and are supplied as male / female. There are also special fittings for shallow lid and top hat constructions.

L or single angle extrusions are used as edge liners, running along the inside edge (meaning panels can be riveted to the fixture).


There are a wide range of different latch styles that you can choose from, dependent on the type of custom case you are specifying. As just one example, Butterfly latches, usually recessed, are commonly used to keep flight cases securely closed during transit.


Straight or ball corners provide both a closure where the edges meet, as well as edge protection if cases are dropped. They can also eradicate sharp edges on the corners, so as not to damage each other if used together in transit.


Hinges, again fairly self-explanatory, are used for the opening and closing mechanism.


Handles come in a range of shapes and sizes, although are commonly sprung and recessed. Most are now ergonomically designed so as to provide comfortable movement.

Wheels / Castors

Castors are often used on larger cases for ease of transportation, although you can specify these to (almost) any case if required.

Custom Case FAQs

Common questions regarding custom case manufacture

Thinking of potentially using custom cases at your business, but have some questions first?

The below section answers the most commonly asked questions regarding flight cases and other custom-built options. Saying that, if you cannot see the information you need, please contact a member of the GWP team who will be happy to assist.

What are custom cases manufactured from?

The cases that that GWP Protective manufacture in house – typically known as flight cases – are created from plywood panels (with phenolic, plastic or even aluminium layers) which are secured together with aluminium extrusion profiles and rivets.

Can I choose which catches, handles etc. are used?

Usually a range of hardware fittings can be specified. Whilst many of these are typically made from galvanised steel – which can include handles, locks, catches and even castors – a huge selection of different components can be selected from. However, if you have a specific requirement GWP can source a huge range of fixtures and fittings to match your exact needs – something non independent case suppliers simply cannot do.

Are custom cases only suitable for transit applications?

GWP Protective are one of the few UK companies to produce the N Case and Smart Case range of sample presentation cases. These are perfectly suited to the display of product samples in sales meetings / pitches, and are a great alternative to traditional plastic carry cases.

Are there are any other options when specifying custom cases?

Once the case is complete it is possible to further customise it through precisely engineered foam inserts that offer the optimum level of protection. Besides this, there is a range of branding options too, including adding logos / graphics to panels using screen or digital printing.

Are custom cases more expensive than “off the shelf” options?

The answer to this is “it depends”. Whilst the unit cost of a custom case will often be higher than a stock plastic case (such as those manufactured by Hofbauer, WAG and others), by having them manufactured to specific sizes it can reduce ongoing transit costs (i.e. no paying to ship excess foam or empty space). If in doubt, a GWP case expert will be happy to advise.

Where can I source custom built cases?

If you think a bespoke protective case would improve the performance of your sales team, engineers, operations or wider business, then please contact one of the GWP case specialists who will be happy to discuss the full design and manufacturing process with you.

Buy Custom-Built Cases

Are you looking for a custom case manufactured to your specific requirements?

Looking for top quality case manufacturers? Then you have come to the right place! GWP Protective design and manufacture a range of flight cases and bespoke sample cases at a well-equipped production facility in Salisbury.

This – alongside more than 25 years experience – ensures you can be confident that the cases and foam inserts you receive are of the highest quality. In fact, GWP have been case manufacturers since 1988, creating custom built flight cases, transit cases and presentation cases.

With both design and manufacturing teams working hand in hand, we have supplied flight cases across the whole of the UK and beyond, and are certain that you will be impressed with the quality and performance of any case we manufacture for you.

Sound good? Then please get in touch for a free, no obligation quote on any custom case requirement you or business has.

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