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Correx® Boxes

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Corrugated plastic boxes

If you are responsible for purchasing single-trip packaging at your business, you should strongly consider whether reusable Correx® boxes would be a more cost-effective and sustainable option.

Correx® boxes, made from corrugated plastic, are a durable alternative to cardboard packaging. They are available in the same styles and designs as cardboard boxes but with added strength and water resistance. As such, Correx® boxes are reusable, easy to clean, and offer excellent longevity to reduce overall costs.

At GWP, we are the UK’s largest independent designer and manufacturer of Correx® boxes. Our in-house team, with specific knowledge of the nuances of Correx® material, can create a custom box or pack tailored precisely to your requirements.

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Please note: Correx® is a registered and/or unregistered trademark of Corplex Plastics UK Ltd, its parent, subsidiaries and/or affiliates.

Correx gable box

Correx® gable boxes

Custom sizes
Integral handle

Correx briefcase boxes

Correx® briefcase boxes

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Correx shipping boxes

Correx® plastic shipping boxes

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Correx glass boxes

Correx® glass boxes (glass-jacks)

Custom sizes
Glasses and crockery

Correx food delivery boxes

Food delivery boxes

Custom sizes

Correx pallet boxes

Plastic pallet boxes

Stock or bespoke sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Plastic postal boxes

Correx® plastic postal boxes

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Medical clean room boxes

Clean room boxes

Custom sizes
EtO, gamma, and autoclave

Correx archive boxes

Museum storage boxes

Custom sizes
Acid free

Multi trip packaging

Correx® tote boxes

Custom sizes
3 strength options

Correx stacking pick bins

Correx® stacking pick boxes

Stock or bespoke sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Printed correx packaging

Printed Correx® packaging

Custom sizes
Various print options

Correx lamp coffins

Correx® lamp coffins (WEEE)

6ft (or custom) size
Corrugated polypropylene

Correx shelf bins

Correx® shelf boxes

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene


Rapitainer® returnable boxes

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Q Grip custom totes

Q Grip tote box system

Custom sizes
Unique handle system

More info on Correx® boxes

Using Correx® boxes instead of corrugated cardboard packaging is a must for specific applications and an interesting alternative for others.

Corrugated plastic boxes are a durable alternative to cardboard. They are suited to heavier products and offer increased longevity. As a result, they are often more cost-effective in the long term, even with higher upfront costs.

Correx® is also considerably harder-wearing than cardboard and resistant to moisture, chemicals, etc. These properties make it a more suitable choice for multi-trip and supply chain applications. Its surfaces are also easy to clean, and the material doesn’t shed fibres, making it ideal for medical packaging, pharmaceuticals, and clean room boxes.

However, with various colours and print options, you can also use Correx® boxes for retail and consumer applications. In fact, they are perfect for use as “added value” packaging (i.e., the end user will keep them for ongoing storage or other uses).

Another notable benefit is that Correx® boxes can be manufactured in virtually any size and design. Ultimately, this allows you to tailor your solution to your specific requirements.

Printed Correx® boxes

There are several print options available for Correx®.

Businesses commonly add logos and branding using a simple one- or two-colour screen print. Bold colours against the equally bright Correx® can produce surprisingly impactful results.

However, if this isn’t suitable, full digital print can be added to Correx®, enabling the addition of whatever graphics, imagery, and text you wish.

As a cheaper alternative to printing, you can apply labelling and vinyl graphics to Correx® boxes, too. The smooth surfaces mean any graphics adhere very well to the packaging, and they are generally tough and durable once applied. However, applying labels or vinyl can be relatively labour-intensive, so print is often the most economical option, depending on your required volume.

Corrugated plastic box options

Besides branding, you can also tailor and enhance the functionality of your Correx® boxes. Inserts and dividers, for example, can have several benefits.

Inserts typically help protect the pack’s contents during transit by minimising movement. You can also use dividers for sending multiple items in a single pack, and you can take advantage of specialist materials such as Bubble-board or foam to protect delicate surfaces.

Alongside Correx® box dividers and inserts, handles can be engineered directly into your Correx® packaging. You can also add these after using various moulded plastic components and fixtures.

You can also select catches, stacking corners, hand holes and other features, making your Correx® boxes incredibly practical and visually striking.

Correx® box FAQs

Are Correx® boxes better than cardboard?

Whilst Correx® allows for manufacturing many of the same products as cardboard (particularly die-cut packaging), it has several inherent advantages. These benefits include a much longer lifespan, greater strength, smooth surfaces you can easily clean, and resistance to water, grease, and chemicals.

Can Correx® boxes be printed?

You can print Correx® boxes in several ways, including simple screen printing (for one- or two-colour logos) and full-colour digital print. Printed Correx® boxes allow you to add your branding, safety information, and other instructions.

Can Correx® boxes include fittings and foam inserts?

You can enhance the usability of your Correx® boxes with a range of custom options. Optional features include simple Correx® divider sets through to foam lining and even engineered Plastazote inserts (as per those used in protective cases).

Are there any stock-size Correx® boxes available?

Whilst it is possible to manufacture Correx® packaging to virtually all of the recognised FEFCO layouts, GWP does not keep a stock holding of prefabricated boxes. Instead, we manufacture everything bespoke to your exact requirements. This approach ensures you benefit from a custom design tailored to your product, market, or application.

Are Correx® boxes waterproof?

Correx® material is resistant to water, meaning that Correx® boxes are typically “weatherproof”. However, your box’s style and design can impact whether it keeps the contents fully protected from water ingress (although it is possible to create waterproof containers if required).

Can Correx® boxes be reused?

One of the main benefits of Correx® boxes is that you can reuse them over hundreds of trips. This durability – and often the ability to fold flat for the return journey – can mean that corrugated plastic boxes frequently have a lower environmental impact and overall cost than single-trip corrugated packaging.

Are Correx® boxes recyclable?

Made from polypropylene, you can typically recycle Correx® boxes at the end of their usable lifespan. Please note, however, that the material is not commonly accepted in kerbside recycling (instead, needing specialist recycling centres).

Buy Correx® boxes

At GWP, we are more than a corrugated plastic box manufacturer. In fact, we have been designing and manufacturing Correx® boxes and packaging for businesses like yours for over 25 years.

As such, we are confident that we have the most experienced design studio, the most knowledgeable customer service team, and the most extensive library of tried and trusted products from any manufacturer of Correx® packaging.

Therefore, you can source a wide range of products with exceptionally short lead times and, ultimately, find or have a product designed for you that will be 100 per cent perfect for your specific requirements.

Add in free advice, no obligation quotes, and no minimum order quantities (MOQs), and you can see how your business can benefit from working with the UK’s largest corrugated plastic box manufacturer. Please get in touch today to see how effective Correx® boxes could be for your business.

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