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Correx® Totes

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Custom plastic tote boxes

Corrugated plastic totes for efficient distribution and line-side manual handling

Widely used throughout automotive and manufacturing, Correx® totes provide a versatile alternative to rigid plastic Euro Containers. They can also be tailored precisely to your required dimensions, finish, and strength.

You can source a range of Correx® totes from GWP with low MOQs, short lead times, and competitive prices. And your Correx® tote bins can also be customised with division sets, layer-pads, and foam inserts and even be created from anti-static material.

Correx lightweight plastic totes

Lightweight Correx® totes

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Correx handling storage totes medium duty

Medium-duty Correx® totes

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Correx heavy duty containers

Heavy-duty Correx® totes

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Q Grip custom totes

Q Grip custom size totes

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Collapsible totes

Correx® collapsible tote boxes

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Correx Stacking Trays

Correx® handling trays

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Corriplast conductive packaging

Conductive and ESD safe containers

Anti static packaging colours

Stock or Bespoke
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Rapitainer returnable packaging

Rapitainer® returnable boxes

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Correx® tote dividers

A range of inserts and dunnage to enhance your Correx® totes

A key benefit of corrugated plastic containers and totes is that you can specify them practically any size. Besides this, you can also opt to include a range of dividers, inserts and dunnage.

Correx removable dividers

Correx® dividers (removable)

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Specialist dividers (bubbleboard)

Specialist division sets

Insert colours

Custom Sizes
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Custom correx inserts

Custom Correx® inserts

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Vac formed tray

Vacuum formed inserts

Vac formed trays colour options

Custom Sizes
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Foam divisions

Foam dividers

Foam dunnage colours

Custom Sizes
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Correx layer pads

Plastic layer pads

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Conductive divider sets

Anti-static dividers

Corriplast colour

Stock / Bespoke
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More info on plastic tote boxes

Why you should consider Correx® totes instead of rigid plastic containers

Correx® totes are used in numerous manufacturing sectors, although they are particularly popular in the automotive industry.

Providing a flexible alternative to moulded plastic Euro containers, corrugated plastic totes and containers can be manufactured to practically any size. They also offer the added benefit of being tailored precisely to your required dimensions, finish, and strength. You can choose to add print and branding too.

You can also enhance your businesses’ Correx® tote boxes with Correx® division sets and layer pads (or product separation and protection), routed or die-cut foam inserts for additional cushioning, plus a range of other dunnage and insert options.

With this level of customisation, your tote boxes are tailored to your products and components, enabling more efficient handling, preventing the shipping of “fresh air” if the totes are not full, and can also reduce required storage space.

The properties of the Correx® material also improve the protection given to the contents of the tote. For example, items in storage are from moisture and dust, whilst Bubbleboard dividers can protect the surfaces of polished or painted parts. You can also use foam dividers for cushioning if mishandling is likely to occur (or if doing so could cause expensive damage).

So whilst the competitive unit costs directly impact your business, you can see additional tangible cost savings by reducing handling damage and storage space.

Options and further customisation for bespoke Correx® totes

Due to the wide range of manufacturing techniques used at GWP, plus an extensive stock of Correx® materials and components, you can specify a bespoke Correx® tote box design to suit almost any application.

You can choose from a wide choice of moulded handles, edging, catches and stacking options on any of your Correx® tote bins. These options are in addition to a range of separate (i.e. lift-off) or hinged lids.

An in-house design team also enables additional strength to be engineered into a design to ensure suitability for your application or handling environment (for example, through double layering and cross-fluting of material). Clever structural design and effective utilisation of materials can further reduce your costs.

GWP can even manufacture your Correx® totes from conductive fluted polypropylene material. This is ideal for shielding static-sensitive items, particularly electronic componentry.

And finally, you can add print to any GWP Correx® supplied tote bin with instructions, branding, logos and safety details

Three tote options to suit a range of applications

The varying options to consider when sourcing Correx® totes can be somewhat daunting.

This challenge is why GWP are the only company to offer your business a defined range of different Correx® totes to suit your specific application.

So whether you are looking for a heavy-duty option as an alternative to moulded plastics, a general-purpose tote, or even if weight is your biggest concern, you can source a tote perfectly suited to your requirements.

And if you cannot see a tote that is one hundred per cent perfect for your specific requirements, an experienced design team can advise and create a custom tote container that is perfect for your needs.

Correx® tote FAQs

Commonly asked questions regarding corrugated plastic totes

As highlighted, there are many options to consider when sourcing Correx® totes for your business. And this means many frequently asked questions, too.

The following section covers the majority of these. But, should you have any further questions, please get in touch on 01793 754 457 or by email using

Can Correx® totes improve handling in my factory and supply chain?

All of the Correx® totes you can specify and source from GWP Correx® aim to improve the efficiency and productivity of your workforce (and any processes concerned with in-plant and line-side handling). This improvement can be through easier handling, more efficient loading and unloading, better part density, maximising storage space, and much more.

Can Correx® totes be stacked?

Correx® totes can feature corner components that allow them to be safely stacked. This feature is a health and safety benefit and enables you to make the most efficient use of the storage space at your production facility or warehouse.

Do Correx® totes have handles?

Correx® totes are typically supplied with integrated handles to ensure easy lifting and movement of your containers without affecting the structural strength. There are several different handle components and styles you can select.

Do custom Correx® totes cost more than standard euro containers?

Standard, mass-produced moulded plastic totes are priced lower than custom Correx® totes (although performance is similar). However, custom sizes can improve transit efficiency, minimise storage space, and lead to more efficient handling (all of which reduce your long-term costs). Besides this, Correx® totes are easy to clean, resistant to water, oil, grease and most chemicals and offer excellent longevity.

Can Correx® totes have internal divider sets?

You can further customise your tote containers with Correx® division sets and layer pads (or even routed or die-cut foam inserts for additional cushioning). These dividers can help eliminate damage during handling by preventing components or parts from colliding. They also allow for easy identification of parts, quicker “at a glance” stock checking, and can help improve assembly times in line-side applications.

What is Bubble-board?

Bubble-board is a new material which, as well as being more robust due to its unique honeycomb centre, can also be laminated with fabric, for an anti-scuff finish or with foam for additional cushioning. Both materials protect products with highly polished, painted or delicate surfaces. GWP can manufacture Correx® dividers from Bubble-board.

Buy Correx® tote boxes

Market-leading Correx® and returnable packaging expertise

Put simply, GWP is the leading independent manufacturer of Correx® totes and similar handling products in the UK.

You can source tote boxes and your entire handling and storage requirements from a single supplier. And these are not simply off-the-shelf products (although you can source these, too) but are tailored to your exact needs.

Your Correx® totes, picking bins, boxes, dividers and supporting products are available on exceptionally short lead times thanks to an extensive stock holding of material. This inventory also helps to keep prices very competitive – even on low volumes.

Extensive design expertise also means you can specify – and be involved in all stages of the design process – hard-wearing, durable corrugated plastic products for almost any requirement.

Plus, with a dedicated support team offering free, impartial advice at all stages of sourcing your products, you can be confident that any Correx® totes you specify are genuinely the optimum solution.

If you think Correx® totes could have a significant, positive impact on your business or would like a free, no-obligation quote or impartial advice, please get in touch.

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