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Streamline your e-commerce and order fulfilment processes whilst lowering costs

With the rise in e-commerce, new challenges are being faced by retailers and third party logistics (3PL) companies with regards to their fulfilment packaging. As a result, GWP Packaging can offer your business a wide range of corrugated packaging products, all of which can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Please use the links below for further information on the fulfilment packaging products and designs that can improve your operations and logistics.

Fulfilment Packaging Options

Select the packaging that can positively impact your business

Whether you run an ecommerce business, are a logistics manager for a large 3PL company, focus on traditional mail order or a re just looking to speed up the packing times at your business, there are a range of packaging product s that can help.

Ecommerce packaging

E-Commerce Packaging

Perfect for any business selling online

Ecommerce packaging is designed and manufactured to provide reliable protection for your products whilst they are being shipped.

Choosing the right packaging helps your business to look professional, minimise shipping costs and even increase repeat sales / business through customer satisfaction.

Postal packaging

Postal Packaging

Perfect for any business selling online

Postal packaging can have a surprisingly large impact on your business’ costs.

This includes need to meet specific size criteria, being easy (and therefore efficient) to assemble and pack, as well as of course preventing costly damage in transit – leading to returns and dissatisfied customers.

Packaging inserts and dividers

Packaging Inserts

Perfect for any business selling online

Using the right packaging inserts can vastly enhance the effectiveness of your packaging.

A wide range of dividers, inserts and specialist materials (such as foam and Correx®) can improve packing times, offer greater protection for the contents and even help enhance the presentation of products upon opening.

Korrvu Packaging

Korrvu® Packaging

Perfect for any business selling online

Korrvu® is an innovative and versatile form of packaging, using durable plastic film to secure or suspend your products within the outer box.

Helping to minimise damage in transit, as well as being easy to use for your packing team, Korrvu® packaging is ideal for ecommerce, mail order and 3PL applications.

Bottle packaging

Bottle Packaging

Perfect for any business selling online

Shipping bottles can be problematic, due to their weight and fragility (and the potential to damage other items within the same shipment).

As such, this wide range of specially developed bottle packaging is perfect for business ranging from micro-breweries all the way through to large scale beverage producers.

PIP Boxes

PIP Boxes

Perfect for any business selling online

If your business frequently sends items via Royal Mail, then adhering to the pricing in proportion (or PIP) guidelines can minimise your costs.

Available in 4 stock sizes, all PIP boxes can be fully customised to your specific requirements, allowing them to offer branding, improved protection and more.

Transit and industrial packaging

Transit / Industrial Packaging

Perfect for any business selling online

Sometimes your fulfilment operations may come up against challenging, heavy or unusual items, where regular packaging wont suffice.

In scenarios such as this, you can source a wide range of heavy duty, industrial transit packaging that provides the optimum level of performance for your application.

Corrugated packaging

All Corrugated Packaging

Perfect for any business selling online

As a manufacturer of corrugated packaging for 30 years, GWP can provide your business with the widest range of boxes, cartons, inserts and more you’ll find from a single supplier.

Plus, all packaging available can be fully customised to your requirements, covering strength, material, sizes, branding and more.

Additional Products

Other handling / picking products suitable for fulfilment applications

Besides the wide range of corrugated transit packaging that GWP supplies, you can also source a number of complementary products for your business. This includes picking bins, handling totes, reusable packaging and varying forms of protective inserts.

Order picking bins

Picking Bins

Streamline your order picking processes with a range of custom picking bins

Multi trip packaging

Handling / Storage

Aid movement of goods, products and orders around your fulfilment centre

Foam packaging end caps

Foam Packaging

Highest levels of protection to help prevent damage in transit

Correx boxes


Custom boxes, bins, trays and inserts manufactured from corrugated plastic

Further Info

Making your fulfilment and logistics packaging work harder

The need to safely store, quickly find and safely deliver items – usually within a time-frame of under 24 hours – has redefined the way in which traditional corrugated packaging products are utilised.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which your packaging can aid the efficiency of your operations, lower costs and drive brand loyalty.

Fulfilment packaging and services

This can include easy assembly packaging to minimise packing and fulfilment times, tamper proof boxes for shipping high value items, a huge range of print options to ensure your branding remains at the front of your customers thoughts, and even cartons sized to Royal mail guidelines to minimise shipping costs.

This is in addition to services that include Just In Time (JIT) delivery to minimise storage and lead times, rationalisation of your existing inventory to benefit from economies of scale and full audits to leverage opportunities within your existing operations.

Please use the links below for further information on the fulfilment packaging products and designs that can improve your operations and logistics.

Fulfilment Packaging FAQs

Common questions regarding cardboard boxes

The below covers the majority of frequently asked questions on the topic of corrugated packaging used for fulfilment and 3PL.

Saying that, if you cannot find the answer to your specific question then please contact a member of the GWP team on 01793 754 444 or email [email protected]

What is 3PL?

3PL stands for third party logistics – effectively when a business will outsource parts or all of its fulfilment and distribution. The popularity of such services has grown with the increased pressures on businesses selling high volumes of products online.

What role does packaging play in logistics?

Packaging plays a crucial role in both fulfilment and logistics, which is why this may be outsourced to 3PL companies too. Your packaging needs to be quick and efficiency to assemble and pack (reducing costs), be space optimised to ensure efficient transportation (reducing costs) and protect the contents in transit to avoid damage / returns (you guessed it – reducing costs).

Can my packaging help improve my fulfilment times?

Your packaging can be designed so that it helps to improve your fulfilment times (also referred to as fulfilment velocity – the number of orders that can be fulfilled in a given time). Easy assemble packs such as crash lock boxes or Korrvu® can minimise packing and / or assembly times, as can custom inserts (which can eliminate secondary packaging such as foam pellets and the process of adding them).

Will my packaging help reduce transit damage?

Well-designed fulfilment packaging will be able to minimise if not completely eradicate damage caused in transit. This can be achieved through material analysis, including appropriate design features and inserts, or even printing handling instructions. Just using custom sized boxes will help to prevent breakages.

My packaging has to meet certain criteria – can you help?

Certain large businesses will only accept goods if they are packed in specific boxes / packaging (for example large clothing retailers specify BDCM or BDC cartons). As GWP Packaging will manufacture your fulfilment packaging (and not supply off the shelf products), it allows any specific requirements to be incorporated into the boxes as required.

Why should my business use corrugated packaging?

Corrugated packaging is one of the most versatile forms of packaging. It provides an excellent cost to protection ratio, and can be used to manufacture a huge range of differing styles and designs to suit any application.

What other “Packaging” can help with fulfilment?

Besides transit and ecommerce packaging, the wider GWP Group are able to offer a number of other products that are suitable for fulfilment operations. This includes stacking pick bins (or shelf bins to fit existing racking), totes and manual handling equipment, plus a wide range of specialist inserts to enhance any corrugated packaging you are already using.

Can GWP Group provide a fulfilment service?

As packaging manufacturers, GWP are unfortunately not able to offer a fulfilment service ourselves (this is also referred to commonly as contract packing). However, we will be able to work alongside your chosen 3PL provider to ensure your packaging is of the highest quality.

Buy 3PL / Fulfilment Packaging

Fulfilment and 3PL packaging expertise

If you are still looking for the ecommerce or fulfilment packaging that you require at your business, or just need some general advice, please contact a member of the team here at GWP Packaging. We’ll be happy to help!

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