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Rotationally moulded plastic cases and containers

Roto Mold cases (also referred to as “rotomolded” and “rotationally moulded” cases) are the toughest and most durable protective cases available today.

They are also available in a huge range of sizes (across varying ranges from Peli / Hardigg, SKB, and Amazon) and can be enhanced with numerous custom options.

As such, rotomolded cases are the perfect option if you need to transport particularly large or heavy items or simply require the highest levels of protection during transit.

A person wearing military clothing lifting a roto mold case
A blue Peli Hardigg ISP 2 case with stacking pattern on lid

Peli™ ISP2 cases

70+ sizes
Inter-stacking pattern

Peli hardigg single lid cases

Peli™ single lid

250+ sizes
Toughest cases available

A Peli Hardigg roto molded cases with drawers for military equipment

Peli™ mobile military

Various options
Military specifications

Roto mold case inserts

By working with GWP, you can customise any roto molded case with foam inserts and lining.

A yellow Peli Hardigg case with custom black and yellow Plastazote foam inserts

Foam inserts

Custom sizes
Tailored to your equipment

Waterproof case with a foam lining

Foam lining

All cases
Low cost protection

More info on roto mold cases

Roto Mold cases, particularly those manufactured by Peli Hardigg, provide exceptional protection and longevity.

The cases are manufactured using rotational moulding and a high-quality polyethylene polymer. This process creates a plastic case that provides impact resistance and is watertight, airtight, dustproof, and corrosion-proof.

Using this method of manufacture instead of injection moulding, as used for many alternatives, including Peli cases, creates a case with thicker material at the edges and corners while being thinner on the walls. These properties not only add strength but also minimise the weight of the cases.

Performance for defence and “mission critical” applications

Due to their reliability, rotomolded cases from Hardigg and SKB are frequently vital components in many “mission-critical” operations.

Mission critical refers to scenarios where equipment failure is not an option, thereby preventing a snowball effect of a single breakdown leading to potentially catastrophic failures further down the line.

As such, the use of rotationally moulded plastic cases is widespread in military, defence, marine, security, aerospace, oil and gas, satellite, and telecommunication applications.

Roto mould case options

Peli Hardigg rotomolded cases, including the ISP2 and Single Lid ranges, are available in more than 300 sizes and allow for a high degree of customisation.

Custom options include castors, wheels, purge valves, feet, catches, specific handles and catches, different hinge options, tethering points, and even specialist configurations (e.g. Mobile Military)

If you order a high enough volume, you can specify bespoke case colours. During manufacture, you can also source semi-bespoke sizes using a “cut and shut” method. This method also allows you to alter the lid/base ratio if required.

Custom roto mold cases

GWP Protective can also offer several additional customisation options.

We can produce custom foam inserts tailored to your products precisely. These foam inserts can also be in different colours, have logos and instructions laser-etched directly onto the material, and even provide specific cushioning levels during transit (usually determined by the products you need to protect).

It is also possible to add exterior branding using screen printing, labels, or vinyl graphics.

Roto molded case FAQs

What is rotational moulding?

Rotational molding was initially developed in the 19th century but has grown steadily in popularity since around the 1940s. The process uses a heated mould that melts the plastic material. For roto-molded cases, this is typically Polyethylene. The manufacturer rotates the mould so that the plastic forms around the inside of the metal mould.

How are these different from injection moulded cases?

Injection-moulded cases use pre-melted material injected into a mould, filling the cavity to create the required shape. However, rotational moulding uses a heated mould that must be cooled before removing the case, typically making it more time-consuming. However, rotational moulding has several advantages, including making it easier to manufacture larger case sizes.

Are rotationally moulded cases the toughest cases available?

The way rotational moulding works helps to make cases manufactured using this method considerably tougher than most injection moulded equivalents. This strength is due to the moulding process naturally producing thicker corners/edges and thinner walls. Corners and edges can be as much as 15 to 20% thicker when made this way.

Who manufactures roto moulded cases?

Several businesses manufacture rotationally moulded cases. Hardigg (now part of Pelican) is the most well-known, with its ISP2 and Single Lid options. However, SKB and Amazon cases offer an extensive range of options.

Can foam inserts be added to roto mold cases?

Custom foam inserts can enhance any rotomolded case. These are tailored to the chosen case and feature recesses that perfectly fit your specific tools, products, or equipment. Custom foam provides the highest levels of transit protection while improving usability and organisation.

Have roto mould cases undergone any testing?

Hardigg and SKB have undertaken extensive testing of most roto mold cases. Specific tests include 810F and 810G Mil-Spec certification, IP68 rating, and compliance with the ATA 300 (now A4A) category 1 specification.

Buy roto molded cases

At GWP Protective, we can offer you the broadest range of protective cases, including many rotomolded options, from a single source.

This range of options, coupled with over 30 years of experience, means you can also request expert advice on the best protective case option for your specific application. And as we are independent, this advice is completely unbiased, too.

We can also customise any case you need with foam inserts. Our team of experienced designers can tailor your inserts to your requirements to provide the optimum level of protection. No more transit damage, no more costly replacements.

So, if you need the highest levels of transit protection for your expensive, large, or mission-critical kit, please contact our team of case experts at GWP.

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