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Waterproof Packaging for Marine / Offshore

Producing high performance protective packaging to exacting specifications

Specialist electronics equipment or tools, plus water, is very rarely a successful combination.


However, this is the challenge that marine and offshore (oil and gas) companies face on a daily basis. What makes this even more challenging is that a lot of the equipment used for measurement, monitoring or maintenance is usually very specialist, and very expensive.

As a result, the consequences of damage are usually not worth contemplating.


Fortunately, GWPs’ experience in this sector allows to you source extremely hard wearing, waterproof cases guaranteed to protect your equipment regardless of the environment or application.


So if you are experiencing unacceptable levels of damage, or are simply looking to source cases that will protect your new products, GWP Group can help.

Ways a partnership with GWP can benefit your business

Minimise Damage

Products, design & testing to eliminate damage, reducing project delays

Lower Your Costs

Custom designed products & strategies proven to reduce costs to your business

Single Source

Source your cases and foam from a single supplier, lowering costs

Long Lasting & Durable

Enhanced lifespan minimises lifetime costs of your marine packaging

Widest Choice

Largest range of waterproof cases available from a single supplier

Improve Your Efficiency

Specialist foams to identify tools / parts, plus highlight any missing items

A Selection of Companies We Work With…

Forum Subsea Technologies
RS Sailing
Saab Seaeye

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Specialist waterproof cases for offshore / marine applications

GWP Protectives’ waterproof packaging – custom designed cases – are already in operation throughout the world, protecting equipment, in some cases worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, from damage in transit and rough handling in extreme environments.


With extensive experience in the Marine Industry, GWP Protective can provide your business with custom designed, IP rated waterproof cases to suit any application.

Waterproof cases

As a result, GWP are confident you’re your protective cases will protect any devices, electronics or equipment from being damaged whilst out at sea or surrounded by extreme wet conditions.


We have designed and built cases for various items of equipment used in varying marine market sectors. Storm cases, Peli, Nanuk, SKB, Hardigg Rota mould and Explorer cases can all be supplied with CNC profiled foam inserts, designed and manufactured in-house by GWP Protective at a modern, well equipped factory.


In fact, GWP are able to offer the largest range of waterproof cases from a single supplier in the UK.

Marine equipment cases

This includes being exclusive UK distributors of EXO Case – an IP rated flight case system designed specifically with marine and offshore sectors in mind. This unsurpassed product range ensures that you can benefit from the optimum solution regardless of your application.


Ultimately, by protecting your expensive, specialist or highly calibrated tools and equipment from both mis-handling and the elements, it eradicates project delays, the need for expensive replacements and improves end user satisfaction and trust.

Key benefits waterproof cases offer marine sectors

  • Widest range of branded waterproof cases from a single supplier
  • Genuine IP Rated performance
  • Lifetime manufacturers guarantee on most cases
  • Varying price points and performance levels to suit your application / budget
  • EXOCase custom sized waterproof flight cases
  • Expert and experienced waterproof packaging design team
  • Mobile design service for sensitive or large items

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Further performance gains with foam inserts

Besides the waterproof exterior cases, an important part of your products’ protection is achieved through customised foam inserts.


These have a number of benefits. Firstly, with the foam cut to the exact profile of your items, movement in the case is eliminated. This in turn, prevents damage during transit.


Secondly, the level of protection can be engineered to the optimum level, using software which calculates cushioning impact from varying drop heights and exposure to vibration.

Custom foam inserts

Thirdly, the foam insert can be used to quickly highlight any tools missing from the case at the end of the job. These “shadow-boards” prevent expensive or rare tools / equipment being accidentally left on site.


Finally, any foam insert you specify can be further enhanced with laser etching. Besides branding, this can allow you to add important instructions, part numbers or other information directly to foam insert, aiding the end user.

A solution for every application, industry & challenge:

Corrugated packaging for sea freight

Whilst not strictly related to the oil and gas / marine industries, a common problem that companies who export via sea freight often encounter is that of corrosion.


In fact, several studies estimate that damage caused by corrosion, in storage or transit, costs engineering industries in Europe hundreds of millions of pounds each year.


Utilising a specialist VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) coating, your business can benefit from the most effective corrosion preventative packaging as proven in independent tests. As well as protecting your metal products & components from corrosion during transit or storage – reducing the associated costs – this VCI packaging can offer numerous other benefits too.

VCI Packaging

By eliminating the need for secondary packaging such as films and papers, both packing and unpacking times are significantly reduced, boosting productivity. This also reduces your packaging inventory, leading to cost savings and reduction in storage space required.


Besides this, the VCI coating used is completely safe to handle, ensuring no protective equipment is required. External print options to reflect your brand are available to help boost awareness and future sales, in addition to the effects of reliable supply enhancing your overall company perception.


And of course, this is combined with all of the benefits offered by the regular corrugated packaging produced by GWP, including custom designs, transit damage reduction and even full inventory management.

Sea freight packaging

Key benefits of VCI packaging

  • Eliminates the cost of returns, replacements and wastage caused by corrosion damage
  • Internal dividers / fixtures also prevent movement, reducing damage from mishandling
  • Highest performance VCI transit solution in independent tests
  • Eliminates the need for VCI papers, films or coatings, speeding up packing / un-packing
  • Allows for a smaller inventory of packaging supplies, reducing storage, admin and costs
  • No smell and safe to handle without the need for protective equipment (PPE)
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The Oil, Gas and Marine industries in the UK

Oil and gas are essential in our everyday lives. Oil meets 97 percent of the UK’s transport demand, with gas being the leading fuel for both heating and electricity creation. As a result, the UK is second to Norway in the top oil and gas producers in Europe.


Globally in 2016, the IEA Oil Market Report saw an average demand of nearly 96 million barrels of oil and liquid fuels per day – that works out to more than 35 billion barrels a year.

UK offshore industry

Both oil and gas are providers for the production of many essential daily products for example medicines and plastics – this creates a multitude of jobs within the industry.


The UKCS supports 450,000 jobs in the export of oil and gas related goods around the world.


Additionally, it’s estimated that 330,000 people are employed in the UK oil and gas industry.

Marine research industry

A turnover of over £10 billion contributes nearly £3.5 billion to the UK in GVA (Gross Value Added). With both globally recognised companies and SME’s most of the 5,000 companies within the UK, a range of common technologies, skills and a wealth of marine experience has been developed.


Sharing a range of technologies the marine industry also provides support services in the Naval, Commercial, and Offshore Renewable Energy sectors.

Key facts and figures:

  • Global demand of nearly 96 million barrels of oil per day
  • 35 billion barrels a year produced
  • 330,000 people are employed in the UK oil and gas industry
  • UK turnover of over £10 billion annually
  • Industry contributes nearly £3.5 billion to the UK in GVA (Gross Value Added)

About GWP Group

GWP Group are a trusted and established supplier to the offshore and marine sectors, and have been for more than 25 years. This has seen GWP work alongside both large scale, multi-national organisations and smaller, independent companies alike.


The range of waterproof cases supplied by GWP obviously lends themselves perfectly to these sectors. A key benefit of GWP – unlike many competitors – is that being independent – we are not tied to only supplying a specific brand of case. This covers everything from the well known Peli cases to SKB, Nanuk, Storm, Hardigg, Explorer, Max and even Zarges.


This offers you a greater choice in terms of performance, sizes, internal options and budget when specifying your waterproof packaging.


And if none of these cases are exactly as required, GWP can produce a custom sized EXOCase which offers the benefits of a moulded case with the dimensional flexibility of a traditional flight case.


GWP can offer you the added benefits of a dedicated customer service team (with an individual assigned directly to your business), an experienced design team and a clean, modern production facility guaranteeing the highest quality products.


The way that GWP also allows us to focus on reducing the costs for your business. This may not simply be about unit costs however, and could potentially cover eliminating the costs of damaged items, lost equipment, improving packing times and extending the lifetime of your protective packaging (minimising lifetime costs).


So whether you need high performance waterproof cases with foam, VCI corrosion inhibiting packaging, or even handling solutions for your manufacturing facility, GWP can help.

Why Work With GWP?

  • Over 5m products manufactured annually
  • More than 25 years experience
  • Specialist design team
  • Short lead times
  • Widest range of products
  • Focused on reducing your costs

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