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Peli Hardigg™ Cases

Custom Design

Foam inserts, printing and more

UK trade supplier

Tailored pricing on all orders

Case and foam experts

More than 25 years experience

Hardigg™ military and heavy-duty transit cases

If you are looking for a way to prevent damage to your products or equipment during transit or storage, Peli Hardigg cases are amongst the best options.

Peli Hardigg cases are heavy-duty, rotationally moulded protective cases. They are particularly suited to protecting large, heavy and expensive products, parts, and equipment. Hardigg cases are fully waterproof, prevent damage from mishandling, are easy to stack and are available in over 300 sizes.

Due to our close working relationship with Peli, GWP can supply the full range of Hardigg cases. But, by working with us, you can also opt to have your cases customised with a range of options, particularly bespoke foam inserts, to maximise their protective performance.

Military personnel unloading Hardigg cases from the back of a truck
A blue Peli Hardigg ISP 2 case with stacking pattern on lid

Peli™ ISP2 cases

70+ sizes
Inter-stacking pattern

Peli hardigg single lid cases

Peli™ single lid

250+ sizes
Toughest cases available

Peli Storm case

Storm Case™

20+ sizes
GWP recommended case

Hardigg case accessories

By working with GWP, you can source a range of accessories and bespoke options for your Hardigg cases.

A yellow Peli Hardigg case with custom black and yellow Plastazote foam inserts

Peli™ case foam

Custom sizes
Tailored to your equipment

Waterproof case with a foam lining

Foam lining

All cases
Low cost protection

More info on Pelican Hardigg cases

Hardigg cases are amongst the most well-known and widely used throughout many industries. Becoming part of Pelican Products in 2009, Hardigg remains the largest manufacturer of rotationally moulded cases worldwide.

Rotomolded cases typically have thicker material at the corners and edges with thinner walls. This combination means that Hardigg cases combine exceptional strength and durability with relatively light weight.

This method of manufacture also allows for the creation of rack mount cases. Hardigg’s 19″ racks protect specialist electronics and communications equipment from dust, water, and mishandling.

Hardigg military cases

Typical features found on Hardigg cases include reinforced corners and edges, moulded-in stacking ribs, comfort grip handles, positive anti-shear locks, recessed hardware and pressure control valves.

Hardigg cases are also fully waterproof (IP68 rated) and approved by the Air Transport Association (cases exceed ATA Spec 300 Category 1).

The range of features, performance, and testing means that the US and other military forces extensively use Hardigg cases to transport vital supplies and equipment.

Hardigg Storm Case

Before becoming part of Pelican, Hardigg also developed the Storm Case range.

A rival to the Peli Protector Case, Storm cases provide a perfect combination of cost, protection and aesthetics. Using injection moulding rather than rotational, Hardigg Storm Cases offer a wide range of features and also boast a lifetime guarantee.

As a result, Storm cases are the waterproof cases that GWP typically recommend.

Hardigg case FAQs

Who are Hardigg Industries?

Hardigg Industries was founded in 1954 and quickly became the world’s largest and most successful manufacturer of rotationally moulded cases. In 2009, Pelican Products purchased the company for a reported $200 million. The acquisition created a protective case manufacturer with over 1,500 employees and 22 sites globally.

Are Peli and Hardigg separate companies?

Peli and Hardigg were rival manufacturers of waterproof equipment cases. Peli was more recognised for injection-moulded options, such as Protector cases, and Hardigg for rotational moulding. However, in 2009, Hardigg was acquired by Pelican Products.

What Hardigg cases are there?

The broader range of Peli cases incorporates various options. However, Hardigg branding is often still applied to the company’s rotomolded cases, including Single-Lid, ISP2 and specialist 19″ rack cases. Hardigg also originally developed the Storm Case range.

Do Peli or Hardigg make Storm Cases?

Storm cases are officially part of the Peli case range. However, Hardigg initially developed the Storm Case range before they became part of Pelican products in 2009.

Should I use a Hardigg heavy-duty equipment case?

The Hardigg roto mould cases are arguably the toughest heavy-duty equipment cases currently available. The moulding process creates exceptionally durable and hardwearing cases, with reinforced corners and edges as standard, making them ideal for even the most testing applications.

What is a rotomolded case?

Rotomolded cases take their name from the manufacturing technique used to create them. This technique places the material into a heated mould and rotates, distributing the plastic across the mould’s surfaces. This process creates exceptionally tough cases with thicker corners/edges and thinner walls.

What are rack mount cases?

Organisations use Rack mount cases to house specialist electronics or comms gear. Commonly used by armed forces worldwide, rack mount cases feature standard sizes and heights, known as their “U” value.

Buy Peli Hardigg cases

If you are considering using Peli Hardigg cases at your business, we can help.

Besides competitive pricing and free, no-obligation quotes on any volume of cases, we can offer various alternative branded protective cases alongside custom-built options, including wooden shipping crates and flight cases. You can also source all of your custom options at the same time, including custom foam inserts, exterior print and branding, and the full range of standard accessories and extras.

Unlike other case suppliers you may speak with, our independence means you can trust the free advice we provide. If a case is unsuitable or if there are better options for your application, we’ll be honest and tell you.

So, if you need any Peli Hardigg case or similar option, please get in touch today.

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