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Custom Flight Cases

Custom Design

Foam inserts, printing and more

UK trade supplier

Tailored pricing on all orders

Case and foam experts

More than 25 years experience

custom flight cases
Bespoke Flight Cases
Large Flight Case
Custom Size Flight Case
Flight Case With Foam
Aluminium Flight Cases

Custom Built Flightcases / Road Cases

Flight cases with foam inserts tailored to your exact spec

Custom flight cases offer a wide range of configurable options and complete flexibility in terms of size. This means that your flightcase can be tailored perfectly to your intended application.

Designing and manufacturing custom flight cases in house at GWP also ensures that your exact requirements are met and exceeded with every case produced. From large transit cases to smaller equipment cases – all with or without foam lining or inserts – you can be certain your items will be kept safe and secure. Read More

Available Colours:

Black foam
Grey foam
Yellow foam
Lime foam
Light blue foam
Blue foam
Red foam
  • No obligation (and no pressure) quotes for any case
  • Impartial advice from UK based experts
  • Competitive pricing and full customisation options


More info on custom flight cases

The flexibility of custom flight cases means that they are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Being manufactured to the specific size you require, rather than having to select the nearest “off the shelf” protective case, they can aid your business in a number of ways.

This includes reducing storage requirements, minimising shipping costs (you are not paying to ship empty space with case) and even helping to tailor the levels of protection you require for your specific items (through inclusion of the precise amount of foam required for optimum cushioning).

The flexibility in terms of size is also seen in the types and styles of flight cases that you can specify.

Anything from large road trunks, through to pilot cases, briefcase style options (similar to the N Case ranges) and even wardrobe cases and rack mount options can be selected and tailored to your precise requirements.

There are numerous other customisable options too. From selecting the types and styles of catches, handles and other fittings, to removable lids, adding wheels / castors, different panel materials (and printing of logos on to these) and of course the aforementioned foam inserts.

All of this means that you can specify a custom flight case that is perfectly tailored to your specific industry, products, equipment or application.

Flight case manufacture

With a highly skilled and experienced team of designers and production staff, GWP can design and create bespoke cases for almost any application.

By firstly creating a three-dimensional model using the latest design software, this ensures that your protective cases and foam inserts will be a perfect fit with your products / equipment before a finalised specification is sent to our production team.

The cases are then manufactured in a UK based factory (Salisbury, Wiltshire) using either plywood (with leather textured, plastic or even aluminium layers) or one of several types of plastic panel. These are then fabricated into a rigid structure using aluminium extrusion profiles and rivets.

You can then select from a range of hardware, generally made from galvanised steel, which can include handles, locks, catches and castors.

Whatever your choice of case, you can choose to further customise it with engineered foam inserts, creating the optimum level of product protection against mishandling.

In fact, with both flight case and foam insert being manufactured under one roof, it guarantees you the highest levels of performance, compatibility, and quality.

Key advantages of custom flight cases

  • Designed and custom built to your exact requirements
  • Everything from large road trunks through to briefcase style options
  • Wide range of fixtures and fittings available
  • Options to add wheels, castors etc. for easy manoeuvrability
  • Customisation options including coloured panels and printing
  • Foam inserts designed in conjunction with flight case for optimum fit
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Dedicated in-house design team to drive or assist projects
  • Just in Time delivery system for ongoing requirements
  • Tried and tested solution, at a low cost

Flight Case FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Flight cases

Please see below for answers to commonly asked questions regarding custom flight cases.

However, if you cannot see the info you require, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01722 416 440 or email

What are flight cases?

Flight cases are a form of protective case. However, unlike the moulded plastic cases or fabricated aluminium containers, flight cases are (typically) made to order. This means you can specify from a range of options, but most importantly specify the exact size that you require.

What is the difference between a road case and a flight case?

The terms road case and flight case are essentially interchangeable. Road cases were the name traditionally given to the cases used by touring musicians and performers to store and transport the kit required for their performances and broadcasts. However, road cases / flight cases are now widely used in sports, engineering, and many other industries.

What material are flight cases made from?

Flight cases can be manufactured from a wide range of materials. However, the panels are commonly plywood (often laminated with other finishes), plastic, or even metal (particularly aluminium). The components similarly can be manufactured from varying materials but are often galvanised or powder coated steel.

Can my flightcases have foam inserts?

The performance of flight cases is enhanced considerably with the addition of foam inserts. Whether this is simple lining of the case or custom engineered foam inserts, using flight case foam will help to protect the contents from shock, impact and mishandling.

Is it possible to add branding to flight cases?

The panels of flight cases provide a great branding opportunity. The surfaces allow for printing via screen or digital methods (which is used depends on the complexity of the design, and order volume), which means your flight cases can carry company logos, handling instructions and other useful information as required.

Where are flight cases made?

Many “stock” sized flight cases are cheap imports from China, which often do not provide sufficient levels of protection. All of the flight cases that GWP supply are manufactured in house at our state-of-the-art production facility in the UK (Wiltshire).

Buy Custom Flight Cases

Tailored features, pricing and service

GWP Protective is one of the leading UK manufacturers of fully bespoke, custom flight cases.

Every flight case you source from GWP will be custom designed to provide an exact fit and precise level of protection in any given application. We also pride ourselves on producing each and every one of our bespoke flight cases to very exacting quality standards. And, as genuine flight case manufacturers, GWP Protective have no minimum order quantities – meaning you can order anything from a one-off, completely bespoke flight case, to several thousand per year.

We have been manufacturing cases for businesses just like yours since 1988 and, with our design and manufacturing teams working hand in hand, we have manufactured flight cases for use in a huge range of industries and applications.

However, and also unlike many other flight case suppliers, GWP can also provide you with the widest range of branded protective cases from a single supplier as well. This includes Peli, Zarges, SKB, Nanuk, Hofbauer, Explorer, Rose Plastic and many, many more.

What this means for you, is certainty that your business is getting the most suitable protective case for your specific requirements.

Speak with a member of our team for advice, a no obligation quote, or continue reading below for more info.

Customisation Options

Printing, foam inserts and more...

Even with the range of benefits offered by custom flight cases, it is possible to improve them still further. Please see below for a number of customisation options…

Flight case foam

Flightcase Foam

Engineered protection for high value tools / equipment

Foam Lining

Simple yet effective, low cost case lining (with foam)

Panel Colours

Choose panel colours to match your company branding

Printed smart cases

Printed Logos

Add logos, branding, instructions and other graphics


Castors, wheels, ramps, doors and other bespoke features

Alternative Case Options

Wide range of protective cases for any application

Sample presentation foam

Sample Cases

Perfect for presentation in sales meetings / pitches

Hofbauer Megabag 2000 case

Carry Cases

Medium duty protective cases for varying applications


Waterproof Cases

Widest range of waterproof cases from a UK supplier

Zarges Eurobox buying guide

Aluminium Cases

UK distributors of Zarges aluminium cases range

All protective cases

Protective Cases

Huge range of branded or custom equipment cases

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