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ESD / Conductive Packaging

Market leading Anti-Static and ESD packaging, manufactured exclusively at GWP

Corstat® packaging and handling products – exclusively manufactured by GWP Conductive – are well known as the ESD industry standard for conductive / anti-static performance.

Used to create cutting edge anti-static and ESD packaging solutions, engineers and manufacturers alike have relied on its consistency, ease of use and reliability for use in their ESD sensitive applications.

Please see below for the range of Corstat® packaging and handling products currently available.

Corstat reel rack containing 7 inch reels

Corstat® Reel Storage System

Corstat colour

12 Options
7″ / 15″ Reels

Two Corstat stacking totes (stacked) containing a large PCB

Corstat® Stacking Tote

Corstat colour

7 x Sizes
Custom Options

A set of assembled Corstat tote dividers

Corstat® Tote Divisions

Corstat colour

6 x Sizes
Modular Layouts

Corstat transit packs, showing pick foam interior

Corstat® Transit Packs

Corstat colour

22 x Sizes
Custom Options

A custom anti static packaging box and internal fitting

Custom Corstat® Packaging

Bespoke ESD packs created by a team of expert designers

Insert Options

Range of ESD foams to enhance your Corstat® packaging

Whilst some of the Corstat® stock lines are available with foam included as standard, there are a number of options for tailoring this further or enhancing other products in the range. Please see below for the foam options available.

Pink anti static foam pads

Pink Anti-Static Foam Inserts

Anti static foam colours

Custom Size / Profiles
Enquire for details

A conductive Plastazote tray with custom cut-out sections

Conductive Plastazote®

Conductive foam colours

Custom Size / Profiles
Enquire for details

Standard conductive foam pads

Standard Conductive Foam

Conductive foam colours

Custom Size / Profiles
Enquire for details

ESD grade Ethafoam with custom profile cut-outs

Anti Static Grade Ethafoam

Anti static foam colours

Custom Size / Profiles
Enquire for details

Additional Product Range

Further packaging / handling items that you can specify in Corriplast® material

The vast majority of Corstat® packaging and handling products detailed on this page can also be manufactured from Corriplast® material. However, there are also a number of other specific Corriplast® products that you can specify if you need a more robust and / or clean room compatible solution.

A Q Grip conductive tote

Q Grip Custom Size Totes

Corriplast colour

Bespoke Sizes
Various options

An assembled set of Corriplast tote dividers

Corriplast® Tote Divisions

Corriplast colour

6 x Sizes
Modular Layouts

Corriplast layer pads

Corriplast® Layer Pads

Corriplast colour

2 x Sizes
Custom options

Further Information

Additional details on Corstat® conductive fibreboard packaging

Corstat® is the cleanest, longest-lasting conductive corrugated material in the marketplace today. It is used extensively in both stock conductive / anti-static packaging products and bespoke ESD safe items.

By providing a buried shielding layer and a sealed surface, it creates an effective, controlled path to ground for static charge and therefore a safe environment for static-sensitive devices. It does this – in combination with specific structural designs – by creating a Faraday cage effect.

Corstat® conductive board coating is consistently manufactured, within an ISO 9002 approved environment, to high specifications which are accepted worldwide.

It is also fully recyclable, minimising disposal costs, and safe to handle with no need for specialist equipment or PPE. Corstat® conductive board coating is fully biodegradable and recyclable, whilst it does not contain any heavy metals, aromatics or halogenated hydrocarbons.

And finally, there is also a wide range of stock products, plus the option for fully bespoke items.

Technical / Performance

Technical specification and features of Corstat®

Please see below for the specific performance/properties of Corstat® material.


Surface Resistivity (per ASTMD257-78)

Buried Shielding Layer <104 ohms/sq.

Exterior Layer <105 ohms/sq.

Electrostatic Decay Rate (per Mil B 81705B, Test Method 4046

Federal TMS 101B)
Less than 2.0 seconds to theoretical zero

ESD Shielding: 99.9% Attenuation (Capacitive Probe Test)

Triboelectric Charge Generation approximately 0.1 C/inch std. condition


Surface Resistivity:

Reducible Sulphur: .00035% (.0008% non-tarnishing to silver, solder, and copper per TAPPI T-406)

Amines: None

Galvanic Reaction: None


Liner papers 100% pure kraft

Shelf Life 10 years

Humidity Dependence: No effect on electrical properties

Corstat® Video

Overview of your options under 2 minutes

Please watch the video below for an overview of all of the Corstat® products you can source from GWP Conductive, alongside details of the material itself. You can also watch this on the GWP Group YouTube channel.

Corstat® FAQs

Common questions regarding conductive Corstat® material / products

Please see below for a number of questions covering Corstat® material, and the products manufactured from it.

If you cannot find the information you need however, please contact a member of the GWP team on 01793 754 457 or email We’ll be happy to help!

What is Corstat®?

Corstat® is effectively a corrugated cardboard material (often referred to as fibreboard) which has been coated with a specialist coating (the Corstat® element). This coating makes the material – and any packaging or handling products manufactured from it – potentially resistant to electrostatic discharge (ESD)

What products can be made from Corstat®?

Almost any form of corrugated packaging can be made using Corstat® instead. However, specialist structural design must be employed to realise the full anti-static properties of the material (effectively the packaging needs to create a Faraday cage effect to channel the static around the outside of the box).

Are Corstat® products environmentally friendly?

Corstat® is full biodegradable and recyclable. This makes disposal by your clients, customers, or end users quick and easy. The material also contains no heavy metals, aromatics, or halogenated hydrocarbons.

Is Corstat® safe to handle / use?

Besides being fully recyclable and biodegradable, Corstat® is also completely inert. This means that your staff or production operatives can safely handle any Corstat material or products with no requirements for specialist equipment or personal protective equipment (PPE).

Is Corstat® resistant to moisture / liquids?

Due to the nature of the corrugated material which forms the base of Corstat® products, they only provide limited resistance to moisture, oils, and other liquids. However, the majority of Corstat® products can be manufactured from conductive Correx® (Corriplast®) which provides these properties if required.

Where can I buy Corstat® packaging products?

Whilst GWP Conductive are the sole UK manufacturers of Corstat® products, the full range of stock lines are available for a Europe wide network of specialist distributors. Please click here to find your nearest stockist.

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