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N Case
Branded sample cases
Custom sample cases
N Case sample cases
N Case with foam insert
Sample briefcase

Bespoke Presentation Cases

Cost effective custom sized cases for a range of applications

The N Case (and the similar N Case 2) range of sample cases offers you the size flexibility of traditional flight cases, but with an appearance tailored to presentation applications. Add in a vast array of configurable options, and it ensures N Cases can be precisely tailored to your exact requirements.

N Cases can also be supplied with custom foam inserts that are a perfect fit for your samples, products or equipment. This not only offers protection in transit, but the use of different coloured foams and laser etching also allows for further “on brand” messaging. Read More

Available Colours:

Black foam
Grey foam
Yellow foam
Lime foam
Light blue foam
Blue foam
Red foam
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Detailed Info on N Case

The N Case and N Case 2 ranges – manufactured in-house by GWP Protective to your exact requirements – are widely regarded as high quality, low-cost, bespoke options within the almost limitless spectrum of presentation cases currently available.

Offering a more traditional appearance and lower price points, N Case is arguably the ideal entry level custom sample case when compared with the N Case 2 (the key difference being the components used and, in turn, the overall aesthetic).

By utilising a broad range of standard components, your N Cases can be manufactured (in-house at GWP) to almost any size and shape, whilst maintaining a consistent, appealing appearance and superb level of protection for your items.

This flexibility also means that the N Case can be created using a number of different panel colours (further enhanced with print if required), a wide range of fittings such as handles, hinges and catches and of course, all with custom engineered foam inserts.

This all adds up to make N-Case one of the most customisable presentation cases available today.

Aluminium presentation cases with aesthetic appeal

As a result, the benefits that the N Case provides are numerous.

It is a lightweight case that, as it is fabricated rather than moulded, and provides the same dimensional flexibility as a flight case. This is achieved whilst maintaining a low cost with an attractive design (akin to a briefcase).

It is also durable, lightweight, strong and easy to use – everything you could want in a presentation case.

As perhaps the most important aspect of any presentation, the initial visual impact is of course crucial too. As such, you can further enhance the appearance of your N Case(s) by taking advantage of GWP Protective’s expertise in manufacturing foam inserts.

In fact, you can ensure that whatever product you are displaying, you case and foam will enhance the overall aesthetic whilst remaining “on brand”.

Through utilising an expert design team and cutting-edge software, you can also be certain the profiles cut into the foam will be a perfect fit for your products. This gives a tidy, professional appearance and also provides exceptional protection. You can also choose different colours of foam to match your brand guidelines, whilst also adding logos, part numbers and branding through a laser etching service.

Key advantages of N Cases at a glance

  • Distinct aesthetics when compared to other case options / brands
  • Can be manufactured to order and to exact the dimensions required
  • Further customisation and branding via printing of panels and foam inserts
  • Wide range of extrusions, corners, feet and fittings
  • Strong and durable, yet surprisingly lightweight
  • Cost effective price points

N Case FAQs

Common Questions regarding N case

Please see below for a number of the most commonly asked questions regarding N Case.

Who manufactures N Cases?

Although the components – such as handles, corners, extrusions etc. – are manufactured by Penn Elcom, the case manufacture is completed at GWP Protective’s own production facility. This allows for the cases to be tailored to your exact requirements, whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality.

What is the difference between N Case / N Case 2?

The main difference between N case and N Case 2 is the components used. This allows for the two variants to provide different appearances, with N Case providing a more classic look to the N Case 2’s more modern aesthetic.

Can I have a custom size N Case?

The main benefit of N Cases is that they can be manufactured to bespoke sizes. This means that they are a perfect fit for your samples, tools, or equipment, minimising wasted space which can make, handling, transit, and storage more awkward / costly.

Can my custom-built cases have print on them?

N Cases can be fully branded on their panels in a number of ways. This includes simple screen printing, digital print for more advanced designs, and even simple labels and vinyl lettering for a lower cost, non-permanent option.

Should I choose N Cases with foam inserts?

N Cases with foam inserts provide a number of benefits. This includes better organisation of the case’ contents, improved presentation (including foam colours to match your branding) and much higher levels of protection against mishandling.

Are N cases suitable for heavy duty applications?

N Cases are predominantly used as sample cases, or for equipment cases where rough handling is unlikely to occur. For heavier duty applications, a custom built option such as flight cases or the waterproof EXOCase should be considered instead.

Free, Tailored Quotes

An independent sample case supplier

So why work with GWP for your sample case requirements?

Well, being manufacturers – rather than just suppliers – means you can be certain the quality of your cases will always be of the highest standard, and that your case will also be tailored to your exact specifications. All N Cases GWP supply are manufactured at our Salisbury production facility using Penn Elcom components.

Plus, being independent, we can also supply your business with the widest range of standard moulded plastic sample cases too. This way, if they are more suitable for your budget and / or application, you can be certain you are getting the best option for your specific application.

Your business can also benefit from free, no obligation, and very competitive quotes on any sample or protective case you require, along with genuinely impartial advice.

Customisation Options

Printing, foam inserts and more...

Need to give your N Cases that little something extra? Why not view a range of enhancements available through GWP…

Foam case inserts

Case Inserts

Engineered protection for high value tools / equipment

N Case lid organiser

Lid Organiser

Improve organisation of your N Case contents

N Case panel colours

Panel Colours

Choose panel colours to match your company branding

N Cases

Printed Logos

Add logos, branding, instructions and other graphics

N Case hardware


Different catch, handle and other hardware options

Alternative Case Options

Wide range of protective cases for any application

N Case 2

N Case 2

Mid range, all round case offering looks and quality

Smart Case

Smart Case

Premium, bespoke presentation case option

Custom flight cases

Flight Cases

Flight cases custom built to your exact specification

Sample case with presentation foam and products inside

Sample Cases

Perfect for presentation in sales meetings / pitches

Hofbauer Megabag 2000 case

Carry Cases

Medium duty protective cases for varying applications

All protective cases

Protective Cases

Huge range of branded or custom equipment cases

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