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Paper void fill packaging
Void fill paper packaging
Void fill packaging machine
Sealed Air FasFil
Paper void fill systems
Paper void fill machine

Sealed Air FasFil™ / ProPad™

Eco friendly and cost effective paper void fill machines

Paper void fill packaging can have a wide range of benefits for your business. It allows for easy shipping when product sizes or volumes can vary from order to order, by filling voids with an environmentally friendly material. It also offers protection during shipping and easy disposal by the end user (being fully recyclable)

Sealed Air FasFil™ and ProPad™ systems offer options for varying business sizes and space requirements, are easy to use and help to improve packing efficiency and staff productivity. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
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More info on Paper Void Fill systems

If you are an ecommerce business where order volumes, or the size / combination of products can vary significantly from order to order, using a paper void fill system offers a quick and efficient way to ensure items are protected during transit.

By filling any voids (gaps) in the outer transit or ecommerce packaging, it minimises movement of the products during normal handling / shipping conditions, minimising the risk of damage.

But using a void fill system such as this offers a number of other benefits too.

The ease of use means that they can help to improve packing times, enhancing staff productivity and allowing your business to cope more easily with seasonal peaks in demand (such as Christmas, Black Friday etc.).

As well as being easier to pack than comparable loose fill such as polystyrene peanuts, this ease of use is also transferred to the end users, your customers.

As the paper used for void fill packaging is completely recyclable (and often in one piece), it is much simpler for individuals to recycle the material once the order has been delivered.

The paper material is also made from 100% recycled content, is completely biodegradable and carries SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certification.

Why use Sealed Air FasFil™ / ProPad™ void fill systems?

GWP Packaging recommends the Sealed Air range of paper void fill systems, including the FasFil™ and ProPad™ options. This is for a number of reasons.

Firstly, Sealed Air provide a number of different options in terms of sizes, paper capacity and throughput velocity.

What this means in practice is that there is a suitable paper void fill system regardless of your business size or the number of orders you are fulfilling each day. GWP will be happy to advise on the best option for your specific application / requirement.

All of the Sealed Air FasFil™ and ProPad™ machines come with a range of other benefits too, including being adjustable to improve the ergonomics for the packing operative, and having small footprints to be easily positioned (and repositioned) in even limited spaces. There are also options for floor standing and bench mounted units too.

Besides this they are easy to use, providing options to customise paper lengths dispensed, as well as accommodating a number of paper weights to allow adjustable levels of protection for your shipments.

The simple foot-pedal also makes all of the Sealed Air void fill systems both simple and comfortable to use.

Key benefits of paper void fill packaging at a glance

  • Perfect for filling space within outer cartons when shipping orders
  • Ideal for ecommerce businesses or when order volumes / products shipped may vary
  • Range of system options for varying business sizes and / or requirements
  • Easy for packing operatives to use, enhancing productivity and packing velocity
  • Small machine footprint for easy accommodation at your packing bays
  • Options for floor standing and bench mounted units
  • Flexible systems allow for seasonal demand fluctuations
  • Papers used are completely recyclable and biodegradable (unlike most loose fill options)
  • Significantly enhanced user experience for end customers (due to easier recycling)
  • Various paper weights to tailor protection levels during shipping


Void fill packaging in action

The brief video below shows the Sealed Air void fill systems in action. Please note this content is provide by Sealed Air


Questions about Paper Void Fill Packaging

Thinking that a paper void fill system such as Sealed Air FasFil™ / ProPad™ could help your business, but not sure where to start? The below covers a number of commonly asked questions on this form of packaging, but should you require any further info please get in touch.

Is paper void fill packaging environmentally friendly?

Paper is arguably the most environmentally friendly form of void fill packaging available today. It is completely recyclable in normal roadside collection bins, which also makes life easier for your customers. But beyond that, the papers used in the Sealed Air systems are manufactured from 100% recycled content, are responsibly sourced, and carry SFI certification. They are also fully biodegradable.

Is paper void fill more cost effective than loose fill (e.g. polystyrene peanuts)?

Paper void fill is comparable in cost to the vast majority of loose fill options (polystyrene peanuts, foam chips, air sacks etc.). It does however have the benefit of being much more environmentally friendly, easier to pack with, and easier for the end user to dispose of / recycle.

What is Sealed Air FasFil™?

Sealed Air FasFil™ is the brand name of a number of paper void fill machines available. Offering market leading performance and options, FasFil™ paper systems are fast becoming one of the most widely used void fill solutions within the UK and beyond.

What is the difference between FasFil™ and ProPad™ options?

Sealed Air ProPad™ is another paper void fill packaging system, but is effectively a “heavier duty” option compared with FasFil™ systems. This makes it ideal for more industrial and / or B2B businesses. GWP will be happy to advise on the best Sealed Air system for your specific application.

Are the void fill systems easy to use?

All of the Sealed Air paper void fill systems are quick, simple and efficient to use. A foot pedal allows for easy dispensing of standard lengths, with varying options for customising this (length). There are also options for floor standing or bench mounted solutions, all of which can be further adjusted to improve usability for the packing operative.

Will the paper void fill machines take up lots of floorspace?

The paper void fill machines offered by GWP do vary in size depending on the specific requirements (e.g. those required to fulfil more orders will naturally be larger), but all of them take up relatively little space. This allows them to be easily integrated in to your existing packing bays / zones.

Will the void fill help protect items during shipping?

Using paper void fill packaging will prevent the contents of the outer corrugated packaging from moving during transit. This then prevents damage caused by shock and impact that may occur throughout courier or delivery networks. Whilst paper void fill may not offer protection levels as high as fixed divider sets or packaging inserts (although a range of paper weights can allow for tailored levels of protection), the flexibility to accommodate different sizes of orders makes them perfect for ecommerce and postal packaging applications.

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