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Postal / Book Wraps

Postal book wraps
Cardboard book wraps
5 panel wraps
White postal book wrap
Flat packed book wraps
Book wrap packaging

Custom Size Cardboard Book Mailers

Perfect for businesses shipping books, DVDs, software etc.

With the majority of books, DVDs and software now sold online, the use of postal / book wraps has become essential to many businesses.

Manufactured from a lightweight yet durable corrugated cardboard, these book boxes are easily assembled and sealed, and can be produced in custom sizes tailored to your products or to meet specific postal / shipping criteria. Whatever size / option you require, your business can get a tailored, no obligation quote. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
White cardboard material swatch
Cardboard with single colour print swatch
Full colour printed cardboard swatch
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Detailed information on book wraps / postal wraps

Postal wraps or book wraps as they are often referred to, are one of the most common forms of ecommerce packaging.

Made popular by Amazon, any business that ships books, DVDs, software or similar sized items can use these wraps to quickly and efficiently send these items.

Supplied flat, yet easy to assemble, simply place the item to be sent in the packaging, and wraps the sides around before fixing the front flap using glue or tape.

This creates low cost, yet attractive and durable postal packaging that, as well as potentially being manufactured to the size of your product, can also be produced to meet specific postage size guidelines as set out by the Royal Mail.

Additional benefits of ecommerce book wraps

Besides these potential savings on your shipping costs, due to the nature of the design, these book wraps make very efficient use of material. This also helps to keep costs down.

It is also possible to brand your book wraps with printed logos and imagery. You can even add full colour graphics if required. Couple this with the choice between premium white or organic, eco-friendly kraft (brown) finish, and your book wraps can be tailored to match the character of your brand.

Finally, all of the book wraps manufactured and supplied to your business by GWP are fully recyclable, which is another major plus point for the vast majority of consumers (making their life easier too).

Key Benefits of book and postal wraps

  • Available in custom sizes to fit your products
  • Can also be sized to meet Royal Mail / Courier pricing bands (PiP boxes)
  • Supplied flat to minimise storage requirements
  • Pre scored to allow for easy assembly / packing
  • Low cost thanks to efficient use of material
  • Can be sealed with tape, glue, security labels or integral tabs
  • Available with branding, logos and illustrations
  • Fully recyclable and biodegradable


Common questions on book / postal wraps

Please see below for a number of common questions (and answers) relating to cardboard book wraps / postal wraps.

What size books can be sent in these wraps?

Whilst it is possible to supply these book wraps in standard sizes (e.g. A4, C5 etc.), any book can in fact be accommodated. This is because GWP will manufacture your book wraps to the specific size you require.

What else can be sent in postal wraps?

Besides books, DVDs, CDs, Blue Rays, boxed software (e.g. Anti Virus), computer games, magazines and indeed any items of this approximate size / shape can be sent using a book or postal wrap. If you are unsure whether this is the best form of ecommerce packaging for your specific application, then please get in touch.

What are book wraps manufactured from?

Book wraps are manufactured from a lightweight yet durable corrugated cardboard. With a single wall construction, they provide an ideal balance between protection in transit, quality appearance and sensible price points.

Do these book wraps meet Royal Mail pricing guidelines?

Book wraps can be manufactured to meet the criteria as set out by the Royal Mail in the “pricing in proportion” (PiP) packaging guidelines. This can help your business to minimise delivery and shipping costs by benefiting from favourable pricing bands.

Is it possible to purchase a single book wrap?

Unfortunately GWP Packaging only supplies book wraps to businesses and trade customers. If you are an individual looking for a one off or very low volumes of these types of boxes, we would recommend searching for an online retailer of these items.

Can my book wraps be printed?

Any book wraps – or indeed postal / ecommerce packaging – that you source from GWP can be enhanced through printing. This can be anything from a one colour logo, all the way through to high end, photographic print. It allows you to not only add branding, but include instructions and information as well (e.g. returns process).

Tailored Pricing / Sizes

Custom postal / book wraps at custom prices

GWP Packaging has almost 30 years’ experience in supplying businesses and trade customers with a range of packaging, including book and postal wraps. In all of this time, GWP have very rarely offered stock sizes of boxes, preferring to manufacture packaging bespoke to your requirements.

This approach tends to be considerably more cost effective, due to efficient use of material, improved packing times and greater levels of protection in transit (minimising returns).

Whilst this unfortunately means GWP are unable to help individuals looking for one off products, it does mean that trade customers can receive tailored quotes, free advice and even a pre-production sampling service. Only pay for – and receive – the exact corrugated packaging your business requires.

Customisation / Options

Enhancing your cardboard pizza boxes

Whilst every book wrap GWP will supply for your business will be of a custom size (based on your requirements), there are a number of options for you to consider beyond dimensions.

This includes a range of printing options, plus specialist coatings to provide additional protection for your items.

1 or 2 colour printed packaging

Simple 1 or 2 Colour Print

Add basic branding, instructions etc.

Full colour printed wraps

Full Colour Printing / Graphics

Detailed, photographic quality imagery

Waterproof cardboard packaging

Specialist Surface Coatings

Water, static, abrasion & corrosion protection

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