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Corstat® Inplant Handlers

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Corstat conductive inplant handler
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Adjustable, flexible and ESD safe

Corstat® Inplant Handlers provide flexible method to accommodate any board size, with adjustable partitions. Available from GWP Conductive in a range of stock sizes and configurations, this versatility ensures there is an ideal solution for your specific application.

Manufactured using Corstat®, Inplant Handlers offer unbeatable ESD protection. The full range are also held in stock at GWP Conductive to ensure short lead times and competitive pricing. Read More

Available Colours:

Corstat colour
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More info on Corstat® Inplant Handlers

ESD safe Corstat® Inplant Handlers offer a convenient and safe way to store and transport static sensitive items.  Created from Corstat® conductive fibreboard, the units and are available from stock, on short lead times, and in a range of sizes.

This flexible, fully adjustable anti-static in plant handler system allows you to accommodate nearly any board size by simply removing partitions to achieve the desired cell size.

Simply select the best Corstat® Inplant Handler from the stock range to suit your requirement, or, if none of them are quite right, you can specify bespoke sizes and configurations.

Why use Corstat® Inplant Handlers

The Corstat® coating used to manufacture the Inplant Handler range provides Faraday cage protection (when supplied with a lid). This effectively channels any static charges around the outside of the container, helps to eliminate damage to your items.

This in turn provides a number of tangible benefits to your business.

For example, it reduces the costs associated with returns, stock not fit for sale and even customer dissatisfaction (which can harm your chances of ongoing, repeat business).

But Corstat® has a number of other benefits too.

This includes a 10-year performance guarantee, a high-quality finish, relatively low cost, and good durability / lifespan.

Corstat® Inplant handlers are also fully recyclable and biodegradable. The inert nature of the material / coating also means the material and any products manufactured from it are completely safe to handle with no requirement for PPE (personal protective equipment).

Key benefits of Corstat® Inplant Handlers at a glance

  • Flexibility allows for use with huge range of board sizes
  • Can be re-used across multiple lines / products / projects
  • Enables safe and efficient handling of multiple items in a single trip
  • High level of ESD protection, thanks to Corstat® coating
  • Durable board grade & manufacturing processes ensure robust physical protection
  • Stock of standard sized lines eliminates design and tooling charges
  • Biodegradable and recyclable material minimises disposal costs
  • 10-year guarantee on effectiveness of Corstat® coating, minimising lifetime costs
  • Custom designs available, with performance tailored to your exact requirements

Free Quotes / Advice

Buy Corstat® Inplant Handlers

Put simply, GWP Conductive are more than just another anti-static packaging supplier.

Firstly, we manufacture the vast majority of products we sell. This not only includes Corstat® (we coat the corrugated board in house – as well as manufacturing the finished packaging) but also Corriplast® too. This allows complete control over the quality of product you will receive.

Secondly, GWP are the only UK stockholder of SSI Schaefer conductive products, effectively giving you the widest range of ESD safe packaging under one roof.

Thirdly, if none of the stock range of products are just right, you can choose to have one designed and manufactured to your exact requirements. This is thanks to an experienced design team with extensive knowledge specific to anti-static packaging.

And as well as all of this, you can take delivery of your (standard) products in under 48 hours, can benefit from the best UK prices, and have dedicated account manager assigned to your business to ensure your expectations are not just met, but completely exceeded.

Size Table

Dimensions and product options

Please see below for a full list of model numbers, sizes, and additional information, or alternatively download the datasheet for the information in PDF format.

Part No. Internal Size (mm) Max Cell (mm) Cells
4000-40 575 x 305 x 328 124 x 25 x 326 40
4000-30 575 x 305 x 328 167 x 25 x 326 30
4000-20 575 x 305 x 328 254 x 25 x 326 20
4000-10 575 x 305 x 328 514 x 25 x 326 10
4001-40 575 x 305 x 400 124 x 25 x 398 40
4001-30 575 x 305 x 400 167 x 25 x 398 30
4001-20 575 x 305 x 400 254 x 25 x 398 20
4001-10 575 x 305 x 400 514 x 25 x 398 10
4003-20 455 x 245 x 480 198 x 19 x 478 20
4003-10 455 x 245 x 478 380 x 19 x 478 10
4005-40 425 x 245 x 280 90 x 19 x 278 40
4005-20 425 x 245 x 280 187 x 19 x 278 20
4005-10 425 x 245 x 280 380 x 19 x 278 10
4007-40 435 x 245 x 190 90 x 19 x 188 40
4007-30 435 x 245 x 190 121 x 19 x 188 30
4007-20 435 x 245 x 190 187 x 19 x 188 20
4007-10 435 x 245 x 190 380 x 19 x 188 10
4008-80 550 x 390 x 186 49 x 43 x 184 80
4008-40 550 x 390 x 186 92 x 43 x 184 40
4010-50 332 x 274 x 128 64 x 24 x 126 50
4010-10 332 x 274 x 128 198 x 24 x 126 10
4012-100 448 x 348 x 124 42 x 32 x 122 100
4012-50 448 x 348 x 124 87 x 32 x 122 50
4014-100 378 x 368 x 66 70 x 15 x 64 100
4014-40 378 x 368 x 66 169 x 15 x 64 40
4016-80 580 x 299 x 80 110 x 16 x 78 80
4016-32 580 x 299 x 80 240 x 16 x 78 32

Alternative Corstat® Products

Other options in the Corstat® anti static packaging range

There are a number of other specialist products – exclusive to GWP – in the Corstat® anti-static packaging range. Please see below for further details.

Corstat component box with printed logo

Corstat® Component Boxes

Corstat colour

8 x Sizes
Custom Options

Two Corstat stacking totes (stacked) containing a large PCB

Corstat® Stacking Tote

Corstat colour

7 x Sizes
Custom Options

Corstat transit packs, showing pick foam interior

Corstat® Transit Packs

Corstat colour

22 x Sizes
Custom Options

A custom anti static packaging box and internal fitting

Custom Corstat® Packaging

Bespoke ESD packs created by a team of expert designers

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