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If you want to improve your packaging, particularly to make it more eco-friendly, then sustainable packaging design is critical.

Sustainable packaging design is a process that minimises environmental impact without sacrificing packaging performance. Key strategies include reducing material, using recyclable and recycled materials, and considering reusability. Sourcing materials from responsible sources is also essential.

Design process

The ethos of GWP’s design team is “simply clever”. That your packaging should be easy to use, protect your products, and minimise environmental impact. The design process also takes a holistic view of your packaging and all associated processes. Considerations include packing times, storage, transport optimisation and so on).

Each of GWP’s designers has more than 20 years of experience in successful packaging design. It includes working on packaging for well-known brands, including Dyson, Siemens, Honda, V Tech, Sony, Stannah, and many more.

This wealth of experience and knowledge means that GWP designs your packaging using a tried and trusted framework. This process guarantees the most cost-effective and sustainable packaging for your business.

How it works

The following diagram provides an overview of the design process used at GWP.

Sustainable design process diagram

Packaging efficiency

Complementary to the design process at GWP are several additional benefits your business can take advantage of.

Material/weight reduction

The design of your packaging always uses the least amount of material possible.

This approach minimises waste and ensures your packaging is as light as possible without sacrificing performance. Weight savings can positively impact your business’s emissions through improved transport efficiency.

This approach is also the most cost-effective for your business.

Size optimisation

Your business cannot source any stock products from GWP. All your packaging is instead designed and manufactured to your exact size and requirements.

The benefits of this are numerous.

Packaging being scanned with a barcode reader in a warehouse
Size optimised packaging can significantly improve the sustainability of your business.

You are not paying to ship fresh air inside boxes which are not quite the correct size. You do not need to use excess void fill to prevent damage during transport. You pay for less material. Your packs are lighter and take up less space during shipping, minimising emissions. And ultimately, your packaging performs much better than “off-the-shelf” options.

Holistic view

Taking a holistic view of your packaging during its design is essential.

Considering the usability for customers, packing times for your operatives, storage requirements, and even rationalising your inventory can all help the long-term sustainability of your packaging.

As such, GWP always aims to fully understand your business and challenges before creating any packaging design.

Packaging being assessed in a production facility
Taking a holistic view of your packaging can yield surprising results.

Material choices

The material chosen to produce your packaging is a crucial aspect of sustainable design. By working with GWP, your business can receive advice on not only the cost-effective material but also that which minimises environmental harm.

Plastic substation and removal

Plastics have a place in sustainability, particularly considering reusability and the circular economy. But single-use plastics can result in significant volumes of waste.

As such, many businesses are transitioning from plastics to paper-based alternatives.

This switch is increasingly prevalent with foam, where the application allows. By working with GWP’s team of designers, your business can eliminate single-trip foams and similar materials, such as polystyrene, and replace them with bespoke corrugated inserts.

GWP can engineer inserts of this type to provide a comparable level of transit protection. Paper-based inserts are also significantly easier for your customers to recycle.

Stacks of corrugated cardboard material
It is often possible to move away from single use plastics and replace them with paper based alternatives.

Material substitution

Even if your packaging is entirely paper-based, reviewing material use can yield surprising results.

Often corrugated packaging uses an “over-specified” material. This unnecessary strength ensures it performs in transit but is also bulkier and heavier. This additional weight and size ultimately lead to more significant CO2 emissions.

GWP’s team of designers can use their experience to quickly identify where you can use a lighter-weight material to improve sustainability. Once identified, theoretical and physical testing can quickly prove the concept.

This approach minimises your business’ environmental impact and can reduce costs.

Alternative materials

GWP are unique amongst packaging manufacturers and suppliers in allowing your business to source single-trip and returnable packaging.

Whilst many consider all plastics bad, they can be a more sustainable option after a certain number of uses. Life cycle assessments can indicate when you are best to use single trip packs or when to switch to reusables.

A Correx box coming off an assembly line
By offering a range of materials, GWP can provide you with impartial advice on the best option for your business.

Using the same sustainable design principles, GWP can offer you impartial advice on the best option for your specific application. Providing a wide range of materials, including corrugated, Correx, Bubbleboard and more, allows you to source what is genuinely the most sustainable option for your business.

Ultimately, you can be confident you get the most sustainable packaging possible.

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