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Corstat®, the undisputed market leading Anti-Static and ESD Packaging brand, is available exclusively at GWP

Corstat ®, exclusively from GWP Conductive, is well known as the ESD industry standard for conductive corrugated board. It is used to create cutting edge anti-static and ESD packaging solutions.


Since the initial development of Corstat ® many years ago, engineers and manufacturers alike have relied on its consistency, ease of use and reliability for use in their ESD sensitive applications.


Corstat® is the cleanest, longest-lasting conductive corrugated board in the marketplace today and is used extensively in both stock conductive packaging products and bespoke ESD safe packaging.


By providing a buried shielding layer and a sealed surface, it creates an effective, controlled path to ground for static charge and therefore a safe environment for static-sensitive devices.

Corstat conductive packaging products

Why use Corstat conductive packaging?

  • Exceptional conductive performance
  • Robust, durable and long lasting
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Custom designs available on request
  • Huge stock range available within 24 hours
  • UK wide network of distributors


Please see below for the range of ESD safe packaging products available in Corstat conductive material.

Corstat Bin Boxes

Static safe handling / picking


Corstat Conductive Bin Boxes are manufactured from the market leading Corstat Conductive corrugated board, providing a high level of static shielding as well as physical protection to ESD sensitive products. They are available in a range of formats, including closed, open front and fully open designs to suit a wide range of applications.

Corstat Chip Boxes

Perfect for microchips


Manufactured from Corstat conductive fibreboard, GWP Conductive’s chip boxes provide a cost effective method of shipping micro-chips and small electronic devices. They can also be supplied with soft antistatic foam or a high density pin stick grade conductive foam to suit your specific requirement.

Corstat Component Boxes

Versatile conductive packaging


GWP Conductive’s range of ESD safe component boxes offer a convenient and safe way to store and transport static sensitive devices. The Corstat conductive coating provides faraday cage protection, whilst the inclusion of antistatic foam provides an additional level of ESD safe cushioning.

Corstat Transit Packs

GWP Conductive best seller


The Corstat Conductive transit packs, produced exclusively by GWP Conductive, offer an easy and safe way to store and transport static sensitive devices. The Corstat conductive coating provides faraday cage protection, whilst optional foam provides a high level of physical, cushioning protection.

Corstat Stacking Totes

Perfect in-plant handling solution


Corstat Conductive stacking tote bins, designed and manufactured by GWP Conductive, are a flexible solution for in plant component handling and storage when ESD protection is required. They are fabricated from Corstat conductive fibre board and are available from stock, in a range of standard sizes.

Corstat Division Sets

Added flexibility for your totes


Created from Corstat conductive fibre board and a GWP Conductive exclusive, our Corstat Conductive stacking tote divisions are both robust and fully ESD safe. With slots at 30mm increments, the divisions can be arranged to create a network of cells to suit your particular application, without the need to invest in tooling.

Corstat Inplant Handlers

Multi-cell storage and handling


Corstat in plant handlers are created from Corstat Conductive Fibreboard and are available from stock, on short lead times and in a range of sizes. This flexible, fully adjustable anti-static in plant handler system allows you to accommodate nearly any board size by simply removing partitions to achieve the desired cell size.

Corstat Reel Storage

Ideal storage for reels / wound items


The Corstat conductive reel storage system from GWP Conductive is a new and flexible bench mount storage system, catering for 7″ and 15″ component reels. There is a choice of materials available too, both Corstat coated corrugated fibre board as standard and conductive Corriplast for clean room or high durability requirements.

Corstat Layer Pads

Durable layer separation


Created from GWP Conductive’s very own Corstat coated fibre board and benefiting from the high level of ESD protection provided by this unique material, Corstat conductive layer pads offer both a flexible and competitive solution where rigid layer separation is required. Custom sizes and shapes available on request.

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