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Specialist divider sets

Fabric or foam laminated dividers for enhanced protection

If you have parts or components that suffer from damage (including surface marking or scuffs) during handling or transit, you can prevent this by using textile dividers.

Manufactured from “Bubble board” material, your specialist divider sets can be laminated with fabric to protect delicate, polished, or painted surfaces from scuffs and marring. Plastazote® foam laminate also protects against shock and mishandling). Textile divisions effectively offer the same efficiency improvements as Correx® dividers but with increased protection. Read More

Available colours:

White Correx
Grey Correx
Black Correx
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Further information on textile dividers

The benefits of using adjustable or fixed divisions (such as Correx® dividers or even cardboard inserts) are well known.

Advantages include increased handling efficiency (with more items being kept safely within a single container), easier part retrieval, and improved handling safety by preventing overloading the outer container.

Another key benefit is that cell partitions also help to minimise damage by minimising the movement of the parts during handling or transit.

However, it is often the case that particularly delicate products or components can still suffer from damage due to mishandling. Plus, items with polished, painted, or decorative surfaces (e.g. car interior parts) can suffer from scratches, scuffs, or marring.

Scenarios such as this are where textile dividers can help. Manufactured from Bubble board material, your divider sets can include a laminate on the dividers’ surface.

For example, the spunbond fabric laminate can help prevent surface marking by providing a nonabrasive surface when in contact with the parts or components.

Foam laminate (using the well-known Plastazote® foam) takes this a step further, protecting from both surface marking and adding a degree of cushioning from shock and impact.

The result is that both textile divider options can help to significantly reduce damage to items caused during handling or transit, reducing the associated costs to your business.

Textile divider options

If you are considering either of the textile divider options for your business, you can select from a wide range of additional options (besides the surface laminate).

You can select an appropriate size for your existing handling totes or source both insert and container from GWP (reducing costs, admin, etc.). You can also set the cell size, configuration, and if you prefer the cells to be fixed or adjustable.

You can also combine the plastic dividers with layer pads to allow multiple levels to be used within an outer tote, or even with foam blocks, trays or inserts to allow for even greater protection levels.

It is even possible to specify bespoke plastic inserts tailored precisely to your specific parts, product, industry, or application.

Advantages of textile divider sets at a glance

  • Fabric laminated to prevent surface marring and scuffs.
  • Foam laminate option to protect against impact and mishandling.
  • Minimises movement within the outer container to further prevent damage.
  • Can be supplied as adjustable or fixed options.
  • Allows for quicker part identification and visual checks of low stock.
  • Can speed up assembly times through ease of access to components.
  • Custom sizes can be created to the specific requirements of your parts, components, or containers.
  • Fits most standard-sized containers already in use at your business.
  • Can be used alongside layer pads for multiple levels within the outer totes.
  • Durable and robust material ensures longevity and reduces lifetime costs.


Performance data for Bubble-Board material

Please see details of the laminates available on Bubbleboard material.

A: Anti Scuff

This material features laminate on two sides (70gm spunbond) for anti-scuff properties.

Anti scuff bubble board

B: Cushioning

This material features laminate on two sides (1mm Plastazote foam) for cushioning protection.

Cushioning Bubble-board


Common questions regarding specialist dividers

Before sourcing these industrial padded dividers, it is usual to have several questions – especially as their use is not (as yet) particularly widespread.

The most common questions feature in this section. However, you can also discuss any requirement with a friendly, knowledgeable adviser by emailing or calling on 01793 754 457.

Why should I use textile dividers?

Fabric or foam-covered dividers (manufactured from Bubble board) help prevent scuffing and marking of stored or transported items’ surfaces. Foam laminated dividers also protect against impact and mishandling too. These properties, therefore, make these dividers very useful for the handling (during manufacture) of precision instruments, components, and even high-quality consumer goods.

What is the fabric laminated option?

Fabric laminated dividers are a plastic sheet (comprising two outer layers and a “cellular core”) with 70 gm spun-bond fabric laminated to the surfaces. This material will prevent scratches, marring or blemishes from being made on delicate surfaces during handling (including those painted, polished etc.).

What are foam laminated division sets used for?

Similar to the fabric laminated divider sets – which provide exceptional protection against surface scuffing and damage in transit – the foam-covered Bubble-board dividers also offer additional protection against shock, impact, and vibration. This performance results from a 1 mm Plastazote® laminate to the outer surfaces.

Can Bubble board material be used for anything else?

You can also use Bubble board material (used to produce the textile dividers) for various other applications. It is commonly used for layer pads and slip sheets and can even be fabricated into finished packaging (such as boxes, totes, and trays).

Will these fit my existing containers?

Although available in standard sizes, GWP typically manufactures your textile division sets to your required specification. You can choose the overall size, the number of cells (including configuration), height, surface laminates and several other options. This flexibility ensures you can perfectly tailor your dividers to your specific application and requirements.

Can I source both dividers and totes together?

By working with GWP Correx®, you can simultaneously source your outer handling containers and any textile dividers or other inserts. Doing so reduces your costs and admin and guarantees an improved fit and compatibility compared to ordering them separately (i.e. from different suppliers).

Buy specialist dividers

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Although many manufacturers can offer Correx® dividers, very few work with Bubble board material.


Due to the nuances of the material, it can be challenging to manufacture a plastic divider set that actually provides the promised benefits. But, with more than 25 years of manufacturing successful returnable transit packaging and container inserts, by working with GWP, your business can take advantage of the possibilities this material (and an experienced design team) can offer.

These benefits are in addition to impartial advice, high levels of customer service and free, no-obligation quotes for any divider or returnable packaging product (including Correx® tote boxes, Euro containers, plastic trays, and even picking bins). As a result, your business can see significant, tangible benefits of working with GWP.

Alternative insert options

Enhance your handling containers with a range of inserts and dunnage

Besides the fabric dividers manufactured using Bubbleboard material, there are several alternative tote inserts that you may wish to consider.

Correx removable dividers

Correx® dividers

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Correx layer pads

Plastic layer pads

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Integral dividers

Integral dividers

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Foam divisions

Foam dividers

Foam dunnage colours

Custom Sizes
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Conductive divider sets

ESD safe dividers

Corriplast colour

Stock / Bespoke
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Cardboard box dividers inside outer corrugated packaging

Single trip inserts

Cardboard packaging insert colours

Custom Sizes
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Alternative trays and containers

Various options to suit any handling or returnable packaging application

Correx totes

Correx® totes

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Euro containers

Euro containers

Plastic parts bins colours

5 Sizes
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Vac formed tray

Plastic trays

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Corriplast conductive packaging

ESD safe containers

Anti static packaging colours

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An 0201 style corrugated cardboard case with taped closure

Corrugated boxes

Postal packaging colour options

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Multi trip packaging

All multi-trip

Largest range available from a single supplier

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