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Waterproof Packaging

Offshore and marine packaging

As you are likely aware, selecting the optimum waterproof packaging for marine or offshore applications can be difficult.

Waterproof packaging can range from coated corrugated cardboard to high-performance moulded plastic cases. For marine and offshore applications, however, waterproof packaging is typically reusable, extra tough, and IP-rated (ingress protection). Most export packaging also has some element of moisture resistance to protect its contents during shipping.

At GWP, we have extensive experience working with offshore and marine businesses, supplying high-performance waterproof cases and packaging that protect tools in the harshest conditions. Understanding the challenges allows our expert design team to create bespoke solutions that provide optimum protection and can also improve efficiency, productivity, and ongoing costs.

Waterproof packaging cases on wooden jetty

Waterproof equipment cases

A range of high-performance case options to protect expensive and specialist equipment.

B&W Cases

B&W cases

25+ Sizes
Low-cost option

Explorer case

Explorer cases

30+ sizes
Military-grade cases

Nanuk cases

Nanuk cases

15+ sizes
Best for features

Peli Protector Cases

Peli™ Protector Case™

40+ sizes
Best selling case

Peli air cases

Peli™ Air

10+ sizes
Up to 40% lighter

Peli hardback case

Peli™ Hardback™

5 sizes
For laptops and tablets

Peli micro case

Peli™ Micro Case Series™

7+ sizes
Smallest waterproof cases

Peli R60 ruck case

Peli™ Ruck cases

Custom sizes
Integral bumpers

SKB Cases

SKB iSeries

45+ sizes
IP68 rated

Peli Storm case

Storm Case™

20+ sizes
GWP recommended case

Large/heavy-duty marine cases

Extra tough cases ideal for storing and transporting large industrial parts and kit.

A blue Peli Hardigg ISP 2 case with stacking pattern on lid

Peli™ ISP2 cases

70+ sizes
Inter-stacking pattern

Peli hardigg single lid cases

Peli™ single lid

250+ sizes
Toughest cases available

GRP Containers

GRP cases

Fully bespoke
Very large sizes

Foam inserts

Any waterproof marine packaging case can be enhanced using bespoke foam inserts.

A yellow Peli Hardigg case with custom black and yellow Plastazote foam inserts

Foam inserts

Custom sizes
Tailored to your equipment

Foam lined case

Foam case lining

Basic protection
Low cost option

Tool control foam shadowboards

Tool control foam

Fully bespoke
Prevents tool loss/FOD

Export packaging

A range of packaging designed especially for export and maritime shipment.

Wooden shipping crates

Wooden shipping crates

Custom sizes
Range of options

Triwall triple wall cardboard box

Heavy duty corrugated

Custom sizes
Extra durable

Cardboard pallet boxes

Pallet boxes

Standard and bespoke
Various fittings

Anti corrosion cardboard coating

VCI packaging

Custom sizes
Volatile corrosion inhibitor

Composite packaging

Composite packs

Custom sizes

Large wooden storage containers

Large shipping containers

Custom sizes
Various options

More info on marine/waterproof packaging

Specialist electronics equipment or tools, plus water, are rarely a successful combination.

However, marine and offshore (oil and gas) companies face this challenge daily. What makes it even more challenging is that much of the equipment used for measurement, monitoring, or maintenance is usually very specialist and very expensive.

And as you’ll know, if you frequently use, ship, or store high-value or specialist equipment, the consequences of damage are usually not worth contemplating.

As a result, any business using tools or equipment in marine environments typically looks to protect them using waterproof packaging and particularly high-performance protective cases.

Coupled with bespoke foam inserts, waterproof cases protect their contents not only from moisture but also from shock, impact, vibration, and general mishandling.

Waterproof packaging experts

At GWP, we are proud to be a trusted and established supplier to the offshore and marine sectors.

In our 30+ years in this sector, we have worked alongside large-scale, multi-national organisations and smaller, independent companies alike. The range of waterproof cases we supply lend themselves perfectly to these industries.

However, a key benefit of GWP—unlike many of our competitors—is that being independent, we are not tied to only supplying a specific brand of case. As such, we can supply perhaps the largest range of any UK supplier, covering everything from the well-known Peli™ cases to SKB, Nanuk, Storm Case™, Hardigg™, Explorer, B&W, and even Zarges.

This range offers a greater choice in terms of performance, sizes, internal options, and budget when specifying waterproof packaging.

Offshore and marine businesses we work with

RS Sailing

Marine packaging company

But we can offer your business more than just experience and a broad product range.

You get the added benefits of a dedicated customer service team (with an individual assigned directly to your business), an award-winning design team, and a clean, modern production facility guaranteeing the highest quality products.

We can also implement numerous strategies to reduce your business costs. This may not simply be about unit price, however. It could potentially cover eliminating the costs of damaged items and lost equipment, improving packing times, and extending the lifetime of your protective packaging (minimising lifetime costs).

So, if you are having difficulty protecting your tools or equipment from the elements, need to source waterproof packaging or cases, or simply have any questions, please speak to our team.

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